Recruiting roundup: Checking in on IU’s 2016 commits, Al Durham

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We’re well into the high school season for Indiana’s four class of 2016 recruits and lone 2017 commit Al Durham. So it’s time for a look at how each prospect has fared so far this season:

Class of 2016

De’Ron Davis, Overland (Colo.)

After a 7-0 start and a title at the Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas, it’s been a tough start to the new year for Davis and Overland. The Trailblazers have lost two of their last three and Davis had to sit out their most recent loss due to a pair of technical fouls he picked up in the previous game.

In nine games, he’s averaging 15.6 points, 9.4 rebounds and 4.9 blocks. He also has 15 assists, 14 steals and 12 turnovers and is 38-of-49 from the free throw line.

Curtis Jones, Huntington Prep (W.V.)

The 6-foot-4 guard had a triple-double with 19 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds on Jan. 8 in a 117-93 Huntington Prep win over Victory Prep (Texas). He also had 18 points in a win over Athletes Institute on Jan. 9, which features Thon Maker.

Jones attended Indiana’s 59-58 win over Wisconsin at Assembly Hall last week.

Grant Gelon, Crown Point

It’s been an up-and-down season so far for both Gelon and Crown Point. His team is just 5-5. On Jan. 3, Gelon hit six straight 3s in the first quarter and finished with 24 points in a 68-60 win over South Bend Washington.

On Jan. 8, he finished with just 11 points in a 58-55 loss to Michigan City. On his weekly radio show, Crean offered some thoughts on Gelon:

“He is just an absolute lights-out shooter,” he said, according to The Herald-Times. “When he gets strength and when he can do more with his footwork, when he gets into the college environment and learns the speed of the game, I think he’s going to be fantastic. He’s one of those guys that keeps backing up. He can make tough shots. What I like about all three of them and, in this case, Grant, is he’s well coached. He comes from a very good system and (Crown Point coach) Clint Swan does an excellent job. To me, we feel very good about him.”

Devonte Green, Long Island Lutheran (N.Y.)

Indiana’s newest commit is having a strong season at Long Island Lutheran. He’s averaging 20.2 points per game and could be on his way to winning the Nassau player of the year award once again.

Green’s brother, Danny, offered his thoughts to Newsday on what Devonte will bring to Bloomington:

“He’s a very good player, he’s very talented. He does a little bit of everything. He’s a scorer, more of a scorer than I was in high school.  He’s smaller than my brother and I were. He’s a better ballhandler and better penetrator than I. He can create his own shot. Hopefully he can learn to keep up the mental part of the game and take his emotions out of it. Sometimes he gets a little emotional. But he’s very skilled.”

Class of 2017

Al Durham, Berkmar (Ga.)

Durham had 11 points on Tuesday in a 55-53 loss to Shiloh, which dropped Berkmar to 10-6 on the season. Prior to that, he had 15 points in a 75-68 overtime victory over Dacula and 19 points in a 61-58 win over Archer.

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  • SilentBob

    Didn’t say he’d play the three in the NBA, not at all. But DeRozan is a 2, at least when he’s used correctly. Butler and Hayward are 2/3s. Butler lined up predominantly at the two under Thibbs. I haven’t watched much NBA this year so Idk if he still is. But the fact he is smaller than most twos is exactly my point. He is the same size if not bigger than most college twos. A challenge of playing at the three in college could prove beneficial.

    His handles are sound, but nothing spectacular. They look better than they are because of supreme body control and strength going against high schoolers. No where near Wades level as a junior and that’s the year of Wade you should compare him to cause Rawle won’t see a junior year, more than likely not even a sophomore one. But Crean would let him run the team. If he was a Hoosier right now he’d easily be the best player. If he wants to run a team NC State would be a terrible choice with Dennis Smith already committed. Unless he decommitted and I didn’t hear about it.

  • Young Hoosier

    I won’t. SG is a defined position. 2 is not.

  • SilentBob

    Nor does he have Wades speed. Young Wade of course

  • Young Hoosier

    Your darned right.

  • BL

    You lost me in your original comment when you said – gets him ready for the likes of DeRozan, Heyward, Butler etc. They all are 6’7 plus and swing between big 2 and 3 depending on match-ups. For example, Snell (6’7) plays in the backcourt for Chicago when they play the Pacers so Butler can play 3 and take Paul George. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t see a team matching up Alkins against these much taller players. Certain NBA scouts will be hoping he can play point guard.

    Anyway, we agree – Crean should let him run the team and he would be our best player (unless TB or OG make a much bigger jump than expected).

  • BL

    As you know, Wade was incredible in his prime. Holding out on making comparisons until I see Alkins in a D1 game.

  • inLinE6

    Have we looked into any prospect beyond 2017 yet?

  • BL

    Checked out D. Smith. Damn, if he and Alkins team up, could be one of the all-time great D-1 backcourts. Frankly, they have similar skills and size. Odd that Smith is ranked so much higher. When Alkins wears 21 it looks like Buckner reincarnated with shooting skills. Love to see those two go head to head.

  • Koko

    Thank you Marcus.

  • SilentBob

    Me personally I’d keep Alkins as a two. Don’t think he has the speed or vision to be a point. I’d like to see him become a consistent shoot while also developing PG like skills. But I’d really really like to see him become a better slasher without the ball. That might be the biggest think that separated Wade from other two guards. With Alkins body made for asorbing contact, and powerful two footed jump he could really be big on the offensive glass.

  • SilentBob

    Unfortunately I am too young to have seen Buckner play so I can’t comment there. But that would be an amazing backcourt. If that happens all I have to say is thank god Godfried is their coach and not Cal or Izzo lol. Smith is quicker, springeir, and has better vision and handles. But I agree that Rawle is far too low. Honestly I think is ceiling is higher than Smiths

  • SilentBob

    Also if Alkins would happen to develop into an NBA teams best player, then I’d definitely but an all NBA level defender like Butler on him.

  • Young Hoosier

    Zeisloft wasn’t much of a recruit of HS. Don’t know about Hornsby. But Kellen Dunham was a Top 100 recruit.

  • It’s amazing how some people will read ‘into’ stuff differently. I saw that incident and thought TB was just trying to explain what had happened.. and he was coming out of the game for a rest anyway.. so someone else reads it as he was ‘firing back at the coach for criticizing him and benching him.. Hmmm I guess, ‘beauty is really in the eye of the be-holder’.

  • Or that maybe it wasn’t criticism after all and a meaningless little incident in the natural course of things.

  • Here again, the sound was about 100 decibels at the time, it’s a very excited time in the game.. if he’s going to say anything at all and be heard, he’s going to have to ‘raise his voice’ a bit.. So was he yelling at the coach or just talking loud enough to be heard? One sees it one way, the other sees it another.

  • I agree, or even if it’s IU football, maybe a couple of comments, but a ten comment rant on a stupid NFL game, who cares???

  • Just a quick question here, but were you one of the guys that were so down on OG that you said he’d likely be seeing only ‘mop up’ time as a Freshman??.. and likely be here four years .. and probably not a key player until his senior year? It’d be interesting to resurrect that story and see just who said what about OG and JM for that matter.. So why would you think a guy like CuJo, might not be a starter?.. or at least a early sub big contributor? One never knows does one?

  • I’d like to see the presser where Crean told us all the he promised pt to an incoming recruit. Now if you know Crean personally and he told you, that is different .. But I still would have to question the validity of that statement. What are you his next door neighbor? You’re sounding a bit too ‘wishy washy’ on that whole story. Lead us to the article where it was said or intimated? Then maybe I’ll buy what you’re selling, because I never read anything by any of the ITH reporters that indicated that… I mean one can make up stories all a person wants, but it doesn’t make it the truth..

  • CreamandCrimson

    IU has definitely been recruiting for beyond 2017. According to the “offers” list from 247Sports (and I’m sure there are more than this), IU has offered 2018 recruits Jon Kabongo (a PG at Huntington Prep), Kevin Easley (SF at Lawrence North in Indy) and Romeo Langford (a tremendous guard from New Albany).

    I’ll just speak for myself…it is impossible for me to get too excited or concerned about anything past the 2016 class, it’s all too far away for me to think about haha.

  • BL

    For the record, I was high on OG the first time I saw his recruiting tape and was clamoring for serious playing time very early on this season. That said, we’ve all been wrong before. AAU / HS tape can be misleading.

    CuJo could be really good but as a freshman his body doesn’t appear to be as mature as say a YF (or OG) and the cupboard isn’t exactly bare. Out of the gate, guessing TC will start RJ and JN, if healthy, based on their maturity and experience.

  • You know I was high on OG as well, some on here weren’t, but you’re right hs video can be so misleading..i.e., in Hanner’s he looked awesome.
    Thing is, did you read where Crean indicated that every time he sees him, he thinks he has grown bigger. Yogi wasn’t built like a football corner back when he was a Freshman either.. Shoot now his body looks like a shorter version of Quinn Buckner. I wouldn’t sell that part of him short. There are plenty of very successful guys playing the point that are all muscled up.. Besides at that young age, you get him to IU and into our strength and conditioning program and he’ll put on some muscle and strength and quickness. It appears he is a hard working kid that wants to get better.. so, I am very high on him. I also like Green though, and there have some guys on here questioning that signee as a ‘head scratcher’ also …. so what do I know?

  • If you’ve read any of his comments that were made when we signed him, you wouldn’t even be wasting a second thinking about those kind of things. I think the young man is going to be terrific, with a great attitude. I don’t know why guys have to all at once start assigning traits to these guys just on a whim.. I mean isn’t there a lot more important stuff to start ruining the day over?
    Ok here’s on, I hope he doesn’t have yellow jaundice and no body knows it yet? Or damn, what if he has ‘athlete’s foot’ or even ‘plantar fasciitis’.. Now I’m worried…

  • kaponya44

    I am with you here…I have saw what I felt was a red flag, so this makes another for me..I am not surprised to hear this since Davis appeared a bit snappy with some of his family before the press conference to commit.

    I know he is just a kid and was probably feeling anxiety of the moment,but perhaps,added up , it is the early signs of a pattern of how he deals with his anxiety..I just think together it gives me the impression of a kid who does not totally have his emotions in check..

    I am not an expert on human behavior..I am also not crucifying Davis here since he is in high school..For all I know it could just be a coincidence of what I perceive…Regardless of whether one was for a simple dunk in warm ups seems petty or not it is slightly concerning since players who can dunk know that results in a technical foul..

    I was not a big name recruit or a star player,but even then at 14 and being 6-2, I understood dunking in warm ups gets you a technical foul and usually puts your team in a hole from the start.The big name kids of all people should known better than that…

    Why would someone do something potentially detrimental to his team before the game even tips off?- is where Iam coming from here..It may seem the more harmless of the two technical fouls(compared to getting rough inside) as actions go,but the warm up T is not in the heat of game action and bothers me for that reason..

    I am probably wrong and certainly hope so ,but those are a couple of thing that stuck out to me about De’Ron and the press conference behavior held my attention after my 7 year old said, “Why did he talk mean to those people with him?” Any behavior related negative gets my attention when my kid points it out so maybe I am thinking like a parent too much here. .Lol

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    Yes, IU football gets a pass. I am a Homer and I only are care about IUBB I follow all of College BB but IUBB is far above all others. ITH lets me maintain my addiction and any other sport on the forum is like a 10 cent pistol.

  • ForeverIU

    If you read the rest of the discussion you would know that your comment is unnecessary, but I’m glad I gave you a chance to hear yourself talk, which you love to do. It’s kinda entertaining reading your comments anyway, when I take myself out of it. You’re lucky it’s morning and I’m not about to let you spoil my cappuccino ritual. Now go see my response to your other tirade.

  • My attitude exactly.. except I do love to see IU football on the rise.. It would be cool if Wilson can get us even further than he’s brought us so far. ‘Nuff said.

  • ForeverIU

    I’m not your research assistant, but for all the doubters here is the quote from the article written by Alex. Interpret it the way you like, and don’t get technical on me in me in your response, which I know is coming. There’s a search function in ITH for a reason, so that people like you who were asleep in the days leading up to his commitment could go back and catch up on their topics of interest. The article is entitled “Recruitment of De’Ron Davis hitting the home stretch.” But here is the quote that is relevant to you (and go argue with Alex if you’re not convinced):

    “Indiana continues to pitch Davis on the idea of being a major piece in its frontcourt from the day he steps on campus.

    A big part of the plan is the potential to play alongside McDonald’s All-American Thomas Bryant.

    ‘They talk about that a whole lot,’ Fisher said. ‘Coach Martin was most recently here and that was something he discussed. Some of the things they would do well with each other and some of the ways they would be able to feed off of each other. I definitely think that’s within the plans for what they do.'”

  • I read the rest of the discussion and still wanted to ‘throw my two cents in’.. as you suggested I like to hear myself talk.. and why not.. doesn’t mean I have to agree with you all the time. Glad I didn’t ruin your cappuccino.. I’ve already had mine.. it was wonderful. Glad you asked…lol..

  • And you’re saying that kind of commentary, translates to, ‘they are guaranteeing him playing time as a Freshman’? I’ll bet those kinds of things are said to nearly everyone they ever recruit.. .. The ‘idea of being a major piece in it’s frontcourt’.. hardly translates in my humble opinion to, “You come to IU and I’ll guarantee you will see significant minutes on the floor as a Freshman”… You can read into it what you want, and I’ll bet any of the coaching staff would tell you the same thing. That is not a guarantee of pt. They’re selling ideas and dreams.. the recruit still has to perform, there are no guarantees.

  • ForeverIU

    Listen, I’m not trying to demonize the kid here. It just stood out to me that his technicals were mentioned in the opening sentence updating us about his recruitment, and the link to the article didn’t explain the reason for the technicals. I feel that whenever we go after a kid so hard, he deserves some scrutiny lest he get a big head, LOL.

  • ForeverIU

    I told you you were going to get technical on me. Also, requoting my quote, you conveniently left out the part that said “from the day he steps on campus.” Do players EVER get a written commitment for playing time? I think you know the answer to that. Are they given de facto promises. Of course yes, fortunately or unfortunately. Are we legally bound to give him playing time. Of course not. But please don’t tell me we didn’t push the playing time factor as an enticement in his recruitment.

  • Lol, hey to be honest, when I first read “two technical” , I’m thinking WHAT?.. But then I remembered that he really sounded like a good hard working kid in reading his comments around his signing.. I don’t know if the guy who said one of them was for ‘dunking’ in the pre-game warm-up.. was telling the truth or not. But, I played basketball and I suppose there were times when could’ve had two technical fouls.. and maybe deserved them. While I never had them called.. When you get caught up in the moment and you’re young it’s possible to make some dumb mistake like that and be very sorry for it later. I’m not saying that absolves anything a guy does just because he’s young.. but I really am not worried about this kid.. I do get your point.. it’s just I don’t think there’s some inner personality disorder that would make him undesirable as an IU recruit. Just not going there.

  • ForeverIU

    You’re expressing my worst fears, LOL. I hope we’re both wrong, but I totally appreciate what you’re saying.

  • BL

    When I watched his video my first thought was damn, reminds me of a young Steph Curry. Then I was like, calm down, get real. Pretty confident he’ll get some good minutes next year; just not confident he’ll start right out of the gate like YF, TB, etc. Hell, hope I’m wrong. Would mean, as a freshman, he’s clearly better than RJ and JN.

    I like Green as well. Appears to have a complete game. Only reservation (as I suggested previously), does his signing indicate we’re no longer in the Alkins sweepstakes. Reason I suggested such, we need another big. Would TC have tied up this scholarship if he thought he had a good chance of getting RA?

  • “From the day he steps on campus isn’t meaningful. I mean they wouldn’t guarantee it from the day before he steps on campus, or the day after he steps on campus.. It might be meaningful if you were to say, “From the first game” or even maybe, “From the first day of practice”.. I just thought it didn’t have much meaning.. I don’t know. Just my take on it.. I’m sure they always make it sound like the guy, ‘will fit our playing style’ or has, ‘exactly the talents we need’, or even is, ‘You are exactly the kind of guy we’re looking for’ but I really do not think they ever come out and say, I guarantee you’ll have pt as a Freshman.. I just don’t think Crean or his staff would ever do that.

  • I really don’t know his motivation, but maybe also, he doesn’t feel we look very good for Maker or any of the bigs he knows of at this time… and just wanted this kid badly enough, he didn’t want him to get away.


    You say, ” please refrain from trash talk here “, after you basically call the whole Steelers team dirty and scummy and say they should be kicked out of the NFL ? Am I a Steelers fan, hell yes, Colts number one now that they play in Indy, but before that a diehard Steelers fan and solid number two now……just sayin’.

  • BL

    Agree. Feel like this is shaping up as – TB stays we’re really good. Similar to Cody staying for year two. Without him, 12/13 would have been very mediocre. Only caveat is if DD is a very big positive surprise and even then front court depth would be an issue.


    If we’re ” assuming ” I think it’s safe to say that if TB continues, for the most part anyway, the level of play he has shown as of late, we can pretty safely assume he’ll be collecting a paycheck for playing bball at this time next year. That level of play, along with his potential, which we all know the NBA obsesses over, makes him a first rounder easily. I think TC should probably be planning on how to work things without him next year. Didn’t believe NV when he said he would more than likely play more than one year and I’ll be surprised if TB is in the candy stripes next year.


    If we were lucky enough to some how land Alkins, that is one of the very rare justifications to ” try ” the 3 guard lineup again I guess, but I’m of the mind that we would be better even in that scenario of having RJ or JBJ coming off the bench and sticking with the 2 guard, and see that even more so being the case if we are lucky enough to some how have TB back for another year. Man, that’s a lot of luckies. lol


    If for some reason he does end up signing with IU, and doesn’t start he should transfer immediately. lol

  • b_side

    Unlikely. Case in point, I did a quick search of ” Thomas Bryant, Buckley and Notre Dame”. First result at the top was from Pete DiPrimo of the News Sentinel:

    “Coming together included the brief second-half clash between talented and emotional center Thomas Bryant and associate head coach Tim Buckley. Bryant kept messing up on defense and Buckley had enough. He shouted something, Bryant shouted something back, and after a timeout, they were back in we’re-cool mode.”

  • inLinE6

    I’d argue that NV was ranked much higher out of HS, on the NBA radar and draft board longer. Most people bet against his early departure was due to his age younger than average freshman. But that turned out to be his advantage at the draft. And don’t forget that we were shaky that year and TC’s job wasn’t a sure thing heading into the next season. NV was a good student, but at least to me, I wasn’t convinced that he wanted to stay any longer than necessary to get NBA paychecks. At this point I think TB seemed to be a different story, but we’re well positioned even without him coming back next year.

  • VanPastorMan

    A good citizen is one who obeys the laws in this country. When young men drink before 21 they are breaking the law. When they get into cars while tipsy or drunk they are breaking the law. A beast on the court is a guy who will not let anyone in the lane to score and if they do he will make them pay by swatting their shot away or causing a turnover. He also gets to every rebound within his sphere and doesn’t let anyone push him around.

  • Fivelefts

    “Better than Green ever will be?” I don’t know about that..

  • Fivelefts

    I think you may be right! inLinE6.


    TB is awfully close to the same age that NV was when he came in (just turned 18 a few months ago) and is just as good a student. I’d say that with this year’s team appearing to be on the way to having a much better season than the one NV had it would only increase the chances of TB making the jump after one year. I hope you’re right and he is in the candy stripes again next year, but I’m betting he will be cashing paychecks next year at this time and I can’t really say I blame him if he can get a guaranteed position. He need not look any further than JBJ and the injuries that he has sustained and that will probably rob him of his dream of playing in ” the league ” to decide that he should go. If he had the support that CZ had if something went badly wrong I’d think that there was a lot better chance that he stayed, but with him not having that luxury he will probably get while the getting is good so to speak.

  • inLinE6

    So I just checked on draft board – TB was not even being listed. So at this point it’s safe to say his next season would probably be at Indiana. In retrospect I think JBJ probably should’ve gone last year, even as 2nd rounder. That probably works better for both himself and the team.


    You’re probably right about JBJ and what he should have done, at the time he did exactly what he should have done, but it ended up biting him on the a$$. The smartest man I’ve ever known ( my father) once told me, ” if fore sight was as good as hind sight we’d all be better off by a damn sight “. If TB continues his play of late I think we’ll see his name appear on the mock drafts soon and he will continue to somewhat rise on them, which is kinda the, good thing, bad thing, for IU bball. I hope you are right and I’m wrong on this one, but I’ll believe he will be donning the candy stripes next year when the deadline to declare has come and gone and he hasn’t pulled the trigger.