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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff.

Can Thomas Bryant lead Indiana back to a Final Four? C.L. Brown of ponders the possibility:

They will all be fueled by the man in the middle. Bryant could potentially rival Zeller as the Hoosiers’ best big man in the post-Bob Knight era. Sure, he had a chance to leave IU after one season, as Noah Vonleh did in 2014 when he became the ninth overall pick in the NBA draft. Despite the new rules that would have allowed Bryant to work out with NBA teams and potentially be invited to the combine, he didn’t declare for the draft. He knew he wanted to return to school. Now it’s the Hoosiers faithful who can’t calm down thinking about Bryant’s potential impact.

Complex has a wide ranging interview with Victor Oladipo, which is a must read:

Are you feeling more like a vet now, a couple years in?

Shoot, I’m about to be in my fourth year in the NBA already, it’s crazy to think about. I feel like I just got here. I’ve been through a lot in my three years. A lot. A lot of different situations. Four different coaches in three years. Coming off the bench, being benched, starting, starting at the 1, starting at the 2. But it’s grown me into the man I am today, the player I am today. And it’s made me even mentally stronger than ever which is why I think the trade happened now. Because I think I’m more ready than I ever was. has a campaign slogan for each of its preseason top 25 teams, including IU:

11. Indiana Hoosiers: “More Chances At The Basketball Ring”
It has been five months since a presidential candidate referred to a hoop as a “basketball ring” in a campaign appearance in the state of Indiana. Perhaps the wording was ill-advised, but let the record show the candidate had every reason to direct our attention toward said object. First, there is, of course, that certain movie scene. Second, the state’s flagship program, Indiana, indeed excels at creating shot opportunities at the rim. This excellence is by design, and Tom Crean is something of a master practitioner.

Five-star prospect Jaren Jackson is set to announce his college decision today and Brendan F. Quinn of MLive has a preview:

Still looking for its first 2017 recruiting pickup, Michigan State will learn of Jaren Jackson Jr.’s future intentions on Wednesday.

The 6-foot-10, five-star power forward from La Lumiere School in La Porte, Indiana, announced his final five schools on Wednesday, along with his intentions to declare his final choice on Thursday.

Jackson will decide between Michigan State, Purdue, Notre Dame, Georgetown and Maryland.

Indiana announced mini-series ticket packages, which are on-sale now:

Indiana University men’s basketball fans will have three options this year to purchase tickets to games that will take place while students are not on campus.

This year, six home games will be played during the Thanksgiving and semester break highlighted by the first three games of the Big Ten Conference season.

Fans may purchase the full six-game mini series package which includes contests against Liberty (Saturday, November 19, 7 p.m.), Delaware State (Monday, December 19, 8 p.m.), Austin Peay (Thursday, December 22, 7 p.m.), Nebraska (Wednesday, December 28, 7 p.m.), Wisconsin (Tuesday, January 3, 7 p.m.) and Illinois (Saturday, January 7, 5 p.m.).

Two three-game packages also will be on sale.  Mini series Plan A will include tickets to Liberty, Austin Peay and Wisconsin, while Plan B will include seats to Delaware State, Nebraska and Illinois.

Duke will close its practices this season to NBA scouts and instead hold two pro days, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical:

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is barring NBA teams from scouting his program’s practices this season – except for two pro days scheduled in October, league sources told The Vertical.

NBA executives were extended invitations to pro days on Oct. 19 and 25 at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the second of which coincides with the opening night of the NBA regular season, Duke informed front offices on Tuesday.

“All other practices will be closed,” Duke told teams in an email.

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  • sarge

    I miss watching VO. Every time I read something like this I have to go back and watch some of his highlights at Indiana. It’s great to be able to watch guys with such talent, like VO, while they play here for a short time. I wish they played here forever, but since they won’t you have to enjoy every moment you see them. I wish them all the best. They will always be Hoosiers.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    i hate to keep bringing this up, but dang it i hate when the talented local kids go elsewhere. how does iu not even make his top 5!

  • N71

    Jaren Jackson was a little off the radar because I thought he was a heavy Maryland lean and IU was therefore moving in a different direction. Now he commits to MSU…a head scratcher for sure. Not that MSU isn’t a good choice for him, more why weren’t we more involved. Did Izzo waive us off?

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I’m glad to hear that Jaren Jackson did not pick Purdue. The heck with them.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    izzo’s on a roll, man. just when i thought we may be gaining ground

  • inLinE6

    As a 5-start prospect he’d probably expect to come in and be a starter, which he won’t, because De’Ron Davis will 100% be our starter next year.

  • inLinE6

    What’s the tie with Purdue? Why was it even a possibility?

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    the poor boy’s obviously confused

  • Samuel_L_Smackson

    LaPorte is in the backyard – it’s probably his home team.

  • N71

    Great school colors (black and some type of yellow/gold thing going on), town (lafayette?), winning tradition (zero banners), great looking girls (there are actually 11 this year, 9 are foreign), agriculture degree (animal insemination is a favorite), large drum (when will that thing go away, it has no musical value), luxurious stadium (wooden seats), class coach (no comment), Purdue Peet (need a Zika Peet to counter that head), etc.

  • sarge

    You forgot the campus. Brick dorms, brick academic buildings, brick parking garages, etc. Apparently the basketball team isn’t the only group of people on that campus who love bricks. Not to mention Mitch Daniels runs the show!

  • Arch Puddington

    Lovely campus, akin to Soviet-era East Germany, and great support from perpetually angry and resentful fans.

  • CreamandCrimson

    “How does IU not even make his top five!” It’s a fair shout/question. That being said, Jaren Jackson moved to Indiana before the ninth grade after growing up in Maryland. Both of his parents played basketball at Georgetown and he has said he has long been considered an “east coast kid”. I don’t know why IU never truly got into the running with Jackson but I don’t really consider him a “local prospect” necessarily. Others opinion on that will vary…but that’s my thinking.

  • mmmmm…historical context. me likee.

  • VanPastorMan

    Very true. It’s also great because of the kind of person Victor is. He is just a good guy,and we all should be proud that he decided to come to IU and represent us so well.

  • upvote for silver-lining

  • that’s hilarious and mostly true

  • CreamandCrimson

    I understand his larger point (about “local” talent staying in-state). However, there’s a hypothetical in-play that is entirely possible: let’s say we end up with exactly zero players from the ballyhooed in-state class of 2017. We “miss” (although, in some cases, I know that Indiana wasn’t all that interested in one or more of these guys after awhile anyway so “miss” seems like the wrong word) on Malik Williams, Paul Scruggs, Jaren Jackson and Kris Wilkes. I would truly hate to not land Wilkes but it’s a distinct possibility. Let’s say that instead of those players, we sign (again, hypothetically): Al Durham, Tremont Waters, Justin Smith and Billy Preston.

    Some will say (and I’m not saying WhatsUpKnight is one of these people), and did say, that not signing any of the in-state players is a damning indictment on the program and on Tom Crean and a sure sign that things are falling apart. I would argue, if that’s the class we ended up with, that Wilkes would be the only truly painful “miss” and that Waters is a better fit than Scruggs, that Smith is a good high-upside get and that Preston is as good, or better than, any of the in-state guys (sans Wilkes possibly). I’m short the class will end up being different, probably significantly so, than what I’ve just projected but I believe the “missing on in-state kids” narrative will be a story line that perhaps generates way more panic than it should.

  • I am Baby Cakes

    What will some IU fans do when Oladipo joins in on stupidity of flag protest? With some of the homers.. I’m sure some will jump right on board with him.

  • sarge

    That’s just like, your opinion man.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    good stuff CnC. admittedly, i didn’t know that. and makes me feel a bit better, so thanks! 😉

  • HuntinHoosier86


  • JChontos

    The Dude abides haha

  • Arch Puddington

    Great post. I do think that a complete miss would represent something significant, in part because since “the Movement” we have missed on just about every top 100 Indiana kid other than Blackmon. It is now a years-long trend, one that cannot be dismissed as due strictly to circumstance. Something is up — I have argued, for example, that the hostility that is directed at CTC by parts of the fan base and the larger questions about his job security have hit him hard in-state since so much of it is local — and a big miss here would suggest that it is chronic.

    Having said that, your point about the quality of players we might get instead is quite valid. Guys like Jordan Hulls and Cody Zeller were great; guys like Victor Oladipo and Thomas Bryant are great, too. If we ever hang another banner, the geography of our recruiting won’t matter a bit to me.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Zika Peet!!!!! Oh man that is funny! Not even congress will help Purdue out!

  • E Foy McNaughton

    He’s also from an area in Indiana that we have not traditionally done well recruiting wise.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Not really…Jackson played at Park Tudor (in Indianapolis) for the previous three seasons and he decided to transfer to La Lumiere in July.

  • BL4IU

    Yeah, been a long time since we pulled kids down from northern Indiana like Schlundt, Abernathy and Laskowski (all South Bend kids).

  • Ms hoosier

    All these flag protesters can all move to Iran as far as I’m concerned, the they will know what real oppression is!!!!

  • Zora Clevenger

    N71, while I agree with the spirit of your post, I must take exception to your depiction of Lafayette. PU is in WEST Lafayette, of course – Lafayette is a surprisingly cool town (good bars, breweries, restaurants, nice downtown) and there are nearly as many IU fans there as PU fans. Overall though your depiction of PU is right on – what talented young athlete would want to spend a winter in the East Berlin of the Big 10 – a ‘college’ town with utterly no appeal whatsoever.

  • SCHoosier

    There will be no “ground gained” on MSU until Mr Izzo heads to the golf course full time. ditto Duke and coach K.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I really don’t have a clue on that one.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Good point but it isn’t over yet with the recruit signings. Imagine if Preston and 2 more surprise top level recruits sign with IU?

  • FKIM01

    That would be a genuine shame in my opinion. Plenty of ways to protest without disrespecting the flag. I would still always appreciate what Vic did at IU, but I would lose a lot of interest in following his career going forward.

  • Berned Out

    I dream of that day!

  • Berned Out

    Yeah, like he’s only there for your entertainment.

  • Berned Out

    What do you know about Iran? Plus, study your US history. Black people got where they are today through protest and struggle; e.g., the civil rights movement.

  • marcusgresham

    The way Preston handles the ball I don’t see any reason whatsoever that he and Davis wouldn’t be on the floor together. Davis is a 4/5 kind of guy and Preston is more of a 3/4.

  • inLinE6

    I thought we were talking about Jaren Jackson?

  • BMusic

    I’m sure some fans will turn on him. That’s one of the things that makes that kind of protest so brave.

    The flag is, of course, just a symbol, and is only worth as much as the thing it represents. To say America is above any critique is blind nationalism, and the kind of brainwashing better suited to North Korea than America. Agree with the cause or not, but one has to love seeing citizens risk scorn and their livelihood to exercise a right which is at the very core of the revolutionary values upon which this nation was founded.

  • I am Baby Cakes

    Except now it isn’t “the white man” oppressing them. Unless you’re talking about white democrats.

  • Bill Graham

    Fingers crossed for Jackson to Notre Dame. I hate pretty much every other school he’s listed.

  • Bill Graham

    Agreed but only in recent years.

  • Berned Out

    You don’t have to convince me that both white democrats and republicans are complicit! Good thinking!

  • E Foy McNaughton

    In the CTC era, I can only think of Austin Etherington coming from Northwest Indiana. Now – the point on Park Tutor is valid.
    My point is that recruiters build relationships, ie- Mo Williams, where they become comfortable with the HS coach and/or AAU coaches. MSU, PU, ND, MI have been effective in northwest Indiana, in part due to the relationships that have formed over the years. PU & ND have been more effective that IU in Fort Wayne.

  • I am Baby Cakes

    I didn’t say anything about republicans. The black community should try voting that ticket for once. Maybe there would be some change.

  • jimmygoiu

    JJackson played his first 3 years of HS bball in Indpls at Park Tudor. Yogi Farrell graduated from Park Tudor. I reject the LaLu excuse.