Q & A: Clifton Moore talks Indiana commitment

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Hatboro-Horsham (Pa.) forward Clifton Moore became the third member of Indiana’s 2017 recruiting class when he committed to the Hoosiers on his official visit to Bloomington.

Inside the Hall talked at length with the 6-foot-10 Moore on Sunday afternoon about his decision to commit and a transcript of our full Q & A is available below:

On why he was ready to commit:

“The coaching staff is very experienced and they have a long track record with guys like me. They know how to bring out the best in me. And it’s also great academically. I was comfortable with the environment. I didn’t see anything bad.”

On making the decision while on the visit and the input of his parents on the decision:

“I just got the feeling that I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. And I was like, ‘if this opportunity goes away, I’m going to be really sad, so I’ve got to just take it.'”

On what initially started to increase his interest in Indiana:

“When coach (Tom) Crean came to visit, he was telling me about the Kelley School of Business and how it’s one of the best in the country. That really intrigued my mom. They just won the Big Ten championship and they’ve got great, great history and great coaches who know what they’re doing. It just seemed like a good fit. They showed me how they wanted to use me, how they want to help me and how I fit into the system. It’s a good fit.”

On why he’s been under the radar nationally and whether playing non-shoe circuit for AAU was the primary reason for it:

“I stayed with my local Hoop Dreamz team and I didn’t move to Team Final (Nike EYBL), even though they wanted me. I didn’t go to any of the circuits. That was one of the reasons why. And some people just didn’t know how to use me. When I went to some all-star games, they used me like a traditional big man when my skills are more than that. I’m unique. And coach Crean knows how to bring out the best in me.”

On his relationship with assistant coach Chuck Martin:

“He was the first one that came in. And he said that since he had on the Indiana logo on, when he first came to watch me, he didn’t sit directly in front of the game, he sat on the side and he didn’t tell anybody that he was looking at me. Because he knew that if others knew they’d gotten involved, it would draw more attention to this guy who was relatively unknown. He was there through the summer most of the time.”

On his impressions from watching Indiana practice:

“I saw a bunch of guys who were determined and knew exactly what they were going to do. They want to be the best and they work like it.”

On what else stood out from the visit:

“The football game was cool seeing thehe atmosphere and how they introduced the basketball team. I saw how respected the basketball team is there. When we were going to the game, I was with Thomas Bryant and about seven people wanted to take pictures and were calling his name. I could just see the respect there.”

On his thoughts on the Assembly Hall renovations:

“I liked it. They said it’s going to be the biggest scoreboard in the conference. I liked the whole setup. The locker rooms, too.”

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  • Bill Graham

    1. My comment was not deleted.
    2. At no point did I ever personally attack Clifton Moore. I criticized the use of the scholly. I said nothing about his character. Only his ability as a basketball player at this level at this time.
    3. I doubt Clifton Moore is reading my posts and crying himself to sleep.
    4. You didn’t point out a single error in my logic so therefore your argument about my argument is based on …………………?
    5. Don’t mistake bold for rude.

  • b_side

    That’s perfectly fine. But make no mistake, that’s a far cry from repeatedly attacking a newly committed player for being “bad” or a “wasted scholarship”.

  • IUDan

    Your original comment was deleted – check for yourself.

    I don’t think we’re going to agree on this, which is fine – my original point is that you said this was a wasted scholarship, while having very limited knowledge of this player and his abilities. That is not bold – it’s rude.

    There are more appropriate ways to question the use of this scholarship.

    I’m sure any smart player stays away from discussion boards. I’d just like to keep the conversation here at a higher level.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    welcome to IU Clifton!! now hit the weight room!!

  • Neil

    First I 100% understood your “terrible” analogy. And no you can critique all you want but keep in mind existing players, current recruits and their families and future recruits read these comments. If there are jacka$$es like you badmouthing 17 year old kids they will definitely take note and it could further damage future recruiting of that next 5 star big man you so covet. I understand your frustration but you can’t badmouth young kids in a public forum and expect it to have no affect. Also, you don’t really want a team of all 5 star players who stay one year. Get a clue man and stop playing internet tough guy.

  • randy

    Hello, HardRockHoosier.

    If I may, I would like to piggyback on your comment to warn those who read any further that one person in particular doesn’t know when to let things go.

    Regardless of whether this player becomes what we hope or doesn’t, he deserves the scholarship because Indiana offered it to him. More than one trained eye saw something special enough in this player to offer him the scholarship, and like many kids in Moore’s position, he came to Bloomington and fell in love with the environment and committed. I don’t blame him. He also commented on the respect we fans (MOST OF US) give to the players. I’ve not seen him play, so if I have doubts I will keep those to myself because it does no good to gripe and complain all day long on a forum where nothing will change that which makes me want to gripe.

    It is distasteful to so adamantly hate the fact some seemingly very intelligent kid trying to make very wise decisions with his career chose to attend Indiana University after the coaching staff invited him to enroll…especially when all the hate is based on a blind opinion this fan has gathered from the (opinions) of recruiting analysts. Personally, I know nothing about this kid. Therefore, I will say nothing good or bad about how he fits the system and how deserving he is of the scholarship (I will trust the coaching staff that he fits the system and deserves the scholarship…if they didn’t believe he did, then he wouldn’t be enthusiastically accepting the honor of wearing candy stripes).

    It changes nothing to complain on a forum about choices made by two parties outside of yourself…and, after complaining nonstop, one begins to look foolish, bored, and disrespectful. By all means, have an opinion. However, if your opinion has already been stated, then leave it be. Stop being so adamant about your disappointment in the decisions made by others and worry about your own decisions. Talking this kid and the coaches down does no one any good…certainly not the one talking the kid and coaches down.

    Welcome, Clifton Moore. The fact you seem intelligent, excited to be a part of Indiana University and its basketball program, and most importantly the fact you mentioned how players working so hard excited you…I welcome you with open arms and urge you to prove any doubters wrong with a long and solid career as a Hoosier. I believe you made a fantastic decision…welcome to Indiana, young man. Wear those stripes with great pride.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Clifton Moore is also not a traditional “big man” so I don’t understand how he is an “unpolished big man” if he does not play traditional 4 or 5?

  • IdahoHoosier

    To critique (your opinion) and not expect critique (other’s opinions) back is hypocritical and not realistic. Especially if you are potentially critiquing IU basketball related things on an IU basketball forum. I typically appreciate and value your input on this forum so keep up the good work! Just don’t be surprised when you get feedback.

  • Bill Graham

    All good points. Indeed.

  • Bill Graham

    He just (to me) appears uncordinated, awkward, skinny, and doesn’t have an array of post moves.

    I’d like to see him bulk up get more comfortable handling the ball and banging down low. Along with a few good combo moves to establish a slashing role to his game.

    All things that can come in a couple of years but to me right now he looks unpolished.

  • Bill Graham

    Get a grip. Your not even worth replying too. If that 17 year old kid and his family aren’t mature enough to see past one person’s opinion then good riddance.

  • KelvinSampson87

    The huge plus I see with this recruitment is that as he state Moore is not a traditional player so his recruitment should not deter a traditional big man or wing from committing to IU for fear of less playing time. Moore could be used as a four man to compliment another high ranking big man and depending on how our recruitment shapes up we could have a two guard wing or three guard lineup.

    He is also clearly a smart kid with the Kelley School being a factor for him and his Princeton recruitment.

  • Bill Graham

    Understood. And I actually agree. But I don’t think I crossed a line with my critique. If you feel that way then my apologies. But I stand by my views. As of right now (until we get a top tier big guy) this is a wasted scholly.

    That opinion is only mine (apparently). It is in no way directed at the character or integrity of Clifton Moore or anyone else on this site.

  • Bill Graham

    My attack was not on Clifton Moore I said numerous times, “I hope he proves me wrong.” My attack is on CTC not securing top tier kids in a loaded class.

    Preston is out there and we get Moore.
    Tucker is out there and we get Smith.
    Waters is out there and we get Durham.

    I think Crean is a great recruiter (phenomenal really) but this isn’t the class to load up with project guys.

  • b_side

    A sampling of you attacking Moore in both threads:

    “This is a good pickup for Rutgers. But for us this is a bad use of a scholarship in a loaded class.”

    “Preston and Richards are out there for the picking and we get an UNRANKED, skinny, unpolished kid.”

    “It’s a bad pickup.”

    You saying “I hope he proves me wrong” is a back handed way of saying “With all due respect, but __”.

    There’s a reason the mods felt the need to delete one of your posts. Stay classy and constructive so we can all read the insight you want to offer.

  • Bill Graham

    Fair enough. I’ll concede. My apologies I did not intend to insult the kid or Hoosier Community. But I’m also not above playing the “I told you so card,” if he doesn’t work out. I hope thats not the case. But I still feel entitled to my own opinions.


    The coaching staff has proven history of taking raw talent and developing it. Here is the deal, this kid isn’t done growing. You can’t manufacture height. Plus, big forwards (near 7 feet!) are at a premium! Almost every kid needs to build muscle and IU is very good at that too. The point is that we have to rely on the experience and wisdom of the coaching staff and their recruiting. If the team didn’t have good success at developing players, then I would be worried. This kid is also on an upward trajectory in terms of performance, and will keep growing into his frame. His continued agility development will give him an even higher ranking.