• sdpolley

    Probably creans best post game session after a loss never seen him take the responsibility on himself like he did here. personally thought the effort just wasn’t there more than anything. But crean seems to be growing as a coach to me. Use this as a wake up call boys nothing is given to you

  • Donnie Vick

    losing OG to illness this afternoon didn’t give the team much time to prepare without him. different team with him, but we should have won regardless.

  • CTC has improved dramatically since last year, for sure.

  • This loss was down to effort–they played harder. It’s disappointing and surprising, but fixable.

  • cheeseman18

    Maybe it’s just me, but it sure sounded like CTC wanted to say some things about Blackmon, and he alluded to them without saying his name, but he held back from actually saying them. Don’t think he’s very happy with him right now.

  • Agreed. And generally, he wasn’t happy with the team, but it was important for him to take responsibility–which he did do. It’s his responsibility to make sure the team gets better from this, and hopefully he’s reminding them in practice today that last night’s effort isn’t acceptable.

  • vicbert caladipo

    I think these pressers are my favorite thing about CTC. He gives you just enough without throwing people under the bus. He makes a point, but doesn’t throw out bulletin board material. Always interesting and I like to read between the lines and speculate what he’d really like to say. Sounds to me like he is really disappointed in JBJ both in execution and leadership. What really stood out was his comment that no one has stepped up to be leaders. The female reporter wisely asked if there were any candidates? CTC wasn’t sure. I love him as a person and respect him as a coach, but that’s what separates the greats like Bob Knight from the goods like CTC. While CTC is waiting for a leader to step up(in his own words he said it is a “gradual” process), BK would be grabbing a kid and saying “you’re our leader…don’t like it…there’s the bench or the door”. Steve Alford was no different than these kids…..talent…but not a natural leader. BK made him a leader. Same with Calbert. He didn’t arrive in B ton a leader. BK made him a leader. This is a problem that seems to linger and unfortunately if I can end this novel with a tired cliché…”Yogi Ferrell is not walking thru that door anytime soon”


    One of the better comments that I’ve read this season. Well put, especially the last line.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Thanks Mike