Five takeaways from Indiana’s win over Michigan

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Indiana moved to 19-4 overall and 9-1 in the Big Ten in impressive fashion on Tuesday night as the Hoosiers dismantled Michigan at the Crisler Center.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from the win over the Wolverines:

· This was Indiana’s most complete performance of the season: The Hoosiers destroyed Ohio State, Illinois and Northwestern in Assembly Hall, but the performance on Tuesday night was their best effort so far this season.

After falling behind 15-4, Indiana outscored Michigan 41-9 the remainder of the first half. The Hoosiers had a 28-0 scoring run against a team that came in with one of the top 15 offenses in the country. This wasn’t just an offensive outburst from the Hoosiers, the defense was right there as well. Indiana held Michigan below one point per possession (.97) for the first time in conference play.

As the Wolverines missed shots and the lead started to balloon, it was clear Michigan’s confidence started to dwindle. And Indiana’s confidence grew with every made shot.

“They were a better team. Look at their record, they’re a really good basketball team,” Michigan coach John Beilein said in his postgame press conference. “And they were better than us tonight.”

· A look at the 28-0 run: Indiana scored 28 unanswered points from the 8:40 mark of the first half to the 18:36 mark of the second half.

Some of the numbers during that stretch are hard to believe given how explosive both teams are offensively. The Hoosiers had seven different players score while Michigan had six different players miss shots. Indiana hit 5-of-8 of its 3s while Michigan missed all four of its shots from distance. Twelve of IU’s points during the run came in the paint.

Yogi Ferrell had six of his 17 points during the run and four of his nine assists.

“We had some open shots and missed them,” Beilein said of the run. “And they’re tremendous in transition. We kept getting the ball on the zero yard line and they kept getting it on the 35.”

· Anunoby’s length gives Irvin major problems: One of the keys coming in for Indiana was slowing down Michigan junior Zak Irvin.

The Hamilton Southeastern product did finish with a team-high 16 points for the Wolverines, but 13 of those came when the game was already out of reach in the second half. The primary reason for Irvin’s struggles? The defense of IU freshman OG Anunoby.

Anunoby’s length bothered Irvin, who shot just 1-of-8 from the field in 19 first half minutes. His shots came up short and when he drove to the bucket, Indiana had more length waiting there to contest shots.

“Absolutely huge,” Tom Crean said of Anunoby’s performance. “And I think the length was crucial. Juwan (Morgan), the same thing. Our guys responded to their matchups.”

· Bielfeldt is all smiles in homecoming: Max Bielfeldt was all smiles before the game as he greeted his former teammates on the floor of the Crisler Center.

But not even Bielfeldt could have imagined coming into Ann Arbor and leaving with such a definitive win. The graduate senior finished with five points (2-of-8 shooting) and seven rebounds and was genuinely excited in the aftermath in talking about the effort he and his teammates put forth in the victory.

“Just getting the win was so awesome,” Bielfeldt said. “We played an incredible team game together. Everyone brought something different. It was so much fun to be out there and the energy was great.”

· Indiana owns the glass, limits turnovers after shaky start: Michigan came into Tuesday’s game allowing Big Ten opponents to rebound just 24.5 percent of their missed shots.

The Hoosiers pounded the offensively glass relentlessly, grabbed 38 percent of their misses and scored 13 second chance points.

After turning it over five times through the game’s first eight-plus minutes, Indiana had just seven turnovers over the next 32 minutes for a final turnover percentage of 17. With the exception of the Rutgers game and the two Wisconsin games, Indiana has posted a turnover percentage lower than 20 in its seven other league games. It’s a trend that will need to continue as the schedule becomes even more difficult over the final eight games.

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  • Ole Man

    And if he doesn’t?
    Will you then be one of those who won’t admit they were wrong?
    Will you then shut up?
    BTW, I don’t care because I’m not an “expert” like you; and don’t want to be.

  • Koko

    Great points Mark…..thank you.

  • Koko

    Asking for specifics on a general comment is not a bad thing. Sometimes that results in more dialog. Telling a person not to express them self or ask questions (like you are doing with me) does not open a possibility of dialog. A person who is doing their job and doing it well, in my opinion, is not fair game. TC is in fact an individual, Indiana University is a institution. As I had hoped my original question did create more dialog. See Mark’s excellent comment to mine above.

  • INUnivHoosier

    You’re right. I don’t get why you don’t understand what beating a dead horse means.

  • BMusic

    As with presidential primaries, I think there’s sometimes an unfortunate tendency to shower praise on your darling and trash others who you may see as competing for minutes. Every few games, CH does something good that surprises me. He’s my son’s favorite Hoosier. I have no qualms with taking out OG and putting him in, or vice versa. That’s kind of the beauty of our team at the moment, isn’t it?

  • it always has to resort to a personal attack, is that right? Makes you feel morally correct? Was that a white flag I saw you waving? Ok, back to the basketball, but I do remind you, that it was you who started ‘the weed and underage alcohol usage is not a moral issue’ take.. Sorry if I offended you sir. I just refuted in my opinion why I believe it would be. But if you want to go personal attack, so be it, ‘oh easily offended’.

  • Yeah, pretty much the same points you already made, but I didn’t read down that far yet. 🙂

  • Let me see if I can remember. Oh, basically that it wasn’t the injury that decided things. In the 2nd half of that game, JBJ was pulled and the rest of the team rallied, showed real toughness and went on to win. The injury had nothing to do with it, and we can just as easily assume that JBJ (without injury) would have started to get it together…or else sit on the bench. The coach and the rest of the team were already making adjustments before the injury, so I don’t think it’s too much to say that, had he not gotten injured, he would have had to pick it up defensively or give up minutes…either way the team improves. I’ll add that I firmly believe the team would be much better with him healthy, even if he lost the starting spot for a time. There were many moments when they could have used a scoring spark, even if coming off the bench. And who’s to say that he also would not have begun to improve defensively? I think he was already doing so, however slowly. Anyway, the ND game showed that the team was going to get tougher, pick it up on defense, and win more games, and the injury did NOT cause it. If that makes any sense…

  • Ole Man

    Like the way you stated that!
    “Beauty of our team”, indeed.

  • Ole Man

    I’ll bet your right now that you’ll be trashing Troy about something after the next game using the same tired complaints.
    And even then, you still won’t get it.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83


  • ForeverIU

    Mark, I appreciate your thorough and very earnest response, but let’s not get picky and over-rigorous here. You’re forcing the data to fit a foregone conclusion, which is that there is no way we could have a meltdown this season, even if we were to suffer 4-5 more losses. A meltdown would be going from #1 in the B1G to #4 or #5 in the B1G, going out in the first round of the B1G Tourney, then again advancing to the Sweet 16 (if we’re lucky) and then losing. Then we’ll start worrying about who is going to replace Yogi and whether Blackmon’s knees can handle B1G-type defense next year. And we’ll worry about not having a center again next year if Thomas leaves to the NBA, and then if he leaves we’ll again fool ourselves into fantasies about “positionless fluid” basketball (Who needs a center, a towering back-to-the-basket type big man if we have super forwards and wings?). I’m not saying any of this is going to happen, and I hope it doesn’t, but I certainly understand a fan who is on edge about the possibility of it happening. These are all things that came to my mind when I read the word “meltdown”. Not everyone has the stamina to engage in 30-page back-and-forth on this forum. Just let the poor guy/gal go in peace without having to write a manifesto. S/he loves IU Basketball and wanted to put a heart-felt feeling out there. Fine. Move on, and let Koko move on if s/he is reading this. LOL.

  • ForeverIU

    See my response to Mark above. And, no, Tom Crean is an institution; it’s called IU Basketball, and it’s worth $3 million a year, in salary alone. He is fair game, and he is tough and knows it, or he would not be in the position. I actually salute him for how he’s weathered several storms in the last three years.

  • Huh, what? I just provided my thoughts in response to a comment. Isn’t that what this comment section is for? You wrote more about why I shouldn’t have commented the way I did than I wrote in my comment.

  • I don’t get your beef here. Someone wrote something, someone responded to it, that’s about all that’s going on. I’m not sure why you insist on going off about someone providing a counterpoint. It’s kind of bizarre and wacky, more so than usual.

  • ForeverIU

    Then just consider what I wrote as a response to your response. And if you are so gracious as a poster, then also spare me your smug sarcasm from here on. I was polite enough not to go off on you the other day when you responded to my response to calbert and told me that people like me are why umbrellas were invented. I suppose you felt safe taking such a personal jab at me now that everyone is so enamored with our team and coach (which is fine in and of itself). So don’t preach to me about etiquette.

  • Well, I was just kidding around back then, riffing on your persona as someone for whom the last opponent never seems good enough to mean anything with a win. It was honestly meant in a good-natured way, and my apologies if it didn’t come across that way. I really thought you were in on the game.

    But seriously, you’re a bit over the top in this thread, regardless. If you read my comment above, all I do is provide a counterpoint to the OP’s comment. I don’t attack the person, I don’t engage in any sort of ad hominem, I simply respond to the assertion about CTC with my own thoughts. I don’t even discount the person’s point, I respond to it specifically and pretty much point-by-point. I say why I don’t think we’ll see a meltdown, conceding that we have in the past. I really don’t know what your problem is with what I wrote, or how I wrote it.

    I rarely intentionally go after someone’s comment, and even more rarely after someone personally. The only time I can remember doing so recently was someone who started attacking CTC with insulting name-calling–I don’t like that, never have, and won’t do it myself. That doesn’t mean I’ll only comment when I agree with someone, and I can’t imagine you’re implying that I should.

  • And incidentally, I didn’t say we _couldn’t_ have a meltdown, I gave reasons as to why I thought we won’t. I then defined what I would consider to be a meltdown–the implication being that it could happen. Of course the team could fall apart, as they have in some past seasons. I just don’t think they will this time around–and what’s wrong with making that point here? It seems like you’re reading _way_ too much into my comment.

  • ForeverIU

    So, you decide what’s “just kidding” and what’s “a bit over the top”. Guess what? You don’t get to argue and at the same time define the terms of argument. I happen to find your type of condescension extremely annoying and insulting. And you’re not even funny, so it’s hard to see any of your comments as “just kidding”.

  • Wow. Well, then, I’ve definitely come across differently than I intended. You think I’m arguing with you here and trying to score points or something, and I’m really just trying to clear up what I consider to be a misunderstanding. I’m obviously failing miserably, so I’ll go ahead and cut my losses now.

  • Koko

    Obviously my idea of fair game differs from yours and I would say my idea of what an individual is as opposed to an institution is quite different than yours….so be it. Dbur72 made a comment and I responded. I’m sure Dbur72 is capable of defending himself if he so desires. I find it interesting that you felt a need to jump in and pull a big brother act basically telling me what I can and cannot communicate on this forum and to whom. And after reading your comments to Mark it appears you are doing the same thing with him. Your attempts of intimidation do not affect me and I will continue to communicate on this forum with the same freedoms as everyone on this forum have.

  • ForeverIU

    You jumped in and responded condescendingly to a poster and critiqued his use of the word “meltdown” as though he’d come from another planet. Nothing is a private conversation on this forum, and I was annoyed by your rhetorical questions to him when you know what he is referring to. Only weeks ago fans were ready to crucify Crean, and you ask what he means by “meltdown”. Not only you ask, but shoot a bunch of questions wondering what he meant, when you know all you are trying to do is trivialize his perspective and make a mockery of his post. You’re just riding a wave of fan contentment to make another poster feel small.

  • Koko

    You have, in one form or another, done all of the things you just accused me of in this forum. Your evaluative superman act has become boring. Your penchant to be right and make others wrong has also become quite boring. Yawning as I write this my only suggestion is to read my last comment again because that is all I have to say to you on this subject. Over and out.

  • ForeverIU

    Well I’m glad you’re yawning because your best comments are no comments. Please yawn a lot more and write less.

  • Bill Graham