Yogi Ferrell agrees to free agent deal with Brooklyn Nets

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Former Indiana guard Yogi Ferrell, who played in the Samsung NBA Summer League with Brooklyn, will also go to training camp this fall with the Nets.

Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports reported Friday that Ferrell has agreed to a free agent deal with the Nets.

Because Ferrrell’s initial deal with the Nets was for the Summer League, he was a free agent and able to sign with other teams at the conclusion of his time in Vegas.

Terms of Ferrell’s deal with the Nets have not been disclosed.

The All-Big Ten guard averaged 8.8 points, 1.8 assists, 1.5 rebounds in 17 minutes per game in the Summer League. He shot 43.8 percent from the field, 18.2 percent on 3s and 71.4 percent from the free throw line.

The Nets roster, which was at 15 players before the Ferrell signing, is heavy on guards with Jeremy Lin, Greivis Vásquez, Isaiah Whitehead, Caris LeVert, Randy Foye and Sean Kilpatrick already signed for next season.

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  • SCHoosier

    Good for him..with all the guards son the roster Yogi will have to have one hell of a training campus to make the roster.

  • Arch Puddington

    A look at the Nets’ roster actually shows a number of other guards associated with the team, including several PG’s (Greivis Vasquez, Shane Larkin, and Donald Sloan), and SG’s (Bojan Bogdonavich, Markel Brown, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson). They aren’t all under contract, and one might debate what position they actually play and whether they are therefore direct competition for Yogi, but the point remains the same: it’s just unbelievably hard to make an NBA team.

    I thought Yogi played reasonably well in Las Vegas — roughly as well as Isaiah Whithead, adjusting for minutes — but he did not shoot well. That should be one of his strengths, and it will have to improve if he is to make a team.

  • sarge

    Happy for you YF, you deserve every opportunity you get.

  • jayrig5

    Very true. Yogi does have one big thing going for him, relative to the competition for the third PG spot: he’s going to be cheap. Paying a vet to man that role vs taking a flyer on a younger guy you like is the key.

    I thought Yogi showed well in Vegas also, and had his shot been working like I think it can, it would have been even better. The GM praised him specifically, so it’s no surprise they seem to like him.

    In any case, having watched him play at even the summer league level, his lack of combine invite is all the more ridiculous, and I really do think he’ll end up playing a lot longer in the league than most point guards who actually got drafted.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    contrats YF, now go make some $$

  • hardly

    GOOD JOB YF! Keep up the hard work and show them what you can do!

  • Ole Man

    You didn’t mention it, so I’m assuming you know Whitehead signed a guaranteed contract. That probably removes him as competition. And I agree that in some ways he outplayed Whitehead.

  • HardRockHoosier

    I for one am very happy for Yogi.. It will be very hard to actually make the season roster, but he at least has a start. Hope it goes well for him.. he should start shooting better. That’d help a lot, I’m sure.

  • Arch Puddington

    Yeah, the roster I saw listed the salary, if any, of everyone the are working with. I was just being optimistic that if Whitehead could get a guaranteed contract, then perhaps Yogi isn’t that far off. It may take some time, but as tenuous as it is, I think the training camp deal he has been given is encouraging.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I hope he makes a NBA roster. Brooklyn made a smart move by signing him and trading YF when he plays well. I am so happy for him. Go YF!

  • ManovSteelo

    Don’t like this move, provided he had the opportunity to go elsewhere after summer (which he did as a free agent). Yogi’s taking a HUGE gamble on himself to play for BRN, as everyone knows they are loaded at the guard position with guys who have better deals than his. BRN’s brass is just protecting itself in the off-chance that Yogi blows up the D-League next season. Because there’s no way he outplays anyone on the Nets’ current roster except for maybe Whitehead, and injuries notwithstanding (including LeVert’s possible inability to suit up for a full season), Atkinson & Co. aren’t going to trust him with anything.

    Wasn’t impressed with Yogi in summer league; he did nothing to distinguish himself even in limited minutes. Sacramento was horrible this summer and needed guards to fill out their roster just to compete; he probably should have tried his luck there to see if there was interest before signing with BRN. At least he’s making a little coin to start, but he’s stuck with BRN for better or worse this year — and that might not be such a good thing.

  • HardRockHoosier

    The terms of the contract have not been disclosed yet. It is entirely possible, I guess, that it may also include something beyond just training camp. They could have signed him to a roster spot somewhere, maybe D-League or the regular roster as well. What are your thoughts?

  • VanPastorMan

    At least he has a chance. If he can outplay some of those guys he just might make the roster.

  • Spooky

    I think Yogi is going to shock EVERYONE. He has transformed his body into a beast of a man since he first came to campus as a small fry with NONE of the physical attributes that he now possesses. Yogi is a man that will not stop until he gets what he wants. let’s face it, the fact that he has been signed with such a horrible showing beyond the arc speaks volumes! His shooting game from outside is going to pick up, and he is going to make the roster; I guarantee it! and I will say I Told You So to everyone who doubts him. the coaching staff knows that he just had some Jitters and was a bit nervous… But if they let him go and give him the minutes that he deserves, watch out. It makes me sick that Tyler Ulis is considered better in ANY WAY to Yogi!!! Yogi would eat his lunch ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!

  • Piker


  • Outoftheloop

    Good for Yogi! All you need is a good opportunity! The Nets Coach needs to give Yogi the keys to the offense for 5-10-15 minutes and let him run the show! He will like what he sees. The Nets guards are good: Lin, Whitehead, LeVert, Kilpatrick, and Hollis-Jefferson, but none of those can run a team as a PG. Greivis is a PG, but I think that Yogi is a superior shooter, even given his poor shooting in the Summer League. Give Yogi a real chance, he can do it!

  • Outoftheloop

    You did not watch all of Yogi’s games carefully in the Summer League! The Nets need a quality back-up PG. He and Greivis are the only PG’s that they have!

  • Outoftheloop

    Whitehead proved that he is a talent (and a Brooklyn kid) but not a PG in Summer League!

  • ManovSteelo

    You mean the TWO regular-season games and TWO playoff games he appeared in? Please. Whitehead got what amounts to a first-round deal despite being a second-rounder, and he got most of the reps at SL. Yogi doesn’t stand a chance unless someone gets hurt. He’s the fifth guard right now, and everyone in front of him can play point. They jobbed him with their fake interest, but he’s not ready to play, regardless. Too bad….

  • Ole Man

    Really? I thought he stunk.
    Some potential, but someone who needed another year of college.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Me too. He forces things and has low bball IQ.

  • Bill Graham

    Awesome news for Yogi. He definitely has NBA potential. Sure he didn’t have a great summer league but most NBA teams are willing to look at the combo of summer league, college performance, and workouts when selecting a guy. I hope he pulls an Avery Johnson on this one and has a long NBA career…and if not it will be an utter tragedy to hear about him dropping 3’s on foreign dudes and hanging with bulgarian beauties on the beach (man what a rough life).

  • Outoftheloop

    But you ignore the reality that Whitehead is not a PG, as he demonstrated during Summer League. Neither are LeVert, Kilpatrick, Hollis-Jefferson, or Lin! Sure you can play with no PG, ala. the Warriors, Blazers, etc., but your 2 guards had better be great. Most teams want a true PG, ala. the Clippers, Hawks, Raptors, etc.

  • Outoftheloop

    He does remind me of Lance Stevenson. Personally I don’t like Stevenson either, not a reliable shot maker in the 4th Q. But the NBA does like that type of athletic, strong guard.

  • Outoftheloop

    I would say 2nd PG spot. Whitehead is not a PG. they paid Lin some $’s. He will like playing with Yogi and hate playing with Whitehead.

  • ManovSteelo

    Not here to argue who is “really” what, as I don’t disagree with your assessment. Yogi is the only true PG on the roster.

    But the reality is the Nets’ brass and coaching staff think differently because their stated philosophy is supposedly to play multi-positional players in order to keep in line with the current trend of the NBA.

    So while all the guys you named wouldn’t be running the show for me EVER, I’m not Sean Marks; nor am I Kenny Atkinson. They think Whitehead is a PG and have stated he will get some PT this season, which puts him 3rd on the depth chart (at best) behind Lin and Vasquez. Then you have Foye and LeVert to deal with, as well as Hollis-Jefferson and maybe even Kilpatrick. So Yogi just has a token invite, mainly to have him go through the motions before getting cut and likely starting on the Nets’ D-League team (until Whitehead gets demoted).

    It’s a sad story, but at least Yogi gets $75,000 guaranteed, which is more than any D-Leaguer makes. And, once he’s cut by BRN, he can technically eventually get signed by someone else in the NBA — even if he is assigned to the Nets’ team. So he could conceivably pocket the $75K and then get up to $25K more once signed in the D-League. So he won’t be hurting for cash this season (housing is paid for).

    Bottom Line is, Yogi needs to ball out in the D-League and take his game somewhere else. Lin and Whitehead are ‘company guys’, so the best he could ever hope for is third-string duty with BRN until 2019. Not something I’d be too keen to stick around when there’s money to be made in Europe.

  • Outoftheloop

    Informative post. Where did you find the compensation info? There is a big difference between 3rd guard and 3rd string (assuming 2 guards play at a time, # 5 and 6). The Nets will start Lin and Grievis; then they will try Whitehead and Kilpatrick; but those 2 will just get in each other’s way; at some point they will pair Lin with Yogi and it will work. That is where Yogi’s career will take off!