Jay Bilas talks draft prospects of Yogi Ferrell, Troy Williams

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ESPN college basketball and NBA draft analyst Jay Bilas¬†was available Tuesday afternoon to discuss Thursday’s NBA draft at the Barclays Center. Bilas will be a part of ESPN’s draft coverage along with Rece Davis, Jalen Rose and Mike Wilbon.

Here’s what Bilas had to say about the draft prospects of both Yogi Ferrell and Troy Williams:

On Williams:

“I think Troy Williams is probably going to be at or around the end of the second round. I do think he’s a draftable player because of his athleticism, his ability to run the floor and his ability to finish plays in transition. And I think he can be a good defender because he kind of fits the suit there. He’s got size, he’s not crazy long, but he’s a high-flyer. He’s explosive, he plays with a lot of energy. More of a driver than anything, but really did a good job in transition. Can hit some perimeter shots, but not quite an NBA range 3-point shooter. I think he should be a better defender with his athleticism, but he’s done a good job. I think his value is in the fact that he brings energy, athleticism and he can finish plays. He’s just got to play with a little more efficiency. Not turn the ball over, take better shots, things like that.”

On Ferrell:

“Yogi is a smaller guard. He did a very good job, he kept getting better and better, he can shoot it, good leader. Very good job at creating for himself and for others out of pick-and-roll situations. Gets his shot off quickly. He can shoot it off the catch, shoot it off the dribble. Pretty good in isolation. He’s just not got a lot of size. He’s not a superior athlete and he doesn’t have a lot of size. I do not believe he’s going to get drafted. He wasn’t invited to the (draft) combine. I thought he should have been, but he wasn’t and that’s a pretty good indicator that he’s not high enough up on the draft radar. But like I’ve said about other players, he might be better off not getting drafted. Then he can pick where he goes and have a better opportunity to make a team.”

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  • Kyl470

    Your logic is total nonsense. So Yogi should have what? Put up 30 points and 10 assists a game and IU should have gone undefeated. You are saying that since IU lost to UNC a number one seed that he is an inferior player to Ulis. UNC hit 7 of 8 three pointers in the first half which was way above their average so Yogi sucks. MSU beat IU at MSU so Yogi sucks. IU won the Big 10 regular season, but did’t win the Big 10 tournament so Yogi sucks.

    UK had more losses in the SEC (only 3 SEC teams made the tournament) than IU did in the Big 10. But again in the only head to head match up Ulis and Yogi had Yogi won the game. Ulis state line 27 pts., 3 assists, 0 rebounds 4 turnovers. Yogi state line 18 pts., 4 assists, 5 rebounds, 1 turnover.

    At the end of the day if Ulis gets drafted ahead of Yogi or Yogi gets drafted ahead of Ulis it’s meaningless. Both are back up point guards at best in the NBA. But if you believe Ulis is going to be the next Chris Paul or something then enjoy that Kool-Aid you’re drinking.

  • IAM4IU

    The NBA drafts on potential. Yogi is 23. Ulis is 20.5. Even if you believe Yogi is a better player at this moment, which isn’t unreasonable, in 2.5 years, it would be hard to argue that Ulis won’t have improved to the point where he’d be better at 23 than Yogi is now, and probably by a significant amount. Looking at it the other way, Ulis is better now at 20.5 than Yogi was at that point.

    If Yogi were a 1st round talent, he probably would have gone pro after his freshman or sophomore year. Luckily for us, he was just below that level, so stuck around for four wonderful years. While we need to add five-star superstars from time to time (like Cody or Thomas), it’s also critical that CTC find guys like Yogi and Troy who stick around 3-4 years, get better every year, and develop the leadership that helps the young studs thrive. It also helps to have lottery talent stick around an extra year — thanks, Thomas!

  • ManovSteelo

    First off, you saw the T-shirt pic, right? So keep that in mind as you read.

    Second, stand down, Soldier — that’s an order!

    If anyone is even broaching the idea that Yogi “sucks” it’s you — no one else on here has even mentioned the word. And in case you missed it, the argument is whether or not Yogi is a better prospect than Ulis — the UNC stuff was just sidebar to prove that Yogi didn’t do his job as team leader / superhero / Senior / whatever anointed title he’s been accorded by the IU faithful / for his team to advance, AND why it’s conceivable he wasn’t accorded any individual postseason honors, given his body of work. The scouting report pegged Paige as a jump shooter who couldn’t shoot (given his scoring slump since Jan 4), but don’t you think a Senior leader and gamer like Yogi (who had played against Paige numerous times on the AAU circuit, and is “one of the smartest players [Crean] has ever coached” is going to let a guy generally known to be a shooter drain FIVE THREE POINTERS (might have been six) in a row without getting a hand up (or switching onto him, if he’s guarding Berry) in the biggest game of his life? A first-team All-BIG Defensive player?

    My contention has always been that Yogi has not played up to his considerable abilities, while I say that Ulis, given his lack of height and size and every other BS excuse folks try to throw out there, got it done individually, which, in the grand scheme of things, is how players are evaluated — NOT whether their teams win championships — especially at the collegiate level, since the Tournament is a one-and-done affair, and not a series like the NBA.

    So Yogi had a better stat line than Ulis in their head-to-head (and, for the record, if I remember correctly, they weren’t really guarding each other much, anyway — which may have been the case in the Paige/Yogi matchup in the next round). So what? Ulis definitely got it done this past season as a player — regardless of whether he played in the BIG or not. Not like he was in the Sun Belt, or MVC, or Big Sky. Better stats, better season totals, more wins, more championships, more individual accolades. He has to be doing something right.

    And, no — it’s not “meaningless” if Ulis is drafted before Yogi, or vice-versa. There is significant money at stake (particularly if, as has been suggested, Yogi doesn’t get drafted) as well as a shot to make a roster. This isn’t choosing up sides for playground pickup; this is professional ball at the highest level. Believe me: you want to get drafted, and you want to get drafted as high as possible. Undrafted free agency sucks — even for those who thrive on pressure situations. No one in his right mind would want to be an undrafted free agent if he’s trying to make an NBA roster right out of college. Forget what [email protected] Bilas, Vitale, or any of the other non-ballplaying ESPN wonks might posit. You want to be regarded by a team and you want a shot to get at least a partially guaranteed, 2-year deal.

    Now, then: you’re wrong again, insofar as your assessment goes concerning Ulis and Yogi’s NBA potential. At best, both are starters if they max-out their abilities, but the odds of one or both doing so for a consistent period of time are admittedly low. But I like Ulis’s odds of doing so far more than Yogi’s, given his style of play.

    Ulis has a better shot at being CP3 than does Yogi — and not because his jersey number is 3. He controls the game, finds a balance between scoring and assisting, and plays good D — traits most anyone could cite as being somewhat Paul-like, and certainly the mark of what makes a NBA starter. Yogi just shoots the three, spots up with his jumper, and efficiently runs the offense at a high level. His defense is behind his offense, and his turnovers are higher than what you’d want in a PG, vis-√†-vis the assists he generates. That points to success as a backup PG, and NOT a starter — mainly because (unlike Lottery-bound Kris Dunn, who is an inferior shooter, but equally as effective a scorer, passer, and a superior defender) his physical tools are not elite.

    My favorite Kool-Aid flavor is grape, actually, and Ulis would look good in Sacramento purple. I would take him 8 (only if I couldn’t trade down to get multiples for that 8 and then take Ulis), but would definitely take him 59 if he’s still there. No one except Crean and Doc Libby could say the same for Yogi — especially if both he and Ulis were still on the board at 59.

    And as horribly inept as the Kings’ front office is, I’ll bet you six bits to a bottle of piss that they would agree with me — as would most of the league — regarding Yogi’s draftability in the face of what Ulis brings to the table on the NBA level.

  • Jason S

    Yogi is just as good as Ullis! Yogi has a better a better build for the NBA and hes a better all around player then Ullis. Yogi showed the nation that he was one of the best PG’s in the nation! He can shoot off the dribble and shoot from way past the 3PT line! Hes quicker than Ullis! Hes stronger! Hes a better player period!

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Ulis is slipping on draft boards due to a reported “hip” issue. I think the theory is that Ulis is a better athlete and thus, more likely to be an NBA rotaion player. I think that is crap, if Tyus Jones isn’t a rotation player, I don’t see Ulis as “more likely” to be one…. I bet he goes mid-second round now.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    There are rumors that Ulis has a hip problem. That is why he is dropping out of the 1st round moch drafts.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Based on the Chicago media vibe, the Derrick Rose trade is centered around the hope that the Bulls can get Kris Dunn. Dunn is really good but if he is to cause major trades in the NBA then what does that say about Yogi’s chances? I think Yogi is close to Dunn’s potential. Really close.

  • David Macer

    And Ulis played an SEC schedule, not a B1G schedule

  • SCHoosier

    I hope they both get a shot at making a roster. If not..no shame in making 6 figure salary overseas.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Gotta love that Big Man! My thanks also Thomas!

  • Bill Graham

    I find it interesting that you’re on an ITH and you’re criticizing Hoosier fans and our all-time assist leader. Sounds slighty trolling to me.

  • Bill Graham

    I completely agree. Reminds me of that troll that popped up last summer.