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While AJ Hammons (6-of-9, 13 points) and Isaac Haas (4-of-5, 12 points) weren’t completely shut out by the Hoosiers on Saturday night, Indiana’s post defense made sure they didn’t dominant the evening.

The Hoosiers fronted the post and threw double teams at Purdue’s big men, which made it tougher for them —┬ásometimes even resulting in turnovers for IU scores.

We’ll take a look at Indiana’s post defense — as well as one play of ball screen defense — in the latest edition of Film Session:

Collin Hartman fronts the post on Caleb Swanigan. Rapheal Davis has no entry pass and passes the ball up top to P.J. Thompson:


Thomas Bryant fronts Haas on the other side of the paint and Thompson passes it back to right wing and Vince Edwards:


Here’s Hartman fighting around Swanigan and denying the pass once more:


Purdue is finally able to enter it into the post after Edwards passes to Thompson on the left wing and he passes to Haas:


But here comes Robert Johnson on a double team. It makes Haas hesitate a bit and he ended up traveling once he gets going. IU ball:


Dan Dakich on the call:

The key to playing good defense is to make the offense uncomfortable. Zeisloft, Troy Williams and Hartman on the block are taking away, they’re denying passes. And by denying passes, it is making Purdue’s offense very unsure.


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  • BL

    Nice work Ryan.

    Film really shows RJ’s value as a key defender.

    Curious how TB sets up on Haas, off his left shoulder. Guessing they wanted to force Haas to go to his left but sure seems to open a simple lane to the basket with a drop step. Most impressive is how TB got Haas to establish position outside the lane. I thought that was the number one key coming into the game.

  • Indiana_Banners

    I’m guessing the idea is to force Haas to go towards the double team that would come if he caught the ball.

  • BL

    See page 1 – Haas is set up on left side of lane with back to the basket. TB is on left shoulder; nearest help side defense.

  • pcantidote

    I really think they wanted Haas to go left. When I’ve watched him he seems to always want to go right.

  • N71

    Painter complained that his guys were setting up too deep, that was odd to hear. If Haas sets up deep enough all he has to do is raise his arm with the ball in hand and drop it through the hoop. His only concern at that point would be scraping his hand against one of the bolts in his neck.

  • No doubt, RJ worked his tail off the entire game. He was all over the court, helping, recovering, helping again. I noticed as well that this goes for the entire team, though. When RJ was helping, I saw Yogi inching over to cover the otherwise open Purdue player who was within any kind of passing lane. Just really great team defense overall, and if they can keep it up could really do some damage.

  • BL


  • marcusgresham

    Well, he does look like a robot and gears usually only turn one way.

  • bleeding crimson

    Ryan, great work. We all love the film session break down. It’s hard to capture all what is going on in real time during the game.
    Your break down on page 4 shows how valuable RJ plays D. RoJo comes over to give help D on Hammons and then goes back to cover his man and then comes back to give help D under the basket and creates a TO, then he gets the ball to dish off to Hartman for the final play. It’s hard to capture all of that in real time during the game. Once again great work and please keep it up.

    I think our D is starting to come together for more than one half of a game, It’s starting to add up to 35 minutes a game. Poodoo would have never been in the game if it wasn’t for the Zebra’s calling all of the fouls and putting 3-4 of our guys in foul trouble because our bigs had to play timid during the end of the game. Plus the fact that they are not a good 3 pt shooting team but they did hit some very important 3’s at the end that they would have not normally made. We could have won by 20+ points if not for the fact.

  • calbert40

    One thing I noticed Johnson did when doubling down on Hammons, specifically, was that on occasion RJ would go to Hammons LOW shoulder as opposed to his HIGH shoulder. Big men expect to be doubled, and 99.9999% of the time, that double comes to their high shoulder (much like RJ did in the video above). Post players are trained to turn away from the big and toward the smaller guard; however, with RJ going to the LOW shoulder, Hammons got caught pivoting into Bryant…and committing a TO.

    They didn’t do it a lot, but it worked when they did. I thought that was a stroke of genius, personally. Well devised plan.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    Say what you will about Haas he is a pretty good big man for a softmore. He has burned us many times. It hurts me just complementing him.

  • BL

    I think painter was referring to the defensive end.

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    The coaching staff really had a good game plan, particularly defensive!

  • TomJameson

    Good job Ryan! Must be more fun to put this together after a good win!