The Minute After: Wake Forest

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Thoughts on an 82-78 loss to the Demon Deacons:

LAHAINA, Hawaii — Indiana had finally found its stride.

After a first half it failed to defend at an acceptable level and Wake Forest had a lot of confidence, the Hoosiers made things more difficult for the Demon Deacons to start the second half. They contested better at the rim and off the perimeter.

On the back of a 9-0 run, Indiana entered the under-8 timeout at the 7:09 mark up 72-63. The heavy-IU crowd was rocking and the Hoosiers were on the verge of closing the door and facing Vanderbilt tomorrow.

But they fell apart down the stretch. The defensive issues crept back in hard. Senior Devin Thomas (game-high 21 points) scored at will on Indiana in the post. Freshman Thomas Bryant just had no chance against him. Welcome to college, kid.

“Still waiting for one of our guys to remember to take away his left hand,” Tom Crean said of Thomas after the game.

Bryant Crawford (13 points) came in off the perimeter for scores on several occasions

The offense and Indiana’s confidence sputtered. Up one with under two minutes to play, Max Bielfeldt air balled a 3-pointer from the left corner. Yogi Ferrell hit nothing but backboard with Indiana’s next shot. For a team with such talent on offense, it was ugly and puzzling.

On Wake Forest’s next possession, Crawford came in off the right wing to the rim and hit the go-ahead score with three seconds left to put the Demon Deacons up one. Just too easy of a score and it happened all too often this afternoon. Suddenly, Indiana had let it all slip away. A last ditch play where Collin Hartman threw a home run pass to Max Bielfeldt instead of checking down for their second option was intercepted. Ball game.

“We just didn’t execute coming down late,” said Bielfeldt.

The stats tell the tale. Indiana allowed 52 points in the paint and 1.11 points per possession. Wake Forest came into this game as the fourth best offensive rebounding team in the country. The Demon Deacons rebounded nearly half their misses (48.6 percent) for 17 second-chance points. They brought a lot of intensity around the hoop and Indiana failed to match them there.

“Wake Forest deserved to win because they played a better game for a longer period of time,”  Crean said. “It’s hard to beat anybody when you play about 15-16 solid minutes.”

Crean, who opted to stand instead of sit at the podium after the game, sugar coated nothing.

“Highly disappointed in some of our efforts, disappointed in some of the toughness and disappointed in myself and some of the substitutions,” he said.

A disappointment this was. It was the first real test of the season away from home, and Indiana just couldn’t put it together for long enough to get over the hump for a victory. But it’s also November in Maui. There is time yet to grow.

“Today we learned a hard lesson and we’re going to learn from it,” said Beilfeldt.

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    I was reaching for the eject button way earlier than 15 minutes, and I mean way earlier.

  • not_fooled

    Blackmon is definately not a point guard, and RJ doesn’t have defending difficulties at times, he has them often. The most surprising was Bryants defense. I’ve seen George Leach play better defense than that.

  • SilentBob

    When you’re feeling pessimistic that’s a bad sign lol. That being said all we can really do is look for silver linings right now. Lots of season left and this is why so many top programs schedule hard non confrence slates. To get exposed early.

  • Fivelefts

    When I was a kid, I was a Michigan fan.. I didn’t like IU until my senior year in HS, when I knew I was going there for college.. I was a region kid, and I was more familiar with the Michigan teams and Illinois, than I was with IU. However, I always admired how Indiana would play those teams.. You knew you were in for a tough game! The fundamentals were followed to the tee! Now.. I can’t hardly take watching this team play like they did last night..smh. I know that CTC is somewhat desperate for talent, but he has to be able to reign these guys in! JBJ and TW needs to ride the pine, if they can’t make sound decisions with the ball! Plain and Simple!


    I waited until I had read all of the back and forth comments between you, Clyde and Straight. I seen nothing in your original comment that would have caused a backlash to the extent that you received. I was thinking that what they finally came out and plainly stated was what they were talking about, but I wouldn’t have been able to be sure either and would probably have asked for clarification as well. IMHO you went out of your way to be civil and not be aggressive back. Have big respect for anyone that works with today’s youth these days, for sure not the easiest thing in the world to do, but so badly needed.


    Easy Straight, easy man. I hear ya ! I can feel your passion and frustration burning through in your words, but I really don’t think C & C was out of line on this one. Maybe I’m wrong, but it sure seemed to me like he was going out of his way to try and get a correct grasp on what you were speaking of and what your view was on it before he went any further. Now don’t get me wrong cause, I’m not trying to be the ITH peacemaker, arbitrator or the thought police, instead just throwing that out there as a somebody that was just sitting back and reading the exchanges. I make this comment to you not trying to tell you that you are wrong, should see the subject differently or that you shouldn’t have even broached the subject, but as somebody that values you as, at the very least, an ITH friend.


    Correct ! You hit the nail on the head.


    I have turned this, “they almost won despite all of the things that they did soooo poorly” thing over in my mind for some time now off and on. I’m starting to wonder if them almost pulling it out isn’t part of the problem, you know gives them the mindset that, “man if just a couple of the shots that normally fall had went in we would still would have won the game so it’s not that we’re as bad as some say we are at these other things, it’s more because a couple of shots that normally drop didn’t and we’ll not have very many games like that”. I’m beginning to think taking a complete and utter beat down (that very well could be the Duke game) by someone that they were supposed to beat would do them more good than almost pulling it out despite doing so many things so terribly.

    Maybe I’m just grasping at straws. I didn’t expect our defense to be nearly as improved as a lot of others did, but at the same time I sure as hell expected it to be better than what it has been. I felt like what “appeared” to be better defense up to before this game was really fools gold, but tried to tell myself that I was probably looking at it that way because I had went on more than just a little bit during the off season about how I would believe that there would be drastic improvement in defense when it actually appeared. Looks like we are still waiting for that appearance. Hopefully it shows itself before long.

  • straight no chaser

    Thanks, Mike, and I never think of you as an intruder. C&C and I were due for a little spat, LOL. It always ends with a bro hug. Btw, the post you responded to was my response to Clyde, clarifying what I thought of his “old white folks” thingy. I love C&C, but I’ve learned how to translate him over the years. I am going to give him heck every time he says “I have no idea” or “maybe I’ve not bright/smart enough”. LOL.


    ‘ ‘

    That sounds more like the Straight that I’ve come to know….Peace ‘

  • straight no chaser

    Ha ha. I like your special effects. Is this a Mikey Smiley: ?

  • calbert40

    You very well could be right. We see the team for about four hours a week, so I don’t feel equipped to adequately address what the team’s physche is.

    I’m not one of those guys who believes the RMK walked on water and was a magician with kids; however, I do remember a particular situation in Ann Arbor in the late 80s when we got DRUBBED by about 30. RMK sat on the bench the entire 2H with his legs crossed and his hands clasped behind his head like he was watching a game on TV. If I recall correctly, he had Norm handle TOs and substitutions too!

    After the game, he said that if the team didn’t want to listen to him, he was willing to let them see how good they were on their own. And that was a HUGE game, and he let them suffer.

    I happen to be one of the few guys who believes Crean is a good coach, but I wish he would toughen up when needed. Hopefully, benching TW and JBJ will send a clear message. I have every confidence they will figure it all out.

  • brandon gavin

    Obama sucks and if you have not figured that out after seven years then I don’t know what to tell ya.


    Sort of I guess. lol The apostrophe marks that ended up at the beginning was supposed to be trailing upwards and away from the end of it.

  • straight no chaser

    Doesn’t always end up looking the way you wanted it to, right? We know that too well as Hoosier fans!


    That was pretty much exactly what I was thinking about when I was pondering if doing that would help. I’m like you when it comes to RMK, he didn’t walk on water, but at the same time he did some unusual things at times that were highly effective. I don’t know if what I was talking about would work abut I feel like we’re almost to the point where we have to try something different, maybe even borderline drastic. I know it’s still very early in the season but with little to no improvement over last year on defense, drastic, sooner rather than later, may be called for. Hope I’m wrong. The UNLV game should give us a clearer picture of whether that’s the case or not. Another defensive performance like we’ve seen the last two games is not going to take drastic off the table IMHO.

    On another note if the remark from TW’s mom’s twitter is actually true, then things may be in worse shape than what a lot of us think or know. Very disconcerting if true.

  • John D Murphy

    My fav was how kept talking about Wake not being able to rebound the ball and then the graphic comes up that they were out rebounding us by 15 at that time.

  • calbert40

    I missed what she said.


    Don’t have a twitter account and I didn’t see or hear the “exact” quote, but it was along the lines of hardly being able to wait to get her son the f#*k out of Bloomington. If the mother of someone who is directly related to, and played AAU for Boo Williams feels this way, makes me wonder what our chances of signing anyone else out of that AAU pipeline is.

  • calbert40

    Oh, I saw that. I will say this…she has a reputation of going profane at the drop of a hat, and people who are like that rarely are as influential as they would like to think that they are.


    Agreed, but here is the flip side of that. TW is seen as one of our top players by the vast majority of non IU fans and the up and coming recruits. Now, while she may not be exerting influence on things that matter, she is for sure not doing us any favors and is giving a bad impression of IU to the parents of other prospective recruits. Right or wrong the impression is made on other people, cause they simply look at it as, “here’s a person who should be in the know when it comes to how things are done there and has a son that is seeing a lot of playing time and she is saying these kind of things ? !” ” Man there has to be at least a little something to how she is reacting”. Those kind of things DO make a difference whether it’s fair or not. It will make more of a difference with some and little difference with others. With as close as she is with Boo Williams, l’m hoping she isn’t kind echoing what she has heard him say in a non social media type of way.