Five takeaways from Indiana’s win over Michigan

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Indiana moved to 19-4 overall and 9-1 in the Big Ten in impressive fashion on Tuesday night as the Hoosiers dismantled Michigan at the Crisler Center.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from the win over the Wolverines:

· This was Indiana’s most complete performance of the season: The Hoosiers destroyed Ohio State, Illinois and Northwestern in Assembly Hall, but the performance on Tuesday night was their best effort so far this season.

After falling behind 15-4, Indiana outscored Michigan 41-9 the remainder of the first half. The Hoosiers had a 28-0 scoring run against a team that came in with one of the top 15 offenses in the country. This wasn’t just an offensive outburst from the Hoosiers, the defense was right there as well. Indiana held Michigan below one point per possession (.97) for the first time in conference play.

As the Wolverines missed shots and the lead started to balloon, it was clear Michigan’s confidence started to dwindle. And Indiana’s confidence grew with every made shot.

“They were a better team. Look at their record, they’re a really good basketball team,” Michigan coach John Beilein said in his postgame press conference. “And they were better than us tonight.”

· A look at the 28-0 run: Indiana scored 28 unanswered points from the 8:40 mark of the first half to the 18:36 mark of the second half.

Some of the numbers during that stretch are hard to believe given how explosive both teams are offensively. The Hoosiers had seven different players score while Michigan had six different players miss shots. Indiana hit 5-of-8 of its 3s while Michigan missed all four of its shots from distance. Twelve of IU’s points during the run came in the paint.

Yogi Ferrell had six of his 17 points during the run and four of his nine assists.

“We had some open shots and missed them,” Beilein said of the run. “And they’re tremendous in transition. We kept getting the ball on the zero yard line and they kept getting it on the 35.”

· Anunoby’s length gives Irvin major problems: One of the keys coming in for Indiana was slowing down Michigan junior Zak Irvin.

The Hamilton Southeastern product did finish with a team-high 16 points for the Wolverines, but 13 of those came when the game was already out of reach in the second half. The primary reason for Irvin’s struggles? The defense of IU freshman OG Anunoby.

Anunoby’s length bothered Irvin, who shot just 1-of-8 from the field in 19 first half minutes. His shots came up short and when he drove to the bucket, Indiana had more length waiting there to contest shots.

“Absolutely huge,” Tom Crean said of Anunoby’s performance. “And I think the length was crucial. Juwan (Morgan), the same thing. Our guys responded to their matchups.”

· Bielfeldt is all smiles in homecoming: Max Bielfeldt was all smiles before the game as he greeted his former teammates on the floor of the Crisler Center.

But not even Bielfeldt could have imagined coming into Ann Arbor and leaving with such a definitive win. The graduate senior finished with five points (2-of-8 shooting) and seven rebounds and was genuinely excited in the aftermath in talking about the effort he and his teammates put forth in the victory.

“Just getting the win was so awesome,” Bielfeldt said. “We played an incredible team game together. Everyone brought something different. It was so much fun to be out there and the energy was great.”

· Indiana owns the glass, limits turnovers after shaky start: Michigan came into Tuesday’s game allowing Big Ten opponents to rebound just 24.5 percent of their missed shots.

The Hoosiers pounded the offensively glass relentlessly, grabbed 38 percent of their misses and scored 13 second chance points.

After turning it over five times through the game’s first eight-plus minutes, Indiana had just seven turnovers over the next 32 minutes for a final turnover percentage of 17. With the exception of the Rutgers game and the two Wisconsin games, Indiana has posted a turnover percentage lower than 20 in its seven other league games. It’s a trend that will need to continue as the schedule becomes even more difficult over the final eight games.

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    You have been saying this for awhile now, and I’m a lot closer to seeing it that way than I was a game or two ago. In fact I think P.St. might be a game to try adding him to the starting lineup. You make a good point about when TW goes on a tear he is usually only balancing out what Bad Troy is accountable for, or at least the majority of the time anyway. I’m not exactly there with you on playing him at the 2, but I understand why and how you see it. The only way I see trying that is if we have a comfortable lead and RJ is having a bad night shooting the ball. One thing about it, pretty much no idea we have of a way to utilize OG falls under the heading of, no, no way we should even consider that.

  • IUBizmark

    Differing opinions are encouraged.

    You believe those guys were horses to begin with, while I believe they weren’t. They got drafted because they were well coached and had success as a team. Coaches make the team worth more than its individual parts. If those guys were thoroughbreds, they would’ve been high recruits or at least on someones radar…but none of them were.

    Here are the Butler recruiting class scores since 2006:
    2006: 4 Players 77.40, 4 2 stars Rank 160
    2007: 4 Players 83.95 4 3 stars Rank 65
    2008: 5 Players: 80.13, 2 3 stars, 3 unranked Rank 104
    2009: 1 Player: 89.03 1 3 star Rank 213
    2010: 3 Players: 86.98 3 3 stars Rank 63
    2011: 3 Players 87.11 3 3 stars Rank 61
    2012: 1 Player 96.46 1 4 star Rank 66
    2013: 4 Players 86.61 4 3 stars Rank 58
    2014: 3 Players 86.55 3 3 stars Rank 63
    2015: 2 Players 83.56 2 3 stars Rank 103

    You are simultaneously saying Butler won with horses and yet haven’t had success lately because they haven’t had horses (talent). Objectively, they’ve had better classes lately than they did in the years leading up to their back to back Final Four runs.

    Was that talent or coaching then? When they went on those runs they had a guy as head coach…oh what was his name?

    On the other hand, IU has had plenty of talent, certainly more than Butler, and little success…hmmmm.

  • You don’t need to list a whole bunch of things are aren’t even against the law.. it doesn’t impress anyone. Fact is, when you accept a scholarship to Indiana, the administration has expectations of you. One of those is that you will abide by the laws.. whether you think they should be laws or not. When you do not act accordingly you are deceiving the University, your parents who have entrusted your care and well being to the university and the people who make those laws.. When you do not, you are deceiving those parties, deceit is lying.. lying is immoral… no matter how you view the laws they are the laws.. until they are changed, it is a moral issue, to break the law.. Morality does not only have to do with breaking sexual mores or cultural taboos, it also has to do with legal issues.

  • And having an incredibly, edibly hot wife, certainly is NOT a moral issue….hahaha I am so funny…

  • OK, you really don’t care HOW we get them? Are you condoning activities like Louisville, SMU (to name a couple), and oh wasn’t there someone named kelvin Sampson.. Hmmmm, you don’t care how we get them?

  • CreamandCrimson

    Yep…I love the way we played against Michigan and I am very excited about the remainder of the season (excited but nervous/paranoid…don’t mess around with PSU) but no one is playing as well as Iowa. They got a sub-par shooting game from Uthoff and were still extremely close to knocking off the Terrapins in College Park and then they eviscerated PSU last night in Iowa City (could have been 40 if they wanted it to be).

    We’ll see how it plays out and I’m not worried about them until we get past Penn State…not that my worries or focus has anything to do with the team but still, one game at a time!

  • CreamandCrimson

    Good to have you back on here…even if it is only a brief re-appearance. I have always enjoyed your reasoned and thought-out opinions and it’s clear you know the game. Have a good one.

  • marcusgresham

    You aren’t going to start wearing a hat that says “Make Indiana Great Again” are you?

  • INUnivHoosier

    Uthoff played 35 minutes in the game against Maryland. OG isn’t playing 35 minutes. It really doesn’t matter if he starts.

    Hartman can handle Uthoff and switch with OG.

  • Arch Puddington

    You may or may not be a naysayer, but you are certainly not the type of person to whom I was referring with the word “troll.” You don’t call CTC names, you don’t endlessly run him or the program down, and as far as I can remember, you’ve never been one to carry on about him and/or Fred Glass needing to be fired. Substantial, reasoned criticism is not only fair, it is a natural part of sports. Without it, all we really have is “Yay team!”

    I’m glad to cheer when things are good, and fret when things are not, I think that is how you are as well.

  • BL

    Don’t put words in my mouth. I never mentioned anything about recruiting RANKINGS. I simply said TC can win – “if he has the horses”. Sometimes horses are highly ranked as recruits, sometimes they’re not.

    Butler benefited from maybe a once in a century recruiting perfect storm, especially regarding their top two recruits. Hayward was a tennis player that blossomed as a b-ball player late in high school. Butler slipped in and signed him before the big boys knew what they were missing out on. Howard was headed to IU but settled for Butler when IU was put on probation. In addition, Mack was passed over by numerous schools that obviously didn’t recognize his potential. Bottom line, all three were “horses”.

    Also, Gordon Hayward is not in the NBA because he played for Brad Stevens. He’s an incredibly gifted 6’8 athlete with guard like skills. Did he benefit from playing for Brad? Sure, Brad’s a great coach. He would have also benefited playing for TC as Oladipo did. Consider OG. He’s 6’8 and according to YF, ” he has a 7’6 wingspan and can jump out of the gym”. Actually reminds me of Hayward; shockingly good but unheralded out of high school. When he goes to the NBA it will be primarily due to his God given talents and his potential. Will TC help him develop, sure. But so could others.

    Naturally, if you’re going to consistently compete for BIG titles, you’re going to have to land some highly ranked, prized recruits. Notwithstanding, it sure helps when you steal an unheralded recruit that is actually a horse (e.g. OG).

  • Ole Man

    You’re absolutely correct about Troy’s importance to this team.
    If Troy were to go down, God forbid, this team would be NIT bound.
    Many of those critics just don’t see how integral Troy is to the team’s success.

  • Rie

    Appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to a good season!

  • Ole Man

    Dead horses, in my experience, don’t move around.

    Nobody would be blowing smoke.

    Hearing the whines, the “expert” analysis of how bad Troy is, the repetition of the same talking points about him for months — that’s what’s boring. And tiresome.
    Especially after the Team played so wonderfully.

  • IT is a well known fact he has no shot.. when he’s more than 5 feet from the basket.. So every analyst I’ve ever heard, indicates his big weakness is, he cannot score from anything farther than 5 or 6 feet. I wouldn’t call that a “great shot”…

  • BL

    Yes, I wanted to do it earlier because I thought it would be easier to develop the starting rotation chemistry against the weaker opponents. No different than sticking with TB as he went through his early ups and downs as a freshman.

    Also, my preference would be to have CH come off the bench. Like everyone else, I love CH’s leadership and the way he plays the game but the fact is, he doesn’t possess the athleticism to overcome the fact that he’s a tweener. Just can’t see him starting on a team trying to make a deep tourney run. He definitely doesn’t crack the starting lineup at Iowa, PU, MSU or Maryland. Go with YF/RJ/TW/OG/TB. The minute you see bad Troy, in comes CH.

  • It’s like DD said. “Some players make the game easy, Troy tries to make it more difficult”.. Instead of taking the easy play that is there for him, he trues to take the difficult maybe more sensational possibility and way too often it doesn’t workout for him

  • Ole Man

    First off, Troy isn’t committing 5 TOs a game.
    Secondly, I’m sick of hearing the same comments about Troy over and over.
    Nothing personal, honestly.
    Just tired of it.
    If anything new was being said, that would be different.

  • BMusic

    Aw, that’s sweet that you thought I was trying to impress you. Alas, I don’t know who you are and don’t care one iota what you think of me. You missed my point, clearly, so I leave it to you to give it another go, if you have time. (I know that seeing into people’s hearts and determining their inherent immorality must be a full-time job.) I will say this: I did some underage drinking way back when, and none of it was immoral. But I’ll allow that the bottle means different things to different people. I wish you luck on your journey, Ken, and now return you to your basketball discussion.

  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    Hard for a team to play another ranked ahead of them when the team is in 1ST PLACE! lol



  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    Someone should get this suggestion to Coach Crean. I have a feeling he may very well like to try it out!

  • Ole Man

    I don’t think the team is better without JBJ. I think it is different. It has forced Crean to coach differently.

  • INUnivHoosier

    “Dead horses, in my experience, don’t move around.”

    That was my point. Troy keeps doing the same stuff people criticize him for. The horse isn’t dead. Is it repetitive? Yes. But so are his mistakes.

    I don’t see whining. I don’t see people claiming to be “experts.”

  • Ole Man

    Happens all the time throughout college basketball. The coach calls a timely timeout, then, bingo, team turns it around.
    Personally, I think the timeout was great. However, it doesn’t mean that CTC was a genius for doing it. Lots of time in the past when he didn’t and maybe should have.
    So, CTC is growin’ as a coach; and that’s a good thing.

  • IUBizmark

    First, I love this debate. Thank you.

    I know you didn’t say anything about rankings and we could even debate their accuracy. I just needed some objective metric and that was the best I could get.

    Regarding Hayward and the “once in a century” recruiting class. Hayward is in the NBA because of Brad Stevens. If Hayward went to the typical schools an unranked recruit goes to, they wouldn’t get to the NCAA Tournament and without that, there’s no invite to the NBA combine/tryouts.

    I do agree talent develops and coaches all help develop talent. The extent to which they do so is highly debatable.

    I’m excited for OG. If he sticks around for 3 years, I’ll be overjoyed.

  • Ole Man

    Run: Pts Reb Asst
    Troy: 7 3 0
    Yogi: 6 0 4
    CH: 5 1 0
    Courtesy of Sam Beishuizen on Twitter

    Believe what you want, but the stats tell the truth.
    Have no clue as to why you diss on CH.

  • Alan

    We’ll see how tired of it you are if he commits a turnover trying to go 1 v 3 in the late stages of a big ten tournament game or worse the NCAA tournament.

  • Ole Man

    You don’t understand metaphors, apparently.

    That’s my point exactly: over and over and over and over with the same, tiresome dribble about Troy.

    Yes; it is whiny. It adds nothing if it’s been posted a hundred times before by people wanting to show their “expertise” at analysis.

  • INUnivHoosier

    Beating a dead horse doesn’t refer to talking about something over and over and over. It is when something has concluded or cannot be changed, but you continue to bring it up.

    Troy’s mistakes continue. The horse is not dead. Unless you think that expecting Troy to stop making the same mistakes is hopeless.

    And there is nothing expert about saying that dribbling into a defender with your head down and turning the ball over is bad.

  • millzy32

    Don’t read the press Ken watch him play. He’s the real deal. He’ll be a star in the NBA and that’s the only fact you’ll need in a couple years.


    Glad I read a little further before posting, cause I would’ve duplicated your comment.


    Pretty much the exact same lens I’m seeing things through. Spot on as far as I’m concerned. Agree totally about TC being forced to rather than him deciding to take the team in that direction. Hopefully he sees the all the good that has come from having done that, regardless of how it happened, and learns from it.


    We probably win the UW game with him able to be on the court…….and with he and his minutes managed the right way.


    Exactly, I just hate the fact that, it strongly appears, that TC had to be forced into it via an injury to another player, that when utilized correctly, IMHO, is still an asset to the team. Hopefully he sees it now and will learn from it.

  • IUBizmark

    I really am hoping he learned from it as you said. Crean is a middle aged coach and I think he’s learned a TON from his time here. Now is about the time we should see the payoff. I’m really concerned we might never get that ROI. Whoever gets Tom next, assuming he ever leaves IU, will have the potential to get an elite coach.

    It always bothered me when he’d talk about practice or players he was recruiting and it was >80% offense focused comments. That’s why I never got optimistic the defense would get better.


    This kind of non-basketball related posts or posts not related to ” our team ” are ALWAYS welcome here as far as I’m concerned. The day that it is not welcomed is the day that I stop coming here and anyone that thinks that it has no place here can leave and never come back, cause ” THOSE ” are the things that don’t belong here. My deepest thoughts and condolences to their family during their time of grief.


    Pretty sure it’s a little thing called sarcasm. lol

  • Koko

    Your use of the term “meltdown” is somewhat general in nature. Do you mean we lose the rest of our games? If so that won’t happen. Do you mean we lose to Iowa twice, then to MSU, Purdue and Maryland is a meltdown? And really who cares what people think of TC at this point. TC has coached more than a couple good games since the Duke loss….give the guy some love on that. The last 7-8 years are over. If you can’t see we have a better team than most of those past years, then I don’t know what you are seeing. One game at a time is a good idea.

  • Koko

    I agree….the one arm wrap around technique Wisky used was very hard to see. I thought the refs did their very best trying to catch it.

  • Koko

    And then who shuts down Joc? My choice would be JM.
    I guess that means OG and JM get a lot of minutes…..which I would love to see.

  • ForeverIU

    If you think his/her “one game at a time” is a good idea, then why lecture and hector him/her about it? Let fans express themselves. S/he could have just ignored this forum, so s/he obviously cares.

  • Koko

    And I would add that JM should be in Jok’s jock as well.

  • ForeverIU

    Heartbreaking! I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a child.

  • MikeinNC

    That’s good perspective, I haven’t been close enough to tell what adjustments Crean has made specifically, other than the defense seems much more straightforward, the substitutions make more sense, and the team seems to be playing with more unity, intensity, and consistency…to me it seems like the big difference is the absence of Blackmon and the add of OG making big differences in team energy and chemistry….but not saying that to deny credit to Crean….if the buck stops with him when it is bad, then he deserves credit when it is good.

  • Koko

    I’m surprised you would say that. I have seen you “lecture” a person who was expressing themselves on this forum several times. I asked what the person ment by meltdown….give specifics. Comparing this team to the past 7-8 years makes no sense to me so I wanted specifics on their term meltdown.
    And the comment about TC is based on the past not what is happening now….give TC some credit for what he has done since the Duke loss. If we have that “meltdown” he is talking about then go after TC….right now he is in the don’t bash zone from my point of view. I ment his one game at a time was a good idea in that he will at least stay in present time and observe the team now not teams or coaching of the past.
    And please don’t lecture me on letting a person express them self. Are you trying to stop me from expressing myself?

  • You know, in the end, whatever it is: I just hope it continues. When this team plays well, it’s SUCH a fun team to watch, more so than any team I can remember since ’93.

  • ForeverIU

    You know very well what meltdown means in this context. I don’t have to agree with him/her to lay off of him/her. I would lecture someone if they target posters in general or as individuals, or individual players for that matter. Crean is fair game. He is an institution, not an individual. I happen to be incredibly happy with the job he is doing, but I won’t lecture someone who isn’t. He ended his post on a positive note, so just let him be.

  • I think the difference isn’t that CTC is suddenly a “genius” but that he’s clearly made some meaningful adjustments in how he’s coaching this team. They’re playing better fundamentally, and with a different attitude than we’ve seen. For me, that implies that we won’t see the same kind of “meltdown” that we’ve seen in in the past, particularly last year. If that meltdown was going to happen, it likely would have started at UM, and we all see how that turned out.

    For the record, I would define a “meltdown” as losing to any of the lower-ranked teams we’re facing, and losing big at home to any of the higher-ranked teams. Losing at Iowa and/or at MSU won’t be bad losses (although of course I’d much rather win), and even losing to Purdue at home would be relatively understandable given their frontcourt strength (although I expect us to win given the strength of our backcourt, and the OG factor). Would four losses from here on out be a “meltdown”? 5? 6? I’m not sure. Three or fewer losses, in my opinion, would be a decent showing. Making some noise in bother tourneys would help as well, of course.

  • Ole Man

    Again, you simply don’t get it.