Film Session: Chattanooga

  • 03/18/2016 4:19 pm in

In Indiana’s first round handling of Chattanooga on Thursday night, Yogi Ferrell put on a show in the second half to the tune of 13 points and six assists.

We’ll take a look at some of Ferrell’s scores and assists in the latest edition of Film Session:

The Mocs open their first defensive possession of the half in a 1-3-1 as Ferrell has the ball up top:


Ferrell passes to Troy Williams out past the right wing. Collin Hartman, who had set a ball screen for Ferrell up top, starts to move to the middle of the zone:


Williams dribbles in and makes the pass to Hartman. Ferrell hangsĀ near the left wing:


Hartman makes the pass:


Ferrell drains the 3-pointer:


Textbook zone breaking from the Hoosiers here and it allowed Ferrell to see a wide open one go down early in the half.

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