Film Session: Ohio State

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Troy Williams broke out of his slump in a big way during Indiana’s 25-point win over Ohio State on Sunday afternoon.

The junior tied a career high in points with 23, dished out two assists and turned the ball over just once. Often, Williams forced or took advantage of Ohio State’s defensive miscues to find space for his scores.

We’ll take a look at four of his buckets and one of his assists in the latest edition of Film Session:

On Indiana’s first possession of the game, Indiana goes to its bread and butter weave. Yogi Ferrell passes to Robert Johnson on the right wing. Marc Loving (No. 2) looks to recover back to Ferrell after Thomas Bryant set a pick to free him a bit:


With Johnson headed his way on the weave, Loving ends up switching onto him. But Johnson is now passing to Williams in the weave:


There’s no communication from the Buckeyes. Loving opts to stick with Johnson and Jae’Sean Tate, who had been guarding Williams, sticks on the right side for perhaps what he sees as another switch for the Buckeyes. Whatever the case, Williams has a head of steam and space to the paint. He takes it:


Williams splits the defense:


And accelerates to the rim for the bucket:


Indiana’s weave action had the Buckeyes out of sorts here and Williams stayed in control and took advantage for the score.


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  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Haven’t looked at the stats yet, but exactly how many woven hand baskets were made during this game?

  • BL

    What impressed me more was Troy knocking down his jumper. Every time he does so it’s one less drive in to trouble and it has the effect of making defenders have to play him more honestly (limits sagging); which actually opens up possibilities for successful drives.

  • Kwang

    Great job as usual, Ryan. I was wondering what the topic for the film session would be for that awesome game, and as we all were waiting for Troy to bust out, you chose well.

  • inLinE6

    It’s like Tiki-taka in soccer. When things go well, people praise it, then if things go out of control, people attack it.

  • inLinE6

    Thanks Ryan. I’m impressed by your work. It costs you a lot of time to put together those arrowed pictures and video clips out of a whole game, with explanations. You’ve done it for every game for the fans.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    I don’t mind the weave too much as long as it gets the defense to switch to mismatches. but I meant it more as a pun. baskets…as in points scored and containers that can be woven…we use the weave in the offense. heh? heh? anyone? is this mic on? lol

  • SilentBob

    It’s crazy watching these cause you can see the difference between a highlight and a turnover is about a quarter of an inch. Troy is the definition of X factor, and when he is on we are lethal. Hopefully this is a stepping stone that propels to a great second half.

    I do wonder if the JBJ injury will actually allow there be a more clear and established pecking order on the offensive side of the ball that may allow other players to become more consistent. This isn’t a pile on of JBJ, because I think the same could be true if Troy went out instead. They’re both X factors. I’m no mathematician but I was always told you can’t solve for two variables at once. When two of your four best players, at least offensively, are X factors I’d imagine that’d help lead to some wild and inconsistent performances by the team.

  • SilentBob

    I got you bro haha. I thought it was punny lol

  • Mee tooo.. I was actually laughing out loud..

  • Come on man.. If he wasn’t working on that he’d just be out trying to score on some of those Hoosier Hotties.. So let him give us some satisfaction..
    He really does do a great job doesn’t he?…

  • I beg your pardon.. You can solve for two variables at once if the relationship between the variation is at the same rate and distance on a hypothetical plane…er, uh, or if the pi r square and not round… or if you square the hypotenuse.. duhhhhh

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Bingo! He hit his first shot which was a 3 point shot.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Very sad to hear about Andrew Smith’s passing. God’s speed Andrew. Very sad and condolences to his family.

  • marcusgresham

    One thing that stood out to me is the fact that Troy scored 23 and to the best of my memory did not have a dunk. I know he was at the rim on several shots, but usually he has at least a couple if he has a good scoring night.
    I also like that Yogi mentioned that Troy didn’t play too fast (can’t remember his wording, but whatever it was was indicative of the fact that the coaching staff does actually address his bad turnovers.)

  • kennygeorge

    uh, whatta whatta whatta?

  • QtheCurtain

    First, these film sessions are magnificent, truly educational, thank you. Second, that assist illustrated on page 4 was pure Dennis Johnson de ja vu from the vintage Celtic years of Larry Bird. If they can keep that up, watch out NCAAs!

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Watching the Michigan vs Maryland game. Diamond Stone is a beast. Not sure if he is better than Simmons but damn close. Maryland is really, really good.

  • BL

    But not good enough to win 🙂

  • Kwang

    Well, he should show us some of those Hoosier Hotties then ….Ok, that may just be me.

  • ForeverIU

    Wow, that’s sad. It was nice of Brad Stevens to miss one of his own games to go see him before he passed away. RIP.

  • ForeverIU

    Tomorrow Iowa plays Michigan St. in East Lansing. If Iowa loses, we’ll atop the B1G.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Take care Forever. Stay warm and let’s hope IU makes 17-3!!!! Not to take away from what you stated it is really sad to see someone that wonderful pass on at an early age. Take care again.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    This year maybe something extraordinary if IU stays on top. BL did you see how my spelling/grammar was perfect????? Huh?????

  • BL

    Ok it’s way past my bed time. Spelling/grammar remark right over my head.

  • RDD#76

    It seems every time Troy hits a jump shot early in a game he has a very strong game plus any shot from him is better than a turnover imagine how many points we would score if every game we were under 10 turnovers

  • I hear ya’, no need for him not to at least show us the talent level of the old school these days…lol..

  • Yes, that was a real downer when I heard that this morning. Man you could see Brad was really broken up about it. 25 years old, Just so young and so much life ahead of him. So sad. RIP Andrew. Condolences to friends and family.

  • Iowa will very likely lose. Sparty is gonna do their best to get even.
    We have a good shot at winning at least three more before we play at Wisconsin. After that I believe we are back at AH vs Minny.. So if we can just make it to Wisconsin then dump them.. When they say the schedule favors us, they are absolutely right. That would be so cool to go ahead and win the next five or six games… Get to 9 or 10 and 0… Ok I’m dreaming I know.. But you know I think we can do it. If we just keep playing like we are now.

  • You’re welcome!

  • Koko

    RIP Andrew and condolences to the family. Way too young….way way too young.

  • ForeverIU

    We can absolutely do it, and there’s no reason not to be positive and hopeful, unless we see nothing else wrong with the world and think that self-flagellation about IU Basketball is a rare source of enjoyment.

  • marcusgresham

    The “25” didn’t hit me as much as when I saw the “1990-2016,” and thought about how my step-daughter was born in 1990.

  • Thank you.

  • CMM318

    As a female fan of IUBB, I find your “hoosier hotties” line disgusting.

    You also look a little old to be commenting on the physical appearance of college women.


    Ditto that !! My condolences to his loved ones as well. RIP Andrew.