POTB 141: ESPN’s John Gasaway on IU, Big Ten hoops

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Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with host Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call. The show is available weekly and you can access a full archive of episodes here.

In this week’s edition of the show, Morris and Inside the Hall editor Alex Bozich are joined by John Gasaway, who covers college basketball for ESPN Insider.

Among the topics discussed:

· John’s ranking of Thomas Bryant as the No. 8 player in college basketball next season and what to expect in his sophomore season
· How to project the impact of OG Anunoby as a sophomore
· What Indiana’s offense will look like without Yogi Ferrell
· Can Indiana’s offense be elite with Thomas Bryant as the centerpiece and more emphasis on the frontcourt?
· Why Tom Crean should be viewing last year’s defensive performance as the floor for this team
· Is Indiana’s turnover problem solved? Why John is optimistic it might be.
· The overall strength of the Big Ten for the 2016-2017 season
· Teams that could make a significant leap in the league standings in 2016-2017
· Unbalanced scheduling and whether John believes it has a major impact on conference standings
· Whether IU fans should be encouraged by what Villanova did last season

Links mentioned:

· Who will be the stars of college basketball in 2016-2017? ($)
· Forecasting the Big Ten’s standings for 2016-17 ($)
· An in-depth look at Indiana’s offensive sets
· Great offense is an outcome, great shooting is an event

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  • sarge

    Great podcast! Great shooting is what Indiana is all about and I think we have a lot in common with Villanova in that respect. I remember the tourney run in 2002 where we shot lights out in so many games and really started gelling. You just knew when we were seizing momentum and we had great balance with Jeffries, Newton and even Leach in the post with all the firepower we had from deep. Hopefully we can realize our potential this year, and not get put out by a team who is also finding their stroke (UNC).

  • N71

    If I think about shooting I think of Blackman first, he’s elite for sure. Rob is good along with a handful of others. I’m thinking the wild card could be Hartman. He’s been out of position for the past 3 years due to our lack of size, imagine him at the 2 or 3 (wing) shooting more frequently. He’s been decent so far but seemed reluctant to shoot knowing who else was on the team. Now he could be seeing the green light from coach.

  • sarge

    Gotta love CH! The guy just does whatever he has to get PT. I love that he has experience at the 4 and 5 but has game to play effectively at the 2-4 positions. You are right, he is the wild card, and a damn good one as a senior.

  • Bill Graham

    Hey Thomas how many banners will IU have after this year?
    ….see picture for answer

  • sarge

    That’s perfect

  • Kwang

    Big Ten Wonk!

    I loved Gassaway’s old website.

  • Kwang

    Three! Big regular, Big tourney, ncaa tourney.