Photo Gallery: Indiana 1976 national championship team reflects on perfect season

  • 01/05/2016 6:27 pm in

Nine members of the 1976 Indiana national championship team that finished 32-0 spoke to the media on Tuesday night at Cook Hall. Check out nine photos by Jamie Owens in the embedded photo gallery after the jump.See more images and purchase prints from J. Scott Photography.

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  • iubase

    Best team in college hoops. They played the 3rd hardest schedule of any team that yr and ranked number one throughout the whole season. RMK kept them hungry and humble. Quinn Buckner is one of my fav IU players. Exemplified what IU hoops encompasses. Knew him a little bit since I played baseball 71-75 and Quinn was short stop (if I remember correctly) his freshman yr. Amazing group of guys. Humble and smart. Scott May and Wilkerson were in a class with me and were at every class and usually showed up before I did. That is why they were successful both on and off the court. That is also why I have such great respect for RMK. Each one of those players would say the same of RMK. A perfect team with a great coach = most succesful college team ever.