Report: Troy Williams agrees to free agent deal with Memphis

  • 07/24/2016 2:32 pm in

Former Indiana forward Troy Williams, who was not selected in June’s NBA draft, has agreed to a free agent deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.

According to David Pick, Williams received a partially guaranteed deal from Memphis. Terms of the deal were not disclosed in the report.

According to multiple reports, Williams had interest from as many as four NBA teams.

Williams played for Phoenix in the Samsung NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, where he averaged 12.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.7 steals in 22.3 minutes per game.

Over Phoenix’s final three Summer League games, Williams averaged¬†20.3 points, 6.6 rebounds and two steals.

On Friday, former IU guard Yogi Ferrell agreed to a free agent deal with Brooklyn.

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  • TomJameson

    Way to go Troy!! Now that he has his foot in the door, I hope he works his tail off to make this a more permanent position. Just getting himself under control and making better play making decisions could really pay off. I’m rooting for you TW!

  • jimmygoiu

    It is a partial contract, as memphis only wants to pay for Good Troy.

  • inLinE6

    It’s just a paid invitation to the training camp, basically. But this is definitely towards the right direction!

  • VanPastorMan

    At least he is earning some money. He and Yogi got a shot. It’s all you can ask for.

  • JohnFromBeyond

    Dang, why didn’t we do that? Play Good Troy and leave Bad Troy on the bench. Too simple!

  • Ole Man

    Where did you see the details?

  • inLinE6

    Details not disclosed yet. But partial non-guaranteed contract is just a paid training camp. He could be cut before formal roster is finalized but we’re hoping for the best.

  • ManovSteelo

    This is news! Unlike Yogi in Brooklyn , Williams actually has a shot at making the roster. If he listens to instruction and plays within himself, he’s got a spot. Not sure if it will happen, but he can do it if he really wants it.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    I’m happy for TW I was watching his highlights today. It was fun watching him as a Hoosier but this is his dream I hope he achieves it!

  • IUfanforever

    We did only play Good Troy in the Big Ten…CTC Played OG when Bad Troy appeared.

  • Justin Beard

    Now the hardest work begins. Good Luck TW5!

  • Ole Man

    Ah. So, the contract is guaranteed, but not a final roster spot. Kinda like what Yogi signed with Brooklyn.
    Thanks; I hadn’t been able to find details about the contract anywhere online.

  • Bill Graham

    So I’m curious are you just trying to stir the pot by inserting the “unlike Yogi” part…or do you get some kind of sick satisfaction by putting down IU’s all time assist leader?

  • Outoftheloop

    Congratulations Troy! Now you will have your opportunity to show that you can play in the NBA! I think that both you and Yogi will make some team better! I am a little surprised that Troy is going to Memphis. Memphis is a slow, half-court, defense first, grind it out type of club (at least in the recent past). Troy excels in the open court, fast tempo, run and gun type of game. But what do I know about the NBA?

  • Outoftheloop

    They each have about the same chance, less than 50 but more than 20%, imho.

  • ManovSteelo

    Well, given that those two are the only Hoosiers who have signed NBA deals, to date, it’s only fair to bring Yogi into the discussion, if only for comparison’s sake. And saying Yogi isn’t going to make the Nets’ final roster isn’t a put-down, nor is it fact — yet; it’s just one man’s opinion. Same as if you were to say that he was the best PG in the nation this past season. But to be real, he neither was the latter, nor will he likely make this year’s squad.

    Look, at the end of the day, players play the games; everyone else just watches. And evaluating players to project their future performance is a lot like forecasting the weather: you take the information you do have from past similar circumstances to predict future occurrences of same. So, based on what Yogi did at IU and in SL vis-√†-vis the current Nets roster makeup, barring injury to the 15 guys under contract, the doesn’t stand a good chance at anything but getting cut at training camp and playing for their D-League affiliate this season. Now, if he had Ulis’s game, this “conversation” would be of a wholly different tenor. Good Day.

  • Outoftheloop

    Ulis and KY actually did play Yogi and IU. It would be hard to argue that KY lacked the talent of IU. But Yogi and IU came out on top. Both Yogi and Ulis played well, neither was superior to the other as PG for their respective teams. The next week Paige and UNC played Yogi and IU. Almost everyone agreed that UNC did have superior talent and depth to IU, and they won the game. Both Paige and Yogi played well. But when Yogi was not on the floor, IU was not competitive, when Paige was not playing UNC rolled on. Kris Dunn is superior, but after him Ulis, Yogi, Felder (Cleveland), Paige and the kid from Murray St (in that order), are the only PG’s (not combo guards, not point forwards) in this year’s rookie class who can actually run an NBA team (even in limited 5-10-15 minutes/game). Imho.

  • Outoftheloop

    I believe that you would have to have both no cut and no trade contract provisions to “guarantee” a roster spot. Even with a guaranteed money contract you can still be cut or traded. You will get paid and your $ will count against the cap, but you may not be on the active roster (limit 15 players).

  • ManovSteelo

    I’m aware of the Yogi / Ulis matchup from the NCAA’s (which I watched shortly after its completion). I would say Yogi outplayed Ulis for the simple fact that their stats were similar (20+ pts, < 7 assts, each), Ulis fouled out, and IU won the game. But in summer league, despite their not going head-to-head at all, Ulis got more minutes (and a starting spot), but played head-and-shoulders above anything Yogi did in 4 appearances — and even made Second-Team All-Summer League when it was over; all Yogi got was a DNP-CD in one game because of the guard-heavy Nets roster.

    Ulis is an NBA player, no doubt, and has shown a beautiful floor game (minus the SL semifinal where he went 5-21 in a loss) since the NCAA's. Yogi, however, doesn't seem to have improved since his IU days, and averaging 9 points and 2 assists against fringe NBA guys doesn't help his cause for more than a third guard role, at best (Ulis was doing something like 11+ points, 6 assts and 3 steals per). At one time, I thought Yogi's ceiling was somewhere in between a sober Ty Lawson and BOS's Isaiah Thomas, and his floor was Earl Boykins. So far, I'm correct on what his floor is. Suffice it to say, unless he does a 180 in like two months, he's not getting on that Brooklyn roster, and would have been hoodwinked by Nets brass to stay around in the organization just to help stock their D-League roster. I don't blame Yogi, but rather his agent; with 20+ years in the biz, he should have been hip to this game from jump.

    As for the Paige commentary: he and Yogi will always be linked from their HS days; as of now, Yogi is the better NBA prospect, long-term. But Felder looks to be better than both, given his summer league appearances (where he started a few games and came off the bench for at least one). Not sure who the Murray State rookie is that you're referring to; Cameron Payne is a second-year player who played in the Orlando summer league, not Vegas. And he even made the All-Tournament Team there. He's better than Yogi, too.


    That’s not a slight on Yogi. Point guards in the NBA are a dime a dozen. Their careers are not as injury prone as the big fellas. Teams are banking on their longevity. Every incoming rookie class is also full of 6′ ball handlers.
    What sets a PG apart in the NBA is: (1) Shooting the 3 (2) Size (3) Excellent Defense. Yogi would need to be a lights out 3 point shooter. I think this contract gives him an opportunity to show out with his 3’s or his defense.

    Athletic forwards, on the other hand, are harder to come by. As a wing-man TW has a real chance. If he can develop a reliable 3 point shot, he may even make it as a stretch 4. His ability to get to the basket, get fouls, and make free throws is somewhat rare for wings in the NBA. If he doesn’t play the post, it forces teams to guard someone like him up close, which opens up all kinds of fun in the lane. It takes out the double team, and creates problems for the other team in pick-n-roll plays. Think Kawhi Leonard.

  • Outoftheloop

    I was referring to Payne, thanks. I disagree, Payne has potential, like Payton at Orlando. But I don’t see either actually leading a team of All-Stars to a Division Semi-Finals. Yogi has been playing with great players for years and knows how to do it! Just my opinion.

  • ManovSteelo

    Ha-ha. You should try referring to a neutral website to support your claim, versus citing a pro-Nets one. Makes for a stronger argument — especially when the website isn’t officially affiliated with the Nets, anyway.

    And clearly you didn’t tune into summer league re: Ulis. Second-Team All-League with double-digit scoring and a berth in the semis are hella “stats and accolades” enough for me.

    As for Yogi, time will tell, I suppose. See you back here in mid-to-late October when final rosters are announced. I will say, though, that so far, I’ve been spot-on regarding Yogi’s fate since pre-Draft. No need to change my horse midstream now. So I won’t.

  • ManovSteelo

    Potential is overrated at the NBA level; how many players do you know that change their spots, once ensconced in the league? Payton has improved little since being drafted 2 years ago. But ORL brass still love him (probably because they gave up the rights to Saric to get him), so he’s their guy … for now. If Frank Vogel can’t get something out of him, then he will be moved, trust. Meanwhile, Payne is on his way to being a solid starter for OKC once they get rid of the roomy elephant that is Westbrook. Yogi hasn’t shown, to date, that he is in either’s class as a player (both were Lottery picks) — and I don’t think he will. If he someday manages to be the clear-cut starter in BRN and a bonafide star, he deserves a 30-For-30 about his career, beginning with his #1 ranking as a fourth grader.

    Yeah, right.

    But I totally respect your opinion, nonetheless.

  • Bill Graham

    So just because Siskin is a nets fan that makes his analysis irrelevant. That’s interesting coming from someone who is on a pro IU site. I suppose everything Alex and the ITH staff write about the Hoosiers is irrelevant too? Besides your entire premise for why Yogi isn’t NBA material is your (very poorly researched) comparison to Ulis (which we all know you are a diehard fan – you’ve made that evident)…You can’t compare Yogi to Ulis because the makeup of their summer league teams are entirely different… Its apples to oranges
    Ulis’ leading scorer was Booker who is a great outside shooter (a simple drive n dish and instant assist). Yogi’s leading scorer was Kilpatrick who is notorious for creating his own offense via dribble drive (not exactly ideal for assists). Ulis didn’t have to worry about splitting time with a guy like Whitehead either – if Phx had Whitehead Ulis’ minutes would have decreased which leads me to my next point. Ulis averaged 15 minutes more than Yogi per game right off the bat…yet in those 15 mins he averaged less than 6 more points (I’m pretty sure Yogi is capable of scoring 6 pts in 15 mins – thus your scoring argument is irrelevant). Ulis shot 41% from the field (I know tons of NBA teams are excited about that percentage) – Yogi shot 44% (still terrible but better than Ulis). Basically every summer league argument you make about Ulis can easily be countered with the makeup of the team or the mins differential (with the only exception being shooting percentage – of which Yogi was better).

    Furthermore, I haven’t addressed your “neutrality” argument in relation to Siskin’s argument because I feel its way off base. But just to humor you: Draft express is completely unbiased to any team or player and Draft express notes this about Ulis (and this is after summer league stats btw):

    “Ulis may have a hard time finding consistent playing time as a rookie, being seated behind Bledsoe, Knight, Booker and many of the other Phoenix guards so it would not be surprising to see him spend some of his rookie season in the D-League.”

    They also had this to say about Yogi:

    “He has to play hard on both ends to overcome his lack of size and if he does, he could become a backup or third point guard that provides a steady hand at the point guard position with some scoring ability.”

    Now that your entire argument has been dismantled by myself, Siskin, and Draft Express I bid you farewell. I will not be commenting on your speculative pessimism any longer. This is a site for Hoosiers. you sir are a Yogi bashing troll in disguise.

  • ManovSteelo


    Nice quote from DraftExpress on Ulis, too. Funny: in that same quote, they had him ranked as the #10th-Best player at the event. Where was Yogi’s name on that list?

    See you in October, after final roster cuts are made. You’d better be singing from the same pro-Yogi songsheet then, too — no excuses for what happens between now and then.


  • Outoftheloop

    Thoughtful reply. You may be right about Payne but I still am withholding my endorsement of him for now. I don’t think that OKC can afford to lose Westbrook! You must have at least 2 and usually 3 bona fide All-Stars to compete for a Championship. Westbrook is one! They are hard to find and to keep under contract. OKC needs to sign #2. My own choice would be Paul George with IN. The Pacers are nowhere close to contending, a smaller market team, etc. I have no idea about George’s contract, desires, etc. But George could slide into Durant’s slot and OKC could compete right away!

  • ManovSteelo

    Payne just had foot surgery, but will be back by training camp. And it sounds as if Westbrook will be dealt if he’s not amenable to extending his contract under OKC-favorable terms. If so, OKC will be in rebuild mode for awhile; the Harden trade effectively killed their Championship opportunities, and by losing both Durant and Westbrook they become a team that no big star wants to go to. So no disagreement there.

  • Bill Graham

    Like I said the pUKe website is: We don’t take too kindly to trolls on here. Real IU fans only.