Film Session: Bellarmine

  • 11/12/2015 9:07 am in

On Indiana’s ensuing possession, Hartman makes space for Ferrell with a screen. He’s able to spot Bryant on right block and makes the pass:


Bryant catches and goes to work:


Yasin Kolo sinks back near the basket to help on Bryant and that leaves his man Hartman open in the left corner. Bryant makes the pass to Hartman:


While Hartman could have probably launched a 3-pointer here, he opts instead to take the space he’s got to the rim:


With the defense collapsing to the ball, Hartman tosses a nifty pass to Bryant:


Bryant fakes up to get a defender airborne:


And finishes with his left hand:


While the Hoosiers are still figuring out how to play with a more traditional big man again, here was a possession where going inside-out ended with a nice bucket for Indiana.


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  • BillD

    Page 2 has bell1 video at the bottom. I’m guessing it should be bell2.

  • Fixed.

  • Bellermine put on a clinic on how to move the ball with the pass not the dribble. They clasped IU’s “key” defense by quick ball movement, then drive and kick. If IU used an offense like Bellermine with IU’s talent, they would be tought to beat. The dribble weave 25′ out just doesn’t work, period.

  • PBzeer

    I remember thinking last year following the Butler game, that IU finally understood the value of defense. Hopefully this season the lesson sticks a bit better and longer.

  • TomJameson

    “just doesn’t work, period” … That is how you describe the #9 offense in the NCAA last year?

  • Did they win the Big Ten? Did they advance to the sweet 16? How many of their games did they win during the months of January and February? I said they have all kinds of talent, I know they need to improve their defense, I’m just suggesting that in IMHO CTC could improve his offensive scheme with passing. OK, forget the word “period”. I will limit my concern to only the dribble weave, would that make you happy?

  • TomJameson

    Hahahaha … you edited what you initially said to “mellow” it out a tad, but still, I think it’s a little critical of an offense that was #9 in the country last year. But yes, I agree that any offense can get better.