Announcement Primer: 2016 JUCO forward Freddie McSwain

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On Sunday, class of 2016 Neosho County Community College (Kan.) forward Freddie McSwain will announce his college decision. The decision is expected to come at approximately 6:30 p.m. EST.

Here’s our primer for the announcement with everything you need to know:

The essentials

Forward, 6-6, 215-pounds, Neosho County Community College
247Composite: (NR); ESPN: (NR); Rivals: 3-star (NR); Scout: 3-star (NR)
Official visits: Bradley, Indiana, Kansas State

The primary contenders

After a host of programs began recruiting him this spring looking to add help for the 2016-2017 season, McSwain originally announced a top five of Auburn, Bradley, Illinois State, Indiana and Kansas State on March 30. He then narrowed his list to two schools, Indiana and Kansas State, on April 11 and announced a decision date of April 24.

· The Indiana recruitment: McSwain said he first learned that Indiana was interested around the time of the NJCAA national tournament and Indiana coach Tom Crean watched McSwain work out in late March and offered a scholarship shortly after visiting Neosho County CC. McSwain took his final official visit on April 18-20 in Bloomington.

· The Kansas State recruitment: Kansas State coach Bruce Weber and assistant Chris Lowery also started to recruit McSwain heavily during the NJCAA national tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas, in March. McSwain’s father, Freddie McSwain Sr., was a teammate of Lowery’s at Southern Illinois. McSwain took an official visit to Manhattan the weekend of April 8-10. Weber also visited McSwain the day he returned from his official visit to Bloomington.

The timing

Spring is a common time for junior college prospects to make their decisions as Division I schools typically ramp up their interest after their seasons end. Two former Hoosiers who are also currently playing at the JUCO level – Emmitt Holt and Devin Davis – recently made spring decisions as well.

Given that the spring signing period is underway, McSwain can sign his National Letter of Intent immediately following his announcement if he chooses.

The fit

· At Indiana: Given his raw athleticism and potential upside, the player development at Indiana is a huge draw for McSwain. He has said that he favors an up-tempo pace and loves to run the floor and Indiana’s style of play is more conducive to that than Kansas State’s.

· At Kansas State: Kansas State is in rebuilding mode, so the chance for McSwain to play more at Kansas State from day one is probably greater. In a recent interview with Inside the Hall, he said he also believes that he’ll be able to use his athleticism and get out in transition if he chooses the Wildcats.

The player on both schools

· On Indiana: “What stands out to me about Indiana is the player development. I worked out with them and saw a lot of things that were new to me, that I hadn’t seen before. Coach (Tom) Crean saw a lot of things that I needed to work on in my game and I like that.”

· On Kansas State: “What stands out to me about Kansas State is that everybody is together as a family. Everybody has a goal. That’s great to have. Because if you’re a family, you’re together and on the same page and you can win.”

McSwain highlights

How to follow the announcement

McSwain said there will be a live stream of his announcement, which we will link below when a link becomes available. Additionally, we’ll be covering the announcement via our Twitter account, also linked below:

ITH on Twitter | Live stream

In closing, please remember to adhere to the comment standards that have been set forth over the past eight years here on Inside the Hall regardless of the outcome of McSwain’s decision.

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  • Yes, I really think Crean knows an awful lot about basketball, shot mechanics, positioning, etc., and it’s got to be impressive when he can come up with stuff for these recruits. I do like this McFly guy and hope he chooses us. I am however of the thinking that it would be so cool if Crean could find some Max B kind of guy though to help with spelling Bryant. I would really love to see some lineups with DD and TB out there at the same time. I also thin that is what DD has in mind choosing IU as well, based upon his comments when TB made the decision to return for another year.

  • Miamihoosier

    Crean actually can cut him. I believe the bill of rights reads that you can come back and complete your degree for free, but that doesnt mean he would need to use up a BASKETBALL scholarship to achieve that. I think more players have been cut in the Crean tenure than we realize. I’ve heard players reference it over the years. Muniru, Jurkin, Hollowell, etc.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    McFly’s decision is an easy one, IU. If he decides Kansas State then he is being sold BS from Weber and his friends or “handlers” around him by not being smart. Weber is and always has been a classless loser.

  • PS IU

    The day Freddie came back from his visit to IU—Bruce Weber was at Freddie’s residence finding out what happened during his visit (unreal). I wonder how many times Bruce has tried to contact Freddie this weekend?

  • That actually seems like a very reasonable compromise, if it’s true. Guarantee a kid a four-year degree if he comes to the program, but he has to earn a spot on the team regardless. If he isn’t able to compete for a position on the team, then let him go but he still has access to the education that was promised. And, if he wants to play basketball, he can transfer somewhere else (within the already established rules). Seems like a win-win overall.

  • PacNWHoosier

    That’s the point that’s not clear to me. Paragraph 2 of the Student-Athlete bill of rights (which went into effect in June, 2014 and thus didn’t apply to Crean’s first 6 years) states that IU gives a 4 year scholarship commitment regardless of athletic performance, stating “Scholarship terms will not be reducted because of a student-athlete’s injury, illness,or physical or mental condition nor on the basis of a student-athlete’s ability, performance, or contribution to the team’s success.” My take is that a coach cannot cut an athlete’s athletic scholarship and that the athletic department will then pick up the student’s scholarship.

  • So what is everyone’s last minute take on it? It’s now down to the last three hours.. Doesn’t anyone on here know someone who is dating his cousins sister’s best girlfriend and they saw them last night wearing Indiana gear? I mean we need a sleuth on this site…

  • ForeverIU

    I think it was clear from the comments made by Freddie (I only call our committed players by their first names) that he values being part of the IU program regardless of immediate minutes (whether or not TW leaves). I think Crean would have told him that even if TW leaves, OG is ahead of him in the queue. There is more to him developing at IU than just playing time. There is the conditioning program, which he has already commented about. He will be going up against great competition every day in practice. I think a transition year where he is not expected to be a star on the court and find his place in the academic sphere (tough biology major) is the ideal for him. I don’t see how he turns down IU. Next year, if not this one, will be his star year.

  • It all makes very good sense. I hope it is right and it turns out that way… I think he’d be a fun guy to watch over the next couple of years. I think there’s a lot of potential there. We’ll know in a couple more hours.

  • BL

    Can hear Fisch now …

    It’s McFly for three out of the left corner.
    It’s McFly all alone on the break; geez, he darn near brought the basket down with that two-handed reverse dunk.
    McFly crosses over to his left, reverse spin dribble back into the lane, elevates, oh, he hits a beautiful jumper just below the free throw line. Boy, Tom and his staff have really helped this kid develop. I’d say McFly’s dream of playing in the NBA is looking pretty darn good.

    C’mon Freddie, you’ll look great in candy stripes.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Good one.

  • Fifer39

    I’m saying he’s coming. A good 10 mins on a top 10 team ( all year!) this season and a very good opportunity to earn a starting spot on what is already shaping up to be a solid squad in ’17 is gotta be better than taking a front row seat to watch your arch rival lifting their 13th or 14th straight!

  • Fifer39

    Attaboy Freddie!!

  • Ole Man

    Ben Carter from UNLV is available immediately. Gave us fits when we played them last year. And would only take a scholly for one year. 6’9, 230″. Hope Crean is at least looking at him.