At the Buzzer: North Carolina 101, Indiana 86

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PHILADELPHIA – Quick thoughts on a 101-86 loss to North Carolina:

How it happened: From the opening tip, Indiana was outmatched on Friday night at the Wells Fargo Center. It started with the Tar Heels hitting a barrage of 3s to start and continued into the second half as UNC’s lead ballooned to 22. Credit the quick start to North Carolina senior point guard Marcus Paige, who hit his first four attempts from long range to get the momentum going early. From there, the Tar Heels built confidence and a lead that was insurmountable for Indiana. The Hoosiers fought to start the second half, but never got closer than 10 in the final 20 minutes. North Carolina, the No. 1 seed in the East Region, marches on to face Notre Dame on Sunday and the Hoosiers will head home.

Standout performer: In his final game in an IU uniform, Yogi Ferrell finished with a game-high 25 points on 6-of-14 shooting from the field. But make no mistake about it: This is a loss that will sting for Ferrell for a long time. He ends his career at Indiana as the school’s all-time assist leader and with the record for games played in a Hoosier uniform.

Statistic that stands out: After holding Kentucky to just .94 points per possession in the round of 32 in Des Moines, the Hoosiers allowed the Tar Heels to score 1.42 points per trip with an effective field goal percentage of 60.

Final stats:



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  • Eastwood88_2

    Not the time

  • pcantidote

    Mediocrity: Two outright B1G titles in 4 years, and 3 S16’s in 5 years? Perhaps its not good enough for IU fans but no intellectually honest person can call that mediocre.

  • Joshmofo1

    Win a Big Ten Championship, make a sweet sixteen and people call for your head.

    If we fire Tom Crean after a season like that, no coach in their right mind would come to IU.

  • Missing Moye

    Yep, pretty much nothing that can be done. Since what we were doing defensively was obviously not working, I would have liked to see us double down on the post more or throw in some junk 1-3-1 zone or something just to try to switch up the game. Probably wouldn’t have mattered, but I’m not sure you can stick with it for 40 minutes when it’s not working, either.

  • I’m gonna make this promise to myself: I’m not going to respond to negatively about this team or CTC. If you catch me doing it, slap me. And anyone who comes on here to be negative but wasn’t posting any positives in the days and weeks leading up to this game, well, I have words for you that I won’t repeat here.

  • Marek Wojciech ?ugowski Lugows

    Just a friendly advice: Say goodnight and post no more. Have a fun weekend.

  • Joshmofo1

    Most of the #firetomcrean crew don’t often show intellectualism

  • cbags05

    This is your contribution? You are a terrible fan. I mean that.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Mark, Next year my friend. You and your family have a wonderful Easter Sunday. All m y best. Stay in touch.

  • pcantidote

    If you would have told me we score 86 before the game I would have said we would win going away.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Hey, this game hurts, but this season shows that there’s a core there that can be built on. OG’s coming back, and he’s only getting better. RoJo will be healed up by next season. JBJ will also be back with his scoring, and hopefully a better outlook on defense after watching this year’s team achieve what they did when they elevated their defense. If Bryant stays – and I hope he does! – that’s one hell of a core.

    Yogi will be missed, though. And glue guys like Max B. Zeisloft with his normal shooting (not tonight’s, of course). But the core will be there. Here’s to hoping.

  • cbags05

    Kinda like the sweet 16 loss to uk a few years ago, huh…?

  • pcantidote

    Yep, I said all week that we couldn’t win without RJ. Not sure we could have won with him, but no way without him.

  • Same to you! And I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunity to discuss next year! Starting with: will TB and TW go pro or will they come back? That’s my burning question now.

  • Shaggy_C

    I know, right! If only “Clappy” drank more brown juice!

    Get out of here. The best two teams Crean has had were screwed with seeding by the NCAA. Last time put us against a one seed UK in the Sweet 16, this time we get them in the round of 32 followed again by a one seed in the Sweet 16. Even in the glory days we rarely won it all by being the best. We won it all by getting matchups that worked out in our favour. I’m not going to begrudge this season one bit. This was the possibly most fun Hoosier team to watch since I started at IU in 2003, tied closely with that 2012 team. Most years this would have been an Elite 8 team; this year, it just wasn’t meant to be. We’ll get over it. Will you?

  • jat00

    Finished 11-20 but it was 10-12 before that. Unbelievable shooting

  • Joshmofo1

    Indeed. Tom Crean and the boys erased all of my doubts this year. They could’ve quit on the season after Maui and Duke.

    They dug in deep, improved, and won a BIG championship and made the sweet sixteen. Crean won some marquee games this year.

    If people stay, we’ll be really good. RoJo can step into Yogi’s shoes and maybe Crean can get a few more grad transfers to bolster our depth and leadership.

  • And let’s be serious: this wasn’t a normal Sweet Sixteen. This thing was gamed from the outset, and we beat a very good KY team to get here. Really, the KY game was as good as a regional game, and we should have met UNC in the Final Four.

    Love this team, feel terrible about the seniors. And I’m looking forward to next year, particularly if TB (and maybe TW) come back for another year.

  • Joshmofo1

    There were several possessions where we were getting great kick-outs to people like Juwan who doesn’t want to shoot the 3 ball. If RoJo is there he would sink it.

  • Hey, that was a historic performance by UNC, let’s face it. Not much you can do when they shoot threes like that, and the officials call it so close. As the evening wears on, I’m less and less upset, frankly. I don’t think there’s a team in the country that could have beat UNC the way they played tonight.

  • Bk39

    When the players went into the locker room at half RJ was limping. Juwan was grimacing on the court at one point in obvious pain. Collin seemed okay though.

  • Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. Great season, great team, lots of adversity overcome (including in the tournament).

  • IU Parking Tickets

    After the screw job from the selection committee, some of the worst called games I’ve seen in my life this season, and a ridiculous shooting performance from a team that can’t shoot outside, I’m pretty much glad this is over. Not a great coaching job by crean today, but I don’t think it would have mattered. UNC finally missed a couple shots, and then they were in the bonus in the first four minutes of the 2nd half lol, and I really can’t figure out why TB isn’t allowed to block shots.

    We clearly don’t get the same treatment as your Dukes, UNCs, MSUs, Syracuses and for some frickin reason wisconsin. I was on the fire Crean boat last season, but I don’t think it’s his fault anymore. Pretty great season by him and we really didn’t get any respect until we beat UK. I think this was easily a top 8 team this season and just caught a “bad draw”. I’m excited to see what we have with some of our young guys in the future. If Bryant stays and Juwan can get completely healthy then I don’t think we are far from another sweet 16 at least, and maybe we can get a better draw, or at least just not play the #2 team on their best shooting night of the season. I think we are moving in the right direction still, but we will see. Great career Yogi, gonna miss that guy.

  • Zach

    Disappointing ending, but it was a season to remember as a fan of these Hoosiers. Thank you guys for making my Senior season a great one full of memories. They really dug in and made it their mission to get better each and every day. From the ND game, it really started to show and that’s where the fun began.

    Winning the B1G outright by two games was a hell of an achievement and to do it with the obstacles they had to overcome was just icing on the cake. Sad it’s over, but all great things must come to an end. We’ll keep the momentum going from this year and bring a great team back to do it again next year.

    Final thank you to Yogi, Nick, Max, Ryan, and Jackson. Yogi leaves as one of the best to ever wear the crimson and cream and it’s been an honor to see him evolve into a leader over the past four years. It’s going to be so strange this offseason thinking we won’t have our rock solid point guard to rely on next year. Nick far exceeded everyone’s expectations when he came into the program two years ago. Gonna be tough to not have the assassin behind the line hitting daggers next year but it was awesome to see how much he improved on defense this season. Max came into the program less than a year ago, but he really epitomizes everything that being a Hoosier is all about. Thank you for representing our program well and giving this team exactly what it needed. Last, thanks to Jackson and Ryan. Minimal production in-game but were always ready to contribute if their numbers were called. These kinds of guys keep programs together and work just as hard as anyone in the business.

  • Rob

    How many Big 10 teams are still playing? Mediocre year. Best Crean season is a sweet 16 which is lame for what used to be a top 5 program especially considering he has had 3 lottery picks and McDonald’s all Americans all most every year. Your right his coaching does not rise to mediocre but I was giving the benefit of the doubt.

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    In the last 3 or 4 years of Knights tenure, yes there was ever increasing dissatisfaction with the program. I doubt anyone expects us to get to the FF every year or two – it just doesn’t happen. But getting blown out in the S16 every 3 or 4 years is a far cry from that.

  • Kris Kompute

    What do you want me to talk about?

    How our offensive sets resulted in us getting two feet in the paint less than 15% of our possessions?

    How our players have been trained to not attack the basket unless it’s under 12 seconds on the shot clock because we look for the 3?

    How we didn’t press until 4 mins left in the game and it resulted in arrid passes from UNC and a few turnovers?

    How UNC had 2nd chance point opportunities on about 40% of the possessions after the 8 min media timeout in the first half?

    How Mr. BBall in 2015, the top 2 in-state players in 2016 and 2017 didn’t even and aren’t even considering IU?

    How we are approaching year 9 of the Tom Crean era and he still hasn’t figured out how to beat coaches that have been playing defense the same for 30 years (Cuse -Zone, UNC – Trap in corners, Bo Ryan Wisconsin chase you off the 3 into help)?

    Or how this is about to be the 30th anniversary of our last national championship?

    Indiana is a job that is above Tom Crean’s basketball acumen. It’s time for us to move on.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Actually, the real question is: How much **worse** can you become? I don’t agree with all that negativity either, but too many of these fans are committing the ages-old “grass is greener” mistake. Last time the IU fanbase did that, yeah, we did get better… and brought in a coach who ruined IU’s reputation for following the rules.

    And beyond IU: We see NFL teams blow up their staffs all the time and get nowhere. Ditto NBA. You can’t just say “blow it all up” because all you’re left with is a desolate landscape; you have to have a rebuilding plan in the end, and all too often these guys crawling out of the woodwork have nothing beyond “Anyone But Crean”. That’s insufficient reason to blow things up.

    Too many fans want it easy. ‘Just hire a better coach’. Yeah well… why don’t I snap my fingers and win the lottery through sheer will, too? It’s not like better coaches grow on trees. And it’s all too possible to go downhill from where you’re at. Look at UCLA’s history.

    You got a point about getting someone better… but what really needs to be driven home with so many of these complainers is how easy it is to get worse. And the path to doing that has too often been taken by those who just wanted to keep blowing up the program. No one wants to become the basketball equivalent of Notre Dame football since Lou Hotlz. Yet too many keep wanting IU to follow that path anyway.

    I’m disappointed too, but clearer thinking has got to prevail.

  • Seriously, I don’t know what CTC could have done tonight. The game plan goes out the window pretty much after Paige hits his fourth three in the first, what, 5 minutes? Just a UNC team that played pretty much the perfect game, as against our otherwise pretty good game. Seriously, our stats are pretty darn good–it’s just UNC’s are unfreakingbelievable.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Wonderful Zach. Take care.Happy Easter.

  • Joshmofo1

    Yes the Seeding was dumb. We should’ve had a 3 seed and at worst a 4 seed.

    If we would’ve been where like West Virgina or something was seeded, or a team like T A&M or even Duke I think we’re in the elite 8

  • Kris Kompute

    So we are happy with Sweet 16’s now? Look at the top 10 highest paid coaches in America. He’s the only one who hasn’t been past the sweet 16 this decade or doesn’t have a national title.

    You can take him and your mediocre expectations to Western Kentucky.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Stronger man than I am. I’m hoping rational responses to negativity will have some calming effect… but then again, that might be so much pissin’ in the wind. Regardless, have a good night, and we’ll all have good memories of an otherwise fine season.

  • MFBomb

    Some of you are so stupid. The investigation is about things that occurred in the past, not now. Nothing this year is going to be vacated.Idiots. Also, nothing in the past will be taken down either. Deal with it and accept your Ls like a man.

  • Ms hoosier

    Great job Coach Crean. B1G coach of the year!! You pulled this team together and won a B1G Championship,And a Sweet 16 when No one thought this team would even make the tourney!! Great job. It don’t matter what idiots like ForeverIU thinks or says. Glad you will be back next year!!

  • Joshmofo1

    You won’t get a coach to come to IU if you fire a coach for making a sweet 16.

    Who do you think we’d get. Give me a name

  • Gregory Chona

    Tom crean is a hell of a coach if you don’t see that then you don’t know basketball! He called three out-of-bounds plays in a row against Kentucky and converted on all three. Indiana was clearly outmatched underneath and they certainly didn’t get any help from the refs who were not making the same calls on both ends of the court. I.U. couldn’t buy a bucket and yes it had a lot to do with North Carolina’s defense. Indiana could not get out in transition that’s when they hit their 3. I predict OG and Bryant both come back.

  • cbags05

    Yes, that would have been a more constructive first post.

  • It’s getting harder and harder, particularly those “fans” who seem to have just waited for this loss so they can come in and attack CTC. No sort of rational response will mean anything, IMO, but if you have the stomach for it, I wish you luck. Good night to you too, gonna shut down now so I can keep my promise.

  • Kris Kompute

    Altman, Mack and Sean Miller would be instantly interested.

    We turned down Calipari twice in ’06 and ’08.

    Crean had his shot. Next.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Well… as much as I agree with you for trying to maintain some rationality in the midst of negative emotion, the fact is that UCLA did attract a coach after doing exactly that.

    That said, a lot of the fanbase is wishing they didn’t take that route and hire Alford. As an aside: The Bruins didn’t make the Dance this year. So in the end, you’re still right in spirit. Yeah, UCLA got a coach all right… and the fanbase seems to regret it.

  • Gregory Chona

    Then get lost who needs you!

  • Kris Kompute

    “Screwed by seeding” “Refs not calling fouls”.

    You really lost me at “Since I started at IU in 2003”. You know nothing about Indiana basketball. This isn’t Milan in 1954.

    You are sound like someone who is used to losing. Some of us are realistic. And have evidence to back it up. Not some newfound blind fan analysis.

    Crean isn’t the man for this job.

  • Ms hoosier

    Good!!!!! I wish you would delete this site so we don’t have to listen to your negative mouth!!!

  • Joshmofo1

    And I’m not really sure any of those guys are way better than Crean. Maybe Altman?

    i guess the pipe dream is Stevens. But I still don’t seem that likely.

  • IU Parking Tickets

    Yeah I agree. I would have liked to see maybe a couple called plays to get Yogi shots early, but we got decent shots and they just didn’t fall. Maybe get the ball to TB more later in the game, which I would like to see every game, but like you said there isn’t anything we could have done. What’s amazing is we were in that game for a long time and I thought for sure they would go cold at some point and never did. Everybody is talking up UNC as the team to beat now, but they hit almost every 3 and we were still in that game for a long time, and if some of our early open shots wouldn’t have rolled out that would have been a much tighter game.

  • Kris Kompute

    Glad I live up to your standards.

  • Shaggy_C

    Past misconduct never haunts a current team. Just ask SMU.

  • BMusic

    Any other teams playing this weekend without their starting wings? I’m actually curious.

  • ForeverIU

    A coach with no humor for fans like you with no humor, and cheering for mediocrity. Have a nice summer dreaming of another sweet
    16. No, wait a minute: it’s rebuilding year next year.