Film Session: Eastern Illinois

  • 11/16/2015 9:23 am in

The Hoosiers cruised to an 88-49 win over Eastern Illinois on Friday night in their season opener.

We’ll take a look at some James Blackmon Jr. defense and two Thomas Bryant scores in the latest edition of Film Session.

Blackmon Jr. fires up a contested 3-pointer:


It misses. On the rebound and outlet, Cornell Johnston brings the ball up the court. Robert Johnson, who had been guarding Johnston during this stretch of play, is behind the action. Blackmon Jr. recognizes this and picks up the ball:


Blackmon Jr. sticks with him as they hit the perimeter:


Johnston makes a move left:


Blackmon Jr. is able to stay with him enough to get a hand up high as the shot goes up:


It’s hard to tell whether Blackmon Jr. deflects the ball or not — he wasn’t credited with a block in the box score — but his pressure on the shot has the ball not even hitting any of the rim. Bryant grabs the air ball:


He passes to Johnson who comes up the court and shovels to Blackmon Jr.:


Blackmon Jr. drives in off the perimeter, pulls up and hits for two points:


This is simple, basic defense. Recognize and pick up the ball handler in transition. But Blackmon Jr. struggled with the fundamentals last season. So for him to miss the shot, but stay engaged to play sound defense immediately after that and then come back down and score is improvement.


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  • GaHoosier

    As always, excellent film session!

    When JBJ dribbles with his head-up and/or is set and ready to shoot…he is deadly! I kinda watched the game live, I have four kids so it wasn’t easy. I watched the replay later that evening on BTN plus and I too was impressed with JBJs defense. He was more active, moved his feet, and kept his hands up. He still has a long way to go, but showing signs of progress.

    Bryant is a beast. He still needs to improve his passing and footwork, but his energy and passion is insane. You can teach a young man to pass and move his feet, if we wants to learn; but you can’t teach energy and passion! If he stays heathy and stays for two years, watch out BIG10…he could be POY.

  • Lance76

    I have noticed many of the slashers have added/used more “pause” dribble to park and pass their defensive man. Now how about a few more ball fakes.
    Bryant does not play like a freshman. His tech was likely a way of saying “I have arrived” to Hoosier Nation. He will be fun to watch vs bigs in the Big Ten