Notebook: Green, Anunoby shine in rout of Hope College

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Indiana played host to Division III Hope College on Tuesday night in the first of two exhibitions before the Hoosiers head to Hawaii to take on Kansas in the Armed Forces Classic.

For the first time since March 4, 2012, Indiana took the court at Assembly Hall without Yogi Ferrell in the lineup. It showed, especially early on.

Less than five minutes in, the Hoosiers found themselves trailing 14-7. Indiana often decided on forgoing the easy pass in favor of the spectacular play, committing 11 turnovers in the first half.

“We had to eliminate unforced turnovers and really take care of the ball,” said Juwan Morgan. “We had to go for the single plays. Instead of trying to make a skip pass all the way across the court, just trying to hit the man closest to you so he can hit the person in the corner.”

The mistakes mostly subsided as the game went on, as Indiana committed four fewer turnovers in the second half.

After leading by 14 at halftime, the Hoosiers coasted to a 98-65 victory.

Devonte Green and OG Anunoby led the way offensively, with 17 and 16 points, respectively.

Anunoby knocked down four of the seven 3s he attempted, and continued to showcase his improved shot.

“It’s been a real big focus, just adding another element to his game,” Morgan said. “He was just on fire as soon as he got out there.”

Meanwhile, Green continued the hot start to his Hoosier career. After shining in the two scrimmages last week, Green hit seven of his nine shots, while also posting two assists and two steals in his 13 minutes.

Juwan Morgan the point guard

Much like the Haunted Hall of Hoops scrimmage, Juwan Morgan spent plenty of time at the lead guard position.

Since Morgan was cleared for full contact less than a week ago, he has spent the majority of his minutes handling the ball. Morgan had a size advantage over the Flying Dutchmen all night long.

Morgan only took two shots but made his impact elsewhere, going 5-of-8 from the line and bringing down 12 rebounds, three of them offensive, and adding two assists, a steal, and a block while only turning it over once.

“I feel like I did pretty well out there,” Morgan said. “I don’t think I’ve made any big mistakes. I was just making the simple plays like Coach Crean always preaches to us.”

De’Ron’s Debut

Every freshman played Tuesday night, and all contributed in some way.

After missing both the Hysteria and Haunted Hall of Hoops scrimmages, De’Ron Davis saw his first action in front of the Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall crowd, scoring six points and grabbing seven rebounds in nine minutes of action.

Davis made a few mistakes, including an errant pass that sailed past its target but looked about as good as you could expect out of a freshman in his first start. Davis may have looked best when he shared the court with Thomas Bryant, who fed Davis in the post several times throughout the night.

“Thomas has worked on (ballhandling and passing) skills a lot to be running the floor and feeding the post,” Blackmon Jr. said. “It’s definitely an option.”

Guard Rotation Still Up In The Air

It’s no secret the Hoosiers have plenty of options at the guard positions. It showed tonight with six different players spending time in the backcourt.

Josh Newkirk, Robert Johnson, and James Blackmon, Jr. spent the most time at the guard spots Tuesday. Curtis Jones, Zach McRoberts and Devonte Green also logged minutes.

Newkirk did not score a single point but dished out seven assists in his 24 minutes on the court. Newkirk’s seven assists went to five different players, with Jones and Bryant both receiving two.

Johnson put up 13 points on 5-11 shooting, while Blackmon, Jr. added 15 of his own on 5-of-6 from the field.

Crean said that the playing time at the guard spots are still up for grabs with nothing set in stone.

“I wouldn’t read anything into any of the lineups,” Crean said. “It could change again on Saturday. To me, it’s about having as many multi-dimensional, versatile guys that can play numerous positions for us.”

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  • Hoosier Hall

    Who is this Green character??? Who does he think he is? Doesn’t he know he was only a 3 star recruit?? Lol… In all seriousness DG is looking like another diamond in the rough. Nice find by Coach Crean and Chuck Martin.

  • MM

    I wasn’t there for the Haunted Hall of Hoops, but Davis played in the Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage. However, he looked much better in the first exhibition game. Posts hard, strong defensively…and ran the court better too.

  • Fifer39

    I get we’ve only seen scrimmages and one exhibition so far where anything goes to some extent, but what’s with Juwan spending so much time as the one guard? The position is far from settled and there’s at least 5 guys who are in line to spend time there in front of JM I would have thought. Wouldn’t we be better off giving JN, DG, RJ, CJ and even JBJ more time there to work things out?

  • Ms hoosier

    My thoughts exactly!! We got way too many good gaurds that can play the one spot. Juwan is much better at the 3 or 4 spot and I think the team is better with him playing the 3 or 4!!

  • Courtney Graber

    Really enjoying your work Josh. This is going to be a fun year. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

  • Zora Clevenger

    Keep in mind this game and next are only practices. It seems that Crean is leaning heavily on the ‘interchangeable position’ concept and just wants Juwan comfortable in game situations where he can create matchup problems by rotating to the PG position for a possession or two.

  • Fifer39

    You may be right and I just read the Assembly Call which talked about ‘positionless versatility’ (!). I guess I’d just like to see some pretty solid role playing before we try to take it to the next level. Our turnaround last year seemed to be based largely on keeping it simple and solid fundamentals. I hope coach isn’t getting carried away with all the talent and complicating things too early.

  • Normally, I’d agree. But this team is incredibly deep, maybe 10-12 deep, and at all positions. And the players themselves are versatile, it’s not something CTC is forcing on them. I think he’s simply reacting to who’s available. To me, JM playing point is a lot like OG guarding the point on occasion–if they can do it, then why not? That just means that when we need to, we can go really tall and long–imagine having this length at guard against Syracuse a few years back.

    CTC has already said he’s only put in 25% or so of the playbook, and so it’s not like he’s making things too complicated too quickly. i know that JN and RJ need to continue to develop their point skills, and I’m sure they’ll get plenty of time to do so. But having a JM who can run point on occasion is too good to pass up, I think. To toss in another example,

    it’s like having a TB who move out and hit some threes–you don’t tell the kid to keep his feet in the post just because he’s supposed to be a center. His being an outside threat just spreads out the entire offense and makes them that much more difficult to defend.

    tl;dr: I just think as a coach, you have to take what you have, and with this team, versatility is a huge strength. I say, run with it.

  • John D Murphy

    Five TOs for OG and three for RJ are way too many. DVRing the game today and will watch tonight. That has been a huge achilles heel in the TC era. Not only does it waste a possession but it puts the defense under stress. We cannot beat KU turning it over 16+ times.

  • John D Murphy

    Watched about 10 min of Wiscy last night. Happ looks amazing and they have another true 7 footer with ball handling skills (Belgian, ineligible last year). They are going to be better than I hoped.

  • John D Murphy


  • Shush your mouth.

  • I really think the turnovers were because kids were 1) having some early jitters when the worst turnovers occurred and 2) trying for the home run instead of the simple plays. That really turned around in the second half, when most turnovers were just what you’d expect from a team integrating a lot of new players. I don’t think turnovers will be a weakness for this team long-term, although I’m worried about the KU game in general.

  • Fifer39

    No doubt this is a deep and versatile group and that versatility can be a strength. It’s just about where we are now. As you say, only 25% of the playbook and yet we have JM running the point. Is that really the priority right now and worth taking those minutes away from JN/RJ/DG? We’re playing Kansas next Friday.

    We had Troy running the point quite a bit last year. I’m not sure it really added a new dimension to our offense and that was without the depth of true guards we have this year.

  • Carl Sonnefeld

    If we have two of our traditional guards in, it stands to reason most teams will match their guards up with them. That means that a larger bodied person may be guarding Juwan, and while JM may not be our best true point guard, I’d guess that their defender is certainly not their best point guarder. Couple that with the respect the two other big men (OG & TB) command whilst on the perimeter due to their shooting ability, and you’re looking at an isolation play that can end with a dunk for JM or an assist to an open shooter or even some fancy razzle dazzle ball movement.

    This may also reduce the amount of time we spend doing our patented three man perimeter weave in order to create a lane to the basket.

  • Well, you know, it really is just early. Maybe we’re (or just I’m) reading to much into the first exhibition game. Saturday should tell us more, and then we can circle back and project things for KU.

  • Fifer39

    LOL. I’m certainly up for anything that reduces the need for the weave!

  • Outoftheloop

    Was Tim Priller in the “dog house” or injured? He was not in the game at all.

  • bleeding crimson

    TP was not dressed.

  • Hoosier Hall

    I think he wants Juwan to be comfortable pulling down a rebound and running the break rather than losing valuable seconds looking for a PG.

  • Outoftheloop


  • Outoftheloop

    I have been posting here since the fall semester began that Devonte will be a very pleasant surprise for IU this season! Coach Crean has a very sharp eye for finding undervalued talent. And he appears to be getting better at this skill as time goes by.

  • Carl Sonnefeld

    It’s the only offense in the country modeled after the Game where you have to guess which of the three cups holds the coin after the third grade magician shuffles them around on the table.

  • Fifer39

    Hee, hee. My kids love that and when they get the right answer they run up and down, madly clapping their hands. Wait a minute….

  • twarrior87

    I agree, so far so good, but let’s see how he does when the team is facing a formidable opponent.

  • dwdkc

    Max B made that point in the broadcast, how he found himself guarding Cody up top and being very uncomfortable out there