Notebook: Ferrell on the rise, new jersey numbers, more

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Former Indiana All-American Yogi Ferrell, who has been mostly absent in recent mock drafts, may be improving his chances to be selected with strong workouts according to Ian Begley of

Here’s what Begley wrote on Sunday about Ferrell, who is ranked No. 80 in Chad Ford’s latest top 100 rankings:

Indiana guard Yogi Ferrell continues to impress in workouts around the league. He shot the ball well in sessions last week with the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, per several people familiar with the workouts. Ferrell, a 6-foot PG, worked out for the Knicks on Friday alongside Kansas’ Perry Ellis and for Brooklyn earlier in the week. The Knicks don’t have a draft pick but are expected to acquire one. The club has worked out several prospects in recent days at the practice facility, with an emphasis on the triangle offense. For what it’s worth, both Ferrell and Ellis are projected as second-round picks; Ferrell may be helping his draft stock with his strong shooting performances.

Both Ferrell and Troy Williams are scheduled to workout for the New Orleans Pelicans today.

Newcomer jersey numbers revealed

Indiana announced jersey numbers for its five new players this season over the weekend: Curtis Jones – 0, Devonte Green – 11, De’Ron Davis – 20, Freddie McSwain – 21 and Grant Gelon – 24.

Another non-conference game revealed

A sixth non-conference game was revealed on Indiana’s 2016-2017 schedule over the weekend as Jon Rothstein of reported that the Hoosiers will host Liberty on Nov. 19.

The Flames finished last season 13-19 and No. 289 in the ratings.

Indiana’s schedule for next season is being tracked on our future schedules page.

Indiana All-Stars complete eighth straight sweep

For the eighth consecutive year, the Indiana All-Stars beat the Kentucky All-Stars in both games of their annual series.

On Sunday, the Indiana team had to grind one out shorthanded as they were without Mr. Basketball Kyle Guy as well as C.J. Walker, a Florida State signee.

But Indiana had just enough for its 16th straight win as it beat Kentucky, 99-96, at Bellarmine University.

Northern Illinois signee Eugene German finished with a game-high 34 points and finished the two-game series with 54 points.

Indiana signee Grant Gelon went scoreless on Sunday in just seven minutes. Gelon was 0-of-3 from the field.

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  • marcusgresham

    I’d say he’s expected to be a Nick Zeisloft-type player, and there were times he was depended upon to score.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Ohhhhhhhhh. Duh

  • Bill Graham

    It just baffles me how our fanbase can criticize our recruits. I’m not crazy about Tim Priller having a scholarship but am I among the 17,000+ that go crazy when he comes on the floor? heck yes! The dude is a Hoosier (even if he isn’t Thomas Bryant or Yogi Ferrell) and the fact that Grant is an in-state kid is just icing on the cake. I have better things to do than rag on 19 year old kid who just wants to attend the greatest basketball school on Earth.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I think Priller will be a Junior. And Id bet even $$$ that if he doesn’t carve out a role by the end of the season, even if the role is basically come in and hit a couple of 3s here and there, then CTC will have a conversation with him about being a grad transfer to a place where he can contribute (assuming graduates).

  • Fifer39

    I reckon that’s Devonte making a statement – love it!

  • unclekerfuffle

    My sentiments exactly, Bill. Well said.

  • Michael Whelan

    What number will Newkirk wear?

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Don’t feel dumb McNaughton. There was nothing to indicate that the comment was any sort of sarcasm. Marcusgresham needs to consider the medium if he wants his caustic wit is be funny.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    I’m guessing you’re not from Indiana.

  • jimmygoiu

    I would rather have 4 year IU players such as Yogi, Collin, RJ and JM. I have seen GG play 5 games, and there is no way he or TP can ever be that type of 4 year player. No way. Wish it was not this way. Athleticism, dribbling/passing/strength/quickness-it is not there for those two players. Sorry

  • adam

    from the roster page it says 12. since the roster is from last year’s team i’d imagine he’s had the number the entire time.

  • puddingpudding

    Born and Bred. Watched Isiah play in Assembly with my Dad in 81. Went to Coach Knight’s basketball camps in the 80s and was in school in early 90s for the last really good teams IU has had. Hate UK with a passion. Total disdain for Duke. And now just feel sorry for Purdue as it will always be a mediocre program. My point – I would rather recruit players with the talent of a Jamal Murray, even for a year or two, than that of a Yogi or, of course, Colin Hartmann…because that is where NCAA basketball (not just UK) has gone. It’s a joke to think that CTC wouldn’t rather as well. Here’s a question: If you had to put a big money bet (one that could be detrimental to your financial future) on who will win an NCAA tourney in the future…who would it be: CTC or Calipari. Of course, my heart would love it to be IU. But my brain and my bet, sadly, would have to go with Calipari.

  • Kyl470

    Completely agree. Most good teams only use an 8 to 9 man rotation. Really playing 10 is a stretch.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Can’t disagree with your argument that it may be a safer bet for winning the tourney with Calipari. I questioned you being from Indiana because I think the typical hoosier that supports IU has deeper values represented by the institution than just winning.

  • puddingpudding

    Thanks for the insult. I support and believe in Indiana University – the entire university not just the basketball team – as much as anyone. Can guarantee, as much as, if not more, than you. Please come down from your high horse and get real. Crean is paid millions of dollars to win. Millions of dollars to win a national championship. And honestly, who’s to say a Jamal Murray is a worse kid than Yogi? I have no idea. And you don’t either unless you personally know them both. Murray is a better player than Yogi. Sorry, he just is. 10 out of 10 college coaches give him a scholarship before they give it to a Yogi-caliber player.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Your comment was, “I would rather have the Jamal Murrays. Sorry. Hate to say it, but Calipari has more rings than CTC.” Don’t try to make it about the boys, it’s about your values. Best regards.

  • Kwang

    He should indicate purple font.

  • marcusgresham

    I would if I knew how!!!!!!

  • Bill Graham

    I’ve given significant evidence that suggests that no one should doubt the potential of a hard working kid who loves the game. Grant will play. Grant will establish his niche. He doesn’t have to be Yogi. He just has to be excellent at something and I’d say 49% from 3 in AAU tournaments gives us a pretty good hint at what his niche will be.

  • Bill Graham

    Jamal Murray – 720 points and 79 assists for UK in 1 year
    Yogi Ferrell – 1986 points and 663 assists for IU in 4 years

    Yogi contributed 1266 more points and 584 more assists to his school in his college career. There is a reason why Hoosiers value 4 year players. We’re not Kentucky. There’s a reason why guys like Shabazz Napier, Steve Alford, Ryan Arcidiacono, Russ Smith, win championships (they are all 4 year players).

    Quick Question: If I took you to a race track and told you that horse A has an 80% chance to win and horse B has a 20% chance to win, which horse would you bet on? Of course horse A with the 80% chance.

    Fun facts: in the past 10 years only 2 nat championship teams had an underclassman as their leading scorer. That means that 80% of our recent national champs star players were 3 or 4 players.
    Here’s another one 9 of the 10 top scorers in the nation this year were juniors or seniors.

    I’ll stick with the guys like Ryan Arcidiacono and Yogi Ferrell and you can have your fancy Jamal Murrays for a year. But my guys are favored by 80% (and the crazy thing is…the further back you research the more my percentage increases).

  • HardRockHoosier

    I question the validity of you statement. I believe Vic was more like 189th ranked at the highest.. I will look it up, but no way was he top 150…Your arguments would be ore valid if you used facts which were not exaggerated to try to make your point.

  • HardRockHoosier

    Good argument Bill. Good facts to substantiate it.

  • HardRockHoosier

    Didn’t IU have a deeper rotation a lot of the time last year? Like all hands on deck, ‘cept for maybe one…

  • HardRockHoosier

    Are you kidding? Yogi was runner up in a very close Mr. Indiana Basketball competition as a Senior.. Don’t think he’d have had trouble getting a scholarship from ANY coach.. Whether 10 out of 10 would choose Jamal pure unsubstantiated speculation on your part.

  • puddingpudding

    Speculation sure. Just as your statement about having no trouble getting a scholarship from any coach. I remember Yogi getting offers from Illinois, Butler, Purdue and the like. Did he get offers from Duke, Kansas, Carolina or UK? Don’t think so. Look, I wish Yogi the best of luck. He was a decent player at IU.

  • puddingpudding

    Lol. My values Mr. Vernon? I, like everyone on this board, want IU to win more national championships. EVERYTHING is about “the boys”… just read every freaking thread on this site…that’s what everything is about. Every IU fan would want to bring in the top 5-10 players nationally every year. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. Plus, if you want to talk about values, well, CTC has recruited a few guys that haven’t worked out great in that regard.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Mr puddingpudding??, Sorry if I hurt your anonymous feelings. This isn’t about others on this site, it’s about you. By your own comments, you promote cheating to win over pride in your state and good ethics. Do you seriously believe that Calipari doesn’t cheat to consistently get the talent he gets when he has had a final 4 appearance vacated at each of the previous schools he has taken there? Crean has demonstrated his moral fiber in the removal of boys that have gotten into trouble and haven’t taken advantage of the second chances he’s offered them; he does not condone it, and no one has a crystal ball to foresee it. Moral character is an important value at IU and although all Indiana basketball fans want to win fervently, most draw the line at cheating to get there. Give up deflecting sir, your comments make it more and more obvious that you don’t feel the same.This has gone on long enough, I know your type needs the last comment, so suit yourself.

  • I am Baby Cakes
  • HardRockHoosier

    Ok, so he was 180th, not Top 150… I also did look it up.. Rivals had him at 180th ranked recruit in his class.

  • BMusic

    Not me. Murray didn’t want to come to IU. Grant did. Bottom line: I’d rather have the guys that are on the team than some dude that wants to go play for Kentucky.

    I also don’t sit around wishing I had a different wife and kids.

  • I am Baby Cakes

    We’re not just speaking of Jamal Murray only. But of players like him. Those super talented kids that can make a team great instantly. Gelon isn’t that. He couldn’t make a HS team great.