Film Session: Wisconsin

  • 01/28/2016 9:06 am in

But on Wisconsin’s ensuing possession, the Badgers are setting up for Hayes to get the ball on the left side and we know what’s about to happen:


Pass and pass:


Hartman plays Hayes tight and Johnson is paying attention:


Johnson heads to double:


Despite a double team, Hartman lets Hayes go left and he fouls him with his body. The junior fouled out on this play. Two foul shots for Hayes and he tied up the ball game:


Dakich on the call:

Bad play by Hartman. You’ve got help coming from (your left side), watch the help coming from Johnson here. He’s right there, but Hartman lets him beat him opposite the help and then there’s a foul. You’ve got to force him into your help. You see, you just get on his left hand and you make him go to the double team and you don’t have this problem.


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