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After going up 66-61 with 2:36 to go on a Troy Williams lay-in, Indiana ended up falling to Michigan 72-69 on Friday afternoon in the Big Ten Tournament.

We’ll look at how Michigan — after going scoreless since the 6:08 mark — got its buckets down the stretch in the latest edition of Film Session:

Out of a timeout, Michigan goes into some weave action as Duncan Robinson hands off to Zak Irvin:


Irvin keeps coming and looks to use a ball screen from Moritz Wagner. Yogi Ferrell gets around it:


But on Wanger’s roll, both Ferrell and and Collin Hartman slide into the paint to cover him as OG Anunoby stops Irvin. This leaves Hartman’s man, Robinson, open. Irvin makes the pass as Hartman recognizes and begins to recover:


Robinson fakes left on Hartman and it gets him leaning:


Robinson drives right and has space between Anunoby and Hartman:


Anunoby fouls Robinson on his way to the rim and he completes the and-1 opportunity at the line:


A bit of some overhelping gave Michigan space here and the Wolverines took advantage.


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  • Painful to watch. So much had to go wrong (for us, or right for UM) to lose that game, including a terrible call on the foul on TB. But hit a couple of missed free throws and we still win. Not that I think it matters. Is it Thursday yet?!?

  • BL

    That call on TB was awful. If it goes the other way with just over a minute to play and a four point lead, totally different ball game.

  • BL

    Funny, hadn’t noticed previously that on the play where OG didn’t close out on Robinson quick enough, TW had a shot at stopping Irvin or stealing the ball. Damn, what could go wrong, went wrong.

  • Creek0512

    Just to be “that guy”, we lost by 3, so even with a couple of free throws we still lose.

  • To honest, while I very much appreciated the job ITHD id all year in putting these together, I w as always hopeful they’d somehow lead to improvement in the team. That, knowing the team was undoubtedly analyzing these the same way. However, losing like that to Michigan, I really couldn’t and didn’t even watch this. Just couldn’t watch it again.

  • Well, yeah. 🙂 I was looking at it situation-ally, though. Yogi and TW hit both of their free throws, we’re up by 5 instead of 3 when Robinson hits his three. So down by 2 instead of tied, UM probably fouls us instead of just letting us run our possession resulting in OG’s turnover. In that case we go to the free throw line and probably hit one or two, putting us up by 3 or 4. If UM still hits the three at the end, at worst the game goes into overtime.

  • Yep.

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    Honestly it’s kind of a frequent problem. Everyone seems to love OG on ITH and certainly the guy is incredible. But for everyone that acts like he does no wrong and should be playing significant minutes all the time, I’ve seen it all too often. He wants to contribute on the ball and going to the boards and leaves his guy routinely on the perimeter. Chalk it up to being a freshman I guess.

  • To the extent that OG has done that in the past, I’m willing to bet he’ll be less likely to do so in the future.

  • BL

    Well, you’re replying to a guy that loves OG. For every freshman-like mistake, OG makes at least four times as many positive plays you’d only expect from upperclassmen. If OG doesn’t make such a big contribution this year, no way we’re BIG champs and I’m not entirely sure we make the tournament.

    Anyway, my point was highlighting the fact that OG’s mistake could have been prevented if TW had make the play he attempted.

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    Not that I dislike OG or anything. All the freshmen’s contributions have been a big part of success. Our front court depth has been an area of strength in a way that was mostly unforeseen coming off of last year, considering the dismissals.

    I also said he was incredible, which is the only way to describe his particular size, length, hands and overall athleticism.

    I’m not sure I agree with your 4 to 1 ratio completely. But undoubtedly he makes big plays, including the two run away dunks off his own forced turnovers that were the highlights of a game that largely lacked them.

    But there are a couple of areas that OG can use serious work in- both that I consider experience issues. One, he’s pretty awful at identifying his guy getting back in transition. He runs to the middle of the court and doesn’t look for his man, to the point the guards often direct him once he looks up. Two, he drifts off of his guy on the perimeter. Like I said, it’s a combination of wanting to pressure the ball and wanting to rebound. It’s the same thing that people identify in TW and get irritated about, but largely ignore with OG because he defends the ball so much better.

    I honestly only mention any of this, because with CH in wrist splint and JM’s status shaky at best, our front court depth is suddenly tested and OG might be playing late game situations in some tournament games.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Ryan, What is the point of this article? Ok so they lost. In two days they/IU is playing their first NCAA game. I thought everyone has moved on from the loss to Michigan.

  • BL

    Yeah, the 4 to 1 was a quick swag but when you consider his defensive contributions it’s probably understated. Also, he went 6 for 6 in that game and most all of them were pretty special if I remember correctly (e.g. his first score where he drove the baseline for a reverse layup).

    No doubt he needs to improve including proper awareness in the myriad defensive situations. What’s exciting is realizing he’s only going to get better; much, much better.

  • BL

    Allows us to start new conversations so we don’t commit harakiri before game time 🙂

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83


  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Vanderbilt in big trouble plus they have had a poor season based on expectations.

  • SoCal Hoosier

    TW simply failed to move his feet on the last 3 defensive possessions and got owned. Yes, OG was in over-help on Robinson’s 3, but that is not what created the problem. In that instance, TW actually moved away from Irvin’s drive instead of stopping the ball. In clips 2 and 4, he’s got 6 feet of space from Walton and still can’t fight over the top of Wagner’s screens while Walton just blows by him. A simple matter of basic defense – keep your feet moving – and each of those last 3 possessions becomes much tougher for Michigan. I guarantee CTC and Rob Judson pointed those shortcomings out over the weekend…any coach would. Hopefully the message will sink in for this weekend.

  • BL

    Funny how so many times the real culprit of a defensive breakdown is not the guy ultimately taking the blame.

  • RDD#76

    Yes but if your down 1 or 2 points the shot becomes you have to make it and becomes a pressure shot than if I miss we still have overtime plus Michigan might have fouled being behind on scoreboard also pressure would not have been on us that last time when we had ball and OG turned it over.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    After watching these clips and the final two plays several times it boiled down to Troy Williams defensive lapses. On the first one it is his responsibility to take the roller since he is farthest from the ball that way Hartman could stay at home on Duncan and not have such a long closeout(although it was a poor closeout). The second one he allowed Walton to turn the corner and did not jam him and give Bryant a change at walling up the drive(Bryant also did a poor job on that play). On the 2nd to last play once again Williams whiffs on the early help and forces OG to help and creates a long closeout once again. On the final dagger Williams is supposed to force the ball handler to use the screen where the help is but once again he does not jam him and allows the bal lhandler to dictate where he wants to go. I really hope he can learn from this. Bad Troy will get us upset in the first round.