Johnson undergoes successful left ankle surgery

  • 04/01/2016 4:19 pm in

Indiana sophomore guard Robert Johnson underwent successful surgery on his left ankle Friday, according to a post on his Instagram account and an update from the official Indiana basketball Twitter account.

Photos posted by the official IU twitter account showed Johnson in a hospital gown with Tom Crean, team physician Steve Ahlfeld and trainer Tim Garl.

On Instagram, Johnson wrote: “Success. All thrives. Love my coach. #NoNoise.”

The Richmond, Virginia native missed four games late in the season after injuring his ankle in a win over Purdue on Feb. 20. He injured the ankle again in a win over Kentucky in the NCAA tournament round of 32 and missed IU’s season-ending loss to North Carolina last Friday.

“As much as Robert wanted to play,” Crean said on March 28. “There just wasn’t enough healing to take that risk. It wasn’t a judgement call for me. It was a doctor’s call.”

Johnson averaged 8.1 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 24.8 minutes per game as a sophomore for the Hoosiers.

Freshman Juwan Morgan and junior Collin Hartman are also expected to undergo surgery this offseason.

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  • iuoiu

    WHOOP! Now that Yogi is gone, RJ is my new #1. Gonna be huge next year.

  • BL

    I think he actually hurt it first in the Duke game. Get well fast RJ. Can’t wait to see you leading this team to back-to-back BIG titles.

  • inLinE6

    How long would this kind of recovery take? At least 3 months for surgeries?

  • plane1972

    Love RoJo! Just seems like an incredible teammate.

  • BL

    Per an orthopedic site regarding high ankle sprains (syndesmosis sprains):

    “If the syndesmotic injury is severe or a fracture is also present with the injury, conservative measures are not the primary course of treatment and surgery is often indicated. Surgery can involve the use syndesmotic fixation screws or suture fixation to stabilize the ankle mortise. Regardless of which procedure you undergo, weight bearing can be restricted for 6 to 8 weeks following surgery and patients gradually progress to a walking boot. A successive course of physical therapy is important to restore range of motion, strength and function. Full recovery can take up to one year.”

    Sure hope the “up to one year” is the exception.

  • Zach

    Get well soon Robert! Saw him on campus the other day still hobbling but hopefully a quick and full recovery before summer workouts get into full swing

  • inLinE6

    Thanks for the quotes. Certainly not encouraging news…

  • BL


    April Fools! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. ???

  • marcusgresham

    Maybe it’s simply a change in terminology, but back in the old days when we all wore high tops I don’t one time remember hearing the phrase “high ankle sprain.” Of course, knee injuries seem to be a little less frequent.

  • marcusgresham

    Not the best news, but the silver lining is increased playing time for the young guys in games that really don’t matter. As long as he’s rolling by December it’s all good.

  • marcusgresham

    Fernando? The dude from the ABBA song?!

  • BL

    That’s pulling one outta the past 🙂

    Seriously, have you seen Bruno Fernando? A few boards have us very interested. Not sure how we’d have room unless TB leaves but he sure looks like a stud.

  • Banner6

    The is an average recovery time. Recovery varies based on age and other factors. Since he is young AND an athlete competing at such a high level I would anticipate a quicker recovery. I’m not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  • BL

    Hey, I’m old enough to have worn high top canvas Cons.

  • BL

    Young helps but when you’re talking bones and ligaments, not sure being an athlete helps. These are definitely average recovery times and variability is probably significant.

  • really?.. You stayed at Holiday Inn Express? Did they ask you t o assist in the surgery today …lol..

  • Me too.. that was the basketball shoe of choice in my day.. Our high School team wore them and we though we were king $hit…

  • BL

    Didn’t catch the HIE reference. ROFL!

  • Banner6


  • BL

    White? Btw, where are all the young guys? I mean it’s Friday night 🙂

  • Yeah, you could have any color you wanted as long as it was white… So we chose the white ones… oh I guess they did have a black model… the Boston Celtics always wore those.. Geez how things have changed…

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Yeah but do you remember the draw string canvas gym bags? Mine had the Minnesota Vikings logo on it.

  • chris

    Robert seems like a pretty serious guy-so I can only imagine that he will take the rehab process very seriously-cuz his future career relies on it. By the time this guy is a senior he will have nearly as many avid fans as Yogi.

  • BL

    Yep. Unusual but three brothers and I all have different favorite teams: Vikings, Steelers, Cowboys, Colts. I became a Colts fan when we lived in Baltimore during a time when the city had a great sports run; Johnny U’s Colts and Brooks Robinson’s Orioles. One brother was born in Minnesota. The other two brothers get ribbed endlessly for simply picking winning teams. Actually, it was their little league football teams. We all had the draw string bags.

  • BL

    Actually, I don’t ever recall a b-ball player having surgery to repair a sprain. Wonder what the odds are for recovering back to “good as before the injury”?

  • RDD#76

    Us too with red shoestrings we thought we were the bomb!!

  • David Macer

    I’m old enough too. But remember wearing Addias leather high tops and two pair of tube socks !! I called then my “combat boots”

  • I had a pair of those Adidas.. but that was years after the Converse All-Stars. Mine Adidas were kind of a grey suede leather with black shoe strings.. they were pretty bug and ‘klunky’ looking.. weren’t they. Yeah, kinda like combat boots. So are you guys watching the Tournament this evening? The shooting will likely be way off.. because of the change in background.. it always is… I think I heard no one has shot over about 31% when it’s been played there before.

  • marcusgresham

    I think I like your Cowboys brother.

  • BL

    Sorry, not sharing you’re comment with him.

  • BL

    Yeah, I eventually went to adidas; much better shoe. Never washed the outside tube; just like Pistol.

  • BL

    I’ll be watching. Never seen Richardson from Syracuse. Interested because he’ll probably be available when the Pacers pick. Funny, the franchise has never had a big time guard (I consider Reggie a wing). Curious if this kid could be the first.

  • Malachi Richardson remember he’s the guy who tried to get TB to go to ‘Cuse with him. in their comeback over Virginia, he was lights out. He was draining threes, stealing the ball and finishing the dunk, hitting his free throws, probably the single most reason they’re in the FF.

  • Joshmofo1

    If there is one thing that can be said about this Year’s team it’s that they were mentally tough. To face the adversity they did: coach on the hot seat, the fan base writing the season off as a disaster in December, losing JBJ, and then tough nagging injuries to key contributors.

    Juwan, CH, and RoJo are tough as nails. All of them had injuries that required off season surgery but they still went out there and fought for their teammates. We know RJ would’ve been out there if the docs let him.

    This gives me hope going forward. You can teach skills, but you can’t teach toughness. This guys are going to fight and battle for everything next year.

  • bleeding crimson

    You make it sound so simple…..I don’t think I will be able to sleep for the next few months.

  • BL

    Talk about hot shooting and a beat down. Villanova up 40; shooting 72% (59% from three).

  • TokyoSteve

    Oops! Nova didn’t seem to have much difficulty with the background.

  • They surely didn’t.. I imagine that’s just another thing the media came up with to try to develop a storyline.. They were trying to make a big deal on the program on ESPN I was listening to. Said no team had shot better than 31% or something like that. Not sure what was bothering the Sooners, but the couldn’t hit the ocean i they were standing on the shore. I mean several times at the start of the second half, they got a bunch of offensive rebounds and had like six shots in a row and missed every stinking one of them. UNC wasn’t nearly as hot as they were when we played them, but they still beat ‘Cuse by 17.. I expected that one to be closer than that.

  • TokyoSteve

    I hope Nova shoots like that again tonight. Hate the thought of UNC passing us in terms of banners.

  • Yeah, when you don’t win one for almost 30 years, they start catching up.. It would’ve really helped had we gotten that one in 2002.. Oh well, hopefully we can get it going again soon.