Film Session: Maryland

  • 03/08/2016 9:21 am in

On Indiana’s first possession of the second half, Yogi Ferrell passes the ball to Hartman on the right wing:


Ferrell cuts down and sets a screen on Carter for Williams. Williams sets a ball screen for Hartman on Layman:


As Hartman comes right with the screen, both Layman and Carter give him attention, which leaves Williams plenty of room on the roll to the hoop. Hartman makes the pass:


Williams drives straight to the rim with Carter chasing from behind:


He fouls Williams as he goes up. Williams would hit two at the line:


Some nice action on the right wing here from the Hoosiers on what may have been a set play out of the half.


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  • Arch Puddington

    Love the defensive film. The entire complexion of the game changed when Morgan and Anunoby came in. They completely altered the dynamic on the defensive end, which in turn led to easier points offensively. Both will score more in the future, but for now it almost doesn’t matter how many points they get. They create offense for others by getting stops and rebounding, and thereby opening up the court for guys like Yogi and Troy.

    I just can’t get over how much they have improved and how much they now contribute.

  • 4 the Leaders

    Absolutely agree.

    These freshmen matured way quicker than, I would venture to say, anyone projected. Something I do every year is watch all of the recruit videos of each player and then determine who I think will have the most impact coming from a freshman. My choice before this year was Juwan Morgan. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to be a little bit wrong in that OG matured what seemed like immediately and had/has an immediate and much needed impact on the team. However, I won’t concede just yet 😉 JM has matured also throughout the year, and both have shown absolute amazing resolve and determination: the EXACT thing that we all have been hoping to see from IU recruits.

    It’s something we have come to expect (even if you don’t like him; i’m personally 50/50 on him) from the Knight years. He made his players expect to hustle all-out and create defensive and hustle plays the entire game. Recruits were expected to come in and play even harder because, if not, they wouldn’t have a spot in the rotation. One of the joys of being elite. Tom Crean has proven me SOOOO wrong on my analysis of him. (THANK YOU TC). He can truly develop players. And he brought that mindset to his guys this year, along with the seniors. Not to belittle the point that no matter how much you teach it, the players have to do it. But still; TC deserves the praise.

    I can’t wait to see how OG, JM, and many many others continue to progress exponentially and the future years of IU basketball being elite (like we are used to 😉 ).

    And to think, my entire post didn’t even mention TB, our starting freshman center. 😉 What a great “problem” to have.

  • BL

    I was listening to Tony Bennet on the DD show. He was comparing this year’s really good defensive team to the GREAT defensive team he had last year. He said both teams were very fundamentally sound but last year’s team was better because they had two legit DEFENSIVE PLAYMAKERS. Made me realize, that’s what we have in OG and JM, and that’s one of the biggest reasons for our defensive improvement.

    Funny how injuries have benefited this team. We’ve discussed JBJ ad nauseam but him going down definitely benefited the team in terms of getting OG/JM more playing time. I believe JM being injured early in the year was also a blessing in disguise because he was clearly ahead of OG in the pecking order. Without JM being injured, Coach may not have truly understood what he had in OG. Also, I believe RJ going down resulted in even more confidence for this team by further understanding the true depth and the many rotations they can win with. NOW IF WE CAN JUST GET HEALTHY.

    The offseason is going to be huge for OG and JM. Unfortunately, JM’s priority is getting healthy.

    If you go back and listen to OG’s college choice announcement, he came to IU in large part because Coach told him he could play the wing. He was smart enough to understand that with his length and athleticism, it would be very easy for a college coach to get sucked into simply playing him down low. You’re correct in that we really don’t need much scoring from OG/JM this year; it’s gravy when we get it. Next year will be a different story. We need to replace TW and I believe OG is the logical choice. OG will score more from the wing by simply being featured more in the offense and getting more to touches. Notwithstanding, If he really works on his offensive skills over the summer (ball handling, shooting, mid-range, post up, etc.) he could be truly special. I honestly believe he’s our next Oladipo and he’s three inches taller and has a 7’2 wingspan. Btw, forget 7’6, I ain’t buying it.

  • Curtis Hayden

    Did you notice in #3 that the announcers said we beat Maryland last year in the BTT 75-69! It was the other way around.

  • myrddin

    Troy still needs to work on his off-ball defense, especially early in games he still gets screened too easily.

  • bphoosier

    Was it just me or did Maryland look extremely stagnant on offense? I felt like they took up the entire shot clock without getting much done most of the time. Credit to our defense! Every single game I still marvel about how far we’ve come since watching the Wake Forest and UNLV games. They are locked in!