Film Session: Iowa

  • 02/12/2016 1:24 pm in

Out of a timeout, Ahmad Wagner sets a ball screen at the top of the key for Mike Gesell. Peter Jok and Jarrod Uthoff lines up on the left block:


As Gesell comes to the right wing, Jok sets a back screen for Uthoff. Gesell is looking and waiting for Uthoff to hit the right block:


He leads him there on the pass. Ferrell doesn’t immediately switch as Anunoby heads to recover:


Though Anunoby is able to challenge, Uthoff puts it in for two over him:


Nice little set from Iowa here out of the timeout.


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  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Mike Eades is a joke. Glad he had the chance to prove how biased he is as a referee and IU still won.

  • sarge

    Every ref last night was catching hell. A truly pathetic display of officiating. Yogi didn’t play his best game. Thomas couldn’t do much with the phantom calls sidelining him most of the game. With all that didn’t go our way, we found a way to beat the Big Ten leader. Very proud of the team and the fans for giving it 100%.

  • Creek0512

    I am constantly amazed at how surprised people get when a collegiate basketball player makes a wide open jump shot. Niego may not be a scholarship player, but he’s likely made that baseline shot thousands of times in his life. It’s his normal height and athleticism that make him a walk on player.

  • sarge

    I bet Niego is a lights out shooter.

  • BL

    Yes but as a freshman in a packed Assembly Hall against a top five team in a major game with BIG title implications? Many in similar situations would have shot an air ball. He’ll never forget this one.

  • BL

    I agree. After the Vonleh team, I doubt we’ll see Coach recruit kids that don’t have a good stroke, especially guards.

  • downtownhoosier10

    He also is not afraid to step up, take a charge, and get absolutely obliterated in the process. Harrison may not be a role player or even a fringe player, but I give that kid all the credit in the world. Any time his number his called he just goes in and does his job. He is a walk on freshman who doesn’t look like he is out of his element. And yes I know he had several D1 options, but I like how he goes about his business. It would be very cool to see him keep grinding and get a scholsrship offer in the future.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    You are absolutely correct. Borowski was horrible also. I picked on Eads because he goes on Twitter to defend himself like a little girl.

  • As a freshman _walk-on_ in a packed Assembly Hall against a top five team in a _particularly important sequence_ in a _very tight_ major game with B1G title implications? There, fixed it for you. 🙂

  • BL

    Even better. Doubt he’ll forget that.

  • Seriously, what an experience.

  • Brklynhoosier

    I understand that he broke some of Nick’s HS shooting records…

  • I rewatched the game and showed someone else some of those calls, and they were shocked at how blatantly bad they were. As in “something’s fishy here” bad.

    Is it possible to call for investigations on these officials? I don’t complain about officiating that often, but that performance was seriously wtf bad and just plain wrong. These guys and their calls in this game need some scrutiny. Are there no repercussions or accountability? The league needs to investigate these morons. What were they doing? What were they thinking? This can’t continue.

  • Michael Whelan

    OG needs more playing time

  • BL

    It’s coming.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Right again. I hate to say this but if you think that was bad wait until tomorrow’s game against MSU. All the out abounds love for MSU will continue with the referees tomorrow. Unfortunately! !!!. Hang in there.

  • TomJameson

    Not trying to be a cheerleader here, but Harrison Niego broke Nicks HS shooting records. He also had some fairly decent (mid-major type) D1 offers but he chose to go to IU as a preferred walk-on. He seems like a pretty humble kid who just loves being at IU, and is comfortable in his role. And, he always (so far) has a positive plus-minus in the games he gets into. THAT’S why he gets cheered for everything he does.

    In seven minutes he had 2 points, 1 steal, caused 2 turnovers, and took a charge. Not bad, and I think if he couldn’t do it, CTC wouldn’t put him into a game like this. I really like this kid and believe that his minutes will actually increase through the next 3 years as his confidence and dependability increases.

    Oh yeah … he plays defense with very high energy!!

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    Great film session once again. I really enjoyed it.
    Commenting on play number two. Iowa’s half court offense used a ton of these back screens in the post for Uthoff and we did a terrible job of handling them. Giving the team and CTC credit here, I haven’t seen very many teams use these against us, so it might be something we need to work on going forward. I thought Iowa exposed us there and tip of the cap to them. The one Ryan picks for this film session is an especially smart play on the Hawkeyes’ part, because the screener, Jok, was being guarded by Yogi and Yogi was purposefully not switching off of him. Yogi did a great job of defending Jok all night, but here it created a bit of dilemma for OG.

  • bleeding crimson

    And you know Izzo will work the ref’s.

  • pcantidote

    It was starting to remind me of Laker/Kings game 6. Something stunk.

  • pcantidote

    You say normal height/athleticism, I say Jordy Hulls.

  • pcantidote

    I really don’t get why the bigs hedge on the high balls screens. They are just taking themselves out of position to defend the rim.

  • BL

    Yes. OG looks bad when Uthoff appears to score uncontested. Fact is, YF needs to recognize the dilemma (at 6 ft. he can’t switch and handle Uthoff in the post) and make the percentage play; give priority to helping OG recover by impeding Uthoff even if it means losing Jok temporarily. That’s how you play team defense; taking risks for your teammate.

  • BL

    I like going under the screen unless the ball handler is a true sharp shooter (e.g. NZ). We’ll probably have to hedge against Valentine but I would still mix it up. When we do hedge, it has to be within reason and the picked defender needs to go all out to recover quickly.

  • Michael Whelan

    I mean this year

  • BL

    You may have missed my post regarding OG’s health. In recent games he’s appeared gassed after playing limited minutes. Very obvious in the 1st half against Iowa. I think he’s been battling some kind of respiratory illness since the Wiscy game when TC commented that one or more players were a bit under the weather. Pure speculation but I’m convinced we’ll see him log 15-25 minutes per game once he’s totally healthy.