Film Session: Notre Dame

  • 12/21/2015 8:58 am in

Defense was the story of the game for Indiana on Saturday.

In the closing minutes of its win against Notre Dame, the Hoosiers made some adjustments in their zone to make things a little bit more difficult for the Fighting Irish, who weren’t having much trouble getting easy buckets out of it previously.

We’ll take a look at a number of defensive possessions — starting poor, ending well — for the Hoosiers down the stretch in the latest edition of Film Session:

As Indiana began to mount its comeback and were down just five points after a Nick Zeisloft 3-pointer, the Hoosiers are still soft in the middle of the zone. Bonzie Colson is able to sit inside it with no Hoosier that close. He gets the pass from Steve Vasturia:


Colson simply makes a move and puts it up over Bryant for the score:


This is the kind of defense we’ve seen from Indiana too much out of the zone this season. Soft middle, easy bucket.


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  • SCHoosier

    The commonality of a “better zone” is TB not being on the floor…sorry to say. I think it was Buckley going at TB about his zone defense that put Bryant I n a shout/pout mood. The Hoosiers finally got a few stops out of the zone..but it boiled down to ND missing some wide open shots and twice fumbled passes that would have resulted in layups. Since IU seemed helpless in the man defense in terms of allowing pts in the paint..I guess there were no alternatives.

  • Hoosier89

    The commonality is also JBJ being off the floor. Watch him on example #2. Turns his back on the ball and closes space on the perimeter on the off-ball side. This exposes the open space in the paint at the free throw line which draws TB up from the baseline allowing the back cut layup.

    Additionally, the biggest thing our zone does is makes our players give space to players without the ball on the perimeter. This allows for more space to play defense on faster guards without getting beat and also allows for better help defense. I also think they watch the ball better instead of face guarding like they do in man to man. I think we would be better suited going man if we can somehow get them to incorporate the benefits we saw of the zone.

  • I do not agree. TB was on the floor during those last two series in the videos and we worked just fine. Bielfeldt is just not big/tall/long enough to play that position effectively against larger B1G guys. I think it’s more a factor that IU started committing to communication and team defense. We just better hope Bryant’s enthusiasm translates to better D sooner rather than later.
    You’re right, ND e open looks though, which helped a lot.

  • inLinE6

    It’s not about TB. It’s not about OG, Bielfeldt or Hartman. Not about Zeisloft. As long as JBJ is off the floor, we have a better defensive unit to win the game. I’m glad CTC finally decided to keep his star on the bench down the stretch.

  • BeatDuke

    Crean is in a pickle with JBJ. JBJ is still learning to play defense, but IS a McDonald’s all American (on offense). Very hard for a coach to not play/start their McDonald’s all American (e.g., what if they still lose; would really take heat from press; not to mention what this could do to recruiting).