At the Buzzer: Penn State 68, Indiana 63

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Quick thoughts on a 68-63 loss to Penn State:

How it happened: There’s no way to sugarcoat it: this was an evening to forget for Indiana. The Hoosiers scored just .96 points per possession and shot an effective field goal percentage of 45.6. The points per possession output was IU’s second worst so far in conference play. Indiana never really got momentum in State College as Penn State jumped out in front early thanks to 11 first half turnovers. Brandon Taylor was a major problem for the Hoosiers as he finished with a game-high 24 points and six rebounds. Indiana really had no answer for Taylor and also struggled to slow down Devin Foster, who finished with a career-high 13 points. This was a deflating loss, particularly for Indiana’s position in the race for the Big Ten title. A win would have set up a showdown for first place with Iowa next Thursday in Assembly Hall. But the Hoosiers didn’t take care of business and now face a brutal seven-game stretch to finish the regular season.

Standout performer: Nick Zeisloft had a team-high 14 points on 4-of-7 shooting on 3s in 20 minutes. He and Thomas Bryant were the only two players to shoot better than 50 percent from the field.

Statistic that stands out: Indiana’s effective field goal percentage of 45.7 was a season-low. The Hoosiers hit just 8 of their 20 attempts from 2 and just 9 of 27 from 3. Combine that with 15 turnovers and it’s tough to beat anybody on the road.

Final stats:

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  • Ole Man

    Which hills are you in?
    Bunch of us folk live down South.

  • Ole Man

    IU is 2-2 in the last four.
    They’ve played one good game and 3 bad ones in that time.
    The yearly meltdown has already begun.

  • Ole Man

    Except for a couple of “surly children”, I actually expected this thread to be a lot worse. To be disappointed and express that isn’t necessarily being negative.
    Maybe it’s because this has happened to IU so much under Crean that we are all getting a little numb and a little use to it.

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Plus draws the light of derision off of the players, who are after all young men who are still developing!

  • ForeverIU

    It almost felt like he was told to play a cautious offensive game and his flow was taken away from him. He wasn’t himself on offense. It looked like he was mostly looking to be a threat with the 3 from the perimeter. In other words, he was harnessed.

  • pcantidote

    Yes, that is exactly what I want you to compare. Obviously comparing the entire body of work of both coaches is no contest. But I get tired of the people that act like everything Knight touched was gold. His last 7 years at IU were very comparable to Crean’s last 5.

  • Jtime

    Unfortunately I think you are right. 30 days from now CTC will be on the hotseat.

  • HoosierHillbilly

    Off I-64 towards harrison/Crawford counties. Was born in ky also, hence the name.

  • ??$HAGGING?#D9

    Iu is terrible. Purdue will destroy them. And so will iowa

  • ??$HAGGING?#D9

    Check out the strength of schedule homeboy. Iu has had the easiest schedule of any big ten team. Things will change now that they are going to start playing competition

  • ??$HAGGING?#D9


  • Missing Moye

    Troy wasn’t any more awful than anyone else. I know you’ve taken it on yourself to defend TW over the last few weeks – kudos to taking up such a difficult task. 🙂

    You know who needs to be blamed? Coach. I’m left with no other conclusion than CTC thinks it’s a good idea to continue to have Troy drive into the lane from the top of the key. If Troy wasn’t encouraged to do this, he’d be on the bench for disobeying coach for the 395th time. If he’s going rogue and doing whatever he wants, it’s still on coach for not being able to control the players and not having consequences for it.

    I think it’s far more likely that Troy is just doing what he’s encouraged to do in practice, and is simply ill-equipped to be a primary ball handler and turns it over repeatedly. Still coach’s fault, as it’s his job to put his players in a position to succeed.

  • Missing Moye

    I agree, and that ended with Knight’s firing. Where does that leave Crean?

    I would argue that Knight didn’t have a lot of very good recruiting classes during that time frame (5 McD’s All-Americans, for instance), so he accomplished more with less still. I always felt under Knight that IU played above their talent level. Under Crean, we have very talented teams that under perform. It’s still comparing apples to oranges.

  • certainly not. If there would be praise, it would be very mild. As in: his “off night” is a mediocre and underwhelming performance. I’d rather have that than a complete disaster. Which is a mild compliment in a way. He’s not ready to be a leader and needs a lot more work. He really really depends on the rest of the team playing well for him to do well, especially on the offensive end. For right now anyway. That’s why I’m more than happy for him to be coming off the bench. He’s still very young.


    Couldn’t agree or upvote your comment more. I have commented on the, does it do any good, or does it not do any good, thing till i’m sure some think I’m obsessed about it. Had to stop my initial inclination to explain, once again, why I whole heartedly feel like it can and does make a difference. Thanks for taking up my slack.


    Exactly, even though he was saddled with foul trouble basically the whole game there was still several times that he was in good position to have the ball fed to him, but the others failed to get the ball to him. I sometimes frown a little bit when TB starts raising his arms and showing his palms to everybody when he doesn’t get a call he thinks he should have, but last night his, at times very noticeable frustration over not receiving the ball when he had position, was more than warranted.


    I’m assuming you mean Louisville. I watched their game yesterday and it was pretty much a night and day difference when it came to how the two teams play defense. People can say what they want about Pitinio, but when it comes to team defense his ” off ” years are just as good, if not better, than most teams. Still say that they should have forked out whatever it would have taken to bring him on board when we were hiring and he was available. I know more than one or two people on here will try and ream me about why it would have been a disaster to have done that, and I’ll just say does anyone think it would have been worse than what we got with Mike Davis (super nice guy just not a good coach), and he who I refuse to address by name, and leave it at that.


    Have to disagree with you on this one Clyde. While he wasn’t blatantly open all night, there were several times that he was in good enough position the pass should have been made. If you have the convenience to be able to go back and watch it again, and home in on that in particular, I’m pretty sure you’ll see more times that he should have gotten the pass than what you’re remembering. He was openly getting frustrated that he was doing the work, but wasn’t getting the pass. While I sometimes think he complains too much about some things, I think his frustration over his team mates not getting him the ball was warranted, especially when the game situation was what it was. When I watch something like that I also consider the fact that if the player with the ball could have done something as simple as taking a dribble or two the correct way and thus created the correct passing angle, but didn’t do it, as a missed chance to have fed the post.


    And won it in the fashion that we did.

  • Maybe you’re right. And I do plan on watching it again. Thankfully it’s on BTN, as I can’t stand the ESPN’s video player, where trying to watch a replay is generally an exercise in frustration. For example (at least for me anyway), trying to rewind or skip parts in the video usually ends up screwing up the whole thing. BTN’s at least gives you the option of jumping around and I especially like their little fastforward/rewind 10 seconds button. ESPN’s stuff is increasingly crap.

    Ok, back to the point. I think what I saw (again, could be wrong) was what you pointed out: that the passer could have done a better job freeing themselves to make that pass. I remember it just not being there, so they moved it elsewhere. It seemed like the perimeter defender was as much (or more) responsible for cutting off the entry pass than the guy on Bryant. It just looked so clogged and compressed with few openings. Again, I’ll check it out another time. I just remember thinking over and over that the entry passes were just so cut off and closed down, and then wondering how they managed to do that.

    I also want to see that suspect travel call at the end of the game again. I was as surprised as Bryant was on that one.

  • Jeremy Enright

    Full disclosure Ole Man, I didn’t see the game. But it sure is refreshing to see you upset about it and not defending everyone. That’s not an insult, sir. Just an acknowledgment that I enjoy that we agree on something. Finally lol.

  • Ole Man

    Well said.
    CTC is ruining him.

  • Ole Man

    Well articulated, Clyde!

  • Ole Man

    Actually meant Villanova, that overrated Eastern team. LOL!
    I was kinda being playful there.
    Louisville will disappear because of “hate”.
    Rest of our post is something that you and I totally agree on.

  • pcantidote

    Knight in fact did have 6 McD all-americans during that time (Wilkerson, Patterson, Reed, Collier, Recker, Fife). It’s just that most of them left because either Knight had become intolerable or the kids represented a new generation that didn’t like his style. Either way, he was no longer a great coach.

  • Missing Moye

    Agree with you on Knight at that point of his career, and I’ll stand corrected.