At the Buzzer: Indiana 99, Kennesaw State 72

  • 12/22/2015 7:58 pm in

A few quick thoughts on Indiana’s 99-72 win over Kennesaw State:

How it happened: It took until nearly midway through the second half, but the Hoosiers finally pulled away from Kennesaw State over the game’s final 11:48. After surrendering 38 first half points to the Owls, Indiana put up more resistance after intermission. And once the Hoosiers got going offensively, Kennesaw State began to tire and simply had no answer down the stretch. Still, it was a defensive performance from the Hoosiers that should have been much better, particularly against a team that came in ranked No. 325 in the KenPom ratings.

Standout performer: Thomas Bryant put together a strong performance with 20 points, five rebounds and two blocked shots in 26 minutes. Bryant was 8-of-9 from the field and is now 58-of-76 on 2s this season.

Statistics that stand out: Indiana was efficient from the field in this one, racking up 1.49 points per possession and shooting an effective field goal percentage of 75. The Hoosiers will enter the Big Ten portion of their schedule with one of the nation’s most efficient offenses, but with a defense (1.08 points per possession allowed) that still has major question marks.

Final stats:



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  • Indiana_Banners

    If Kennesaw State had only scored 22 tonight I’d be in a much better mood…

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Liked the play of Anunoby and Morgan.
    Nice to see Morgan active!

  • BruceA

    Could go a lot of ways with this post. However, it was a win and it’s almost Christmas (which I think the team was thinking about, too, when this one started) so I’m going to leave it at that. Bring on the Big 10 and let’s see what happens. Go Hoosier!

  • Ben thorne

    I’d like to add under how it happened that at the half way point of the second half we finally decided to get some rebounds. We can not wait that long to decide that’s an important part of the game.

  • bvillehoosier

    Bad defense, sub-300 opponent, Troy out of control, yadda yadda, can I just copy and paste my comments from the other 5 games this season against sub-300 opponents? One thing I’ll add….(3-11) Kennesaw St. had it within 6 (SIX POINTS!!) in the second half…can we please just cut our losses now and start the search….I am becoming very apathetic about IU basketball and I never thought that would happen.

  • Please just copy and paste your comments as it makes them easier to ignore.

  • Those two were really nice to see in the second half. Great energy.

  • RDD#76

    Totally agree help from OG or Morgan will really help in the Big 10

  • Freemason

    Troy Williams NEEDS to understand that if he plays well, IU plays well. When Troy Williams plays bad, IU plays bad.

  • SCHoosier

    Ken St in ten games broke the 70 pt mark only twice including tonight against the Hoosiers. There were stretches during the game where Ken St was the better team on the floor. Congrats to Morgan on a hustling performance. Why Troy is put back in the game with 2:35 left and a 35 pt lead is beyond reason given the conference play begins in a week. I guess it was for him to practice fouling 3pt shooters which Troy did almost immediately after re-entering the game. This /coach/ “defense” & TW are driving me nuts.(and yes..for me its a short drive.)

  • bojak

    It was great to see Tim Priller get 27 seconds in this blowout.

  • Breakfast at Bruce’s

    Glad to see OG and Juwan putting in minutes.

    Sorry to be the grinch, but our last two games actually lowered our defensive efficiency on Pomeroy: #126 and diving.

  • Koko

    It appears he plays really well when OG and JM are in the game with him.

  • PBzeer

    It’s a W, and that’s about it for positives.

  • BL

    Disappointed OG didn’t get playing time earlier in the second half. JM and OG both bring athleticism and defense to the game. Betting we’ll all come to love the call – OG from Three ­čÖé

    TC must stay away from a rotation where he has MB, CH and NZ on the floor at the same time. Too slow afoot. No chance on defense and offense really bogs down. Actually, I’d avoid having any two of the three on the floor at the same time.

    Troy 6 Assists, 4 TO’s. Yogi 4 Assists, 3 TO’s. Our upperclass leaders get the most touches; they must take better care of the ball.