Film Session: Illinois

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After a rough first half, Indiana got things going in a big way over the final 20 minutes on Thursday night in Champaign.

The Hoosiers got hot from distance (10-of-17) while their defense — especially the play of OG Anunoby on Illinois leading scorer Malcolm Hill — shut the door on the Illini.

We’ll take a look at Anunoby’s defense as well as the ways the Hoosiers got their 3-pointers in the latest edition of Film Session:

Out of a timeout, the Illini look to get Hill going. But Khalil Lewis can’t enter him the ball because Anunoby is fronting him:


As the ball heads to Kendrick Nunn on the right wing, Anunoby simply shifts over and continues to front Hill:


Nunn goes back up top to Michael Finke for the Illini and it’s Anunoby again denying the entry pass:


Hill comes out and gets a ball screen from Finke:


Thomas Bryant hedges on Hill as Finke comes out of the ball screen to the top of the key. With just three seconds remaining on the shot clock, Nick Zeisloft comes over to the middle of the paint:


Hill makes the pass to Finke. Zeiloft’s strong contest means the Illini were only able to muster a tough 3-pointer with one second remaining on the shot clock:


It falls way short off the front of the rim:


Great job by Anunoby to deny the Illini what they were looking for here.


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  • Brklynhoosier

    Thanks, Ryan.

  • Yep, great examples of awesome defense by OG (and Yogi), and good transition offense and ball movement in the half court. This team has shown in certain games (and in this and some other cases, certain halves) that it can play at a truly premier level that could likely beat just about anyone. When I watch the team execute like this for sustained periods, I start getting crazy images in my head like a sixth banner hanging in Assembly Hall.

  • BL

    Second that. Nice to see some film on OG.

  • BL

    Yeah, amazing to see a freshman play such good D against an experienced upperclassmen. Also, shout-out to CH; he also gave Hill fits.

  • HoosierDom

    I think Yogi deserves an assist on that last steal too. He pressured his man into doing something dumb with the ball. If Yogi was playing off of him a little more that guy likely would have taken the time to see the pass might not be there.

  • Yep, was thinking the same thing.

  • And to put it another way, that was great team defense. We give a lot of credit to OG, which we should, but that was great team defense as much as a great display of individual defense by OG. How we finish the B1G and how far we go in the NCAA tourney will be determined by how we can sustain that high level of team defense, IMO. If we can, then I can imagine some great things happening.

  • FKIM01

    I remember thinking how OG wasn’t stuffing the stat box even though it really felt like he was making positive contributions while he was in. I found myself looking at Hill’s stat line and crediting OG and Collin. I also remember the exact sequence in the film session and thinking, “OG has got to be driving Hill and Groce crazy.”

  • BL

    Share of the BIG title guaranteed. Congrats to Coach Crean and his awesome team. Time for icing on the cake; win one and it’s ours outright. Go Hoosiers!!!

  • downtownhoosier10

    I do not believe we could have asked for a better outcome of all games this weekend. It made me feel gross pulling for a Purdue win haha but anything for the greater good! Time to close this thing out strong headed into the B10 tourney and beyond