• hardly

    sure wish max were here for 4 years..he’s impressive

  • Really? He’s ok.. but he’s only 6′ 7″ playing his best in the middle.. and that is way small for the B1G. if he were here for 4 years, he’d probably never be much more than a good sub for some bigger, more athletic big man underneath. That said, I am glad we do have him for this year and another would be fine also.. But four years would be a bit of a stretch. I wouldn’t go overboard on him.

  • Lance76

    Agreed—-I really like his patience and foot work around the basket. Glad that he is here!

  • hardly

    I was referring much more to his presence – from his interviews, he clearly gets it and doesn’t just say ‘we just gotta play harder.’ I should have been more specific and said off the court he seems to be a big asset. Likely some of this comes with age/experience. On the court he would have started for us for the last 2 years and been a nice anchor to a front line that has bounced back and forth between youth and questionable off court behavior.

  • Well I will agree wholeheartedly with that..