Film Session: Mississippi Valley State

  • 11/29/2016 10:00 am in

Bryant blocks the shot:


Jones grabs the block and is off to the races:


He comes across halfcourt with one man ahead of him:


Jones looks left to see if he’s got another Hoosier to potentially pass to. He doesn’t:


So he takes it to the rack himself. Jones hesitates and angles his body back as he ascends:


This allows him the advantage at the rim and he scores the bucket:


This was another example of Jones being playmaker in transition, this time reading the defense, exhibiting good body control and scoring by himself.


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  • mars5123

    That second clip (the rebound off of the free throw) was the only play that game that made pause and rewind just to see it again. Really just impressive effort to steal the rebound, the no look pass was on point, and of course Bryant’s dunk was impressive.

  • BL4IU

    247Sports had CJ ranked 84th. ESPN had him 40th. Think we know which recruiting service got that right. Tough to find minutes with such a deep roster but CJ must play. If we go without JBJ tomorrow night, CJ will have to be as good as against KU, or better, if we’re to have a chance to win.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Great breakdown Ryan. We all look forward to these, and I appreciate you highlighting hustle plays and positive decision making. These should be hallmarks of IU basketball!

  • CuJo is key, and we’ll be able to tell a lot about him (at this point) by whether he can step up in another huge game as a freshman. If he can, then wow. And if OG can take another step, then I think we can win. If neither happens, then it could be a long night.

  • John D Murphy

    CuJo’s first step is so explosive. At some point this season I think he will move ahead of JN on the depth chart.