Newcomers impress during Haunted Hall scrimmage

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Playing in front of superheroes and princesses of all ages, the Indiana men’s basketball team faced off against each other in a scrimmage as a part of the annual Haunted Hall of Hoops event on Saturday at Assembly Hall.

Split into red and white teams, the red squad knocked off white 57-49 in what ended up being a 26-minute game.

The red team was made up of James Blackmon Jr., Troy Williams, O.G. Anunoby, Max Bielfeldt, Harrison Niego, Ryan Burton and Josh Newkirk.

Team white was led by Yogi Ferrell, and also had Thomas Bryant, Nick Zeisloft, Robert Johnson, Colin Hartman, Juwan Morgan and Tim Priller.

Both Hartman and Newkirk sat out due to injuries.

“This is always an event that we look forward to,” IU associate head coach Tim Buckley said. “It’s been really neat to see this grow and develop, and we really appreciate the families that come out who ordinarily might not be able to make it out or this is their only opportunity to see the Hoosiers, and I think our guys take a lot of pride in that.”

Blackmon Jr. led all scoring with 17 points for the red team. Anunoby added 15 points, Williams 13 points and Bielfeldt scored 9 points and had 9 rebounds.

Anunoby was the surprise of the day as he stood out on both ends of the floor.

“(Anunoby) needs to understand what his strengths are and understand what the things are he’s got to get better at,” Buckley said. “He’s a guy that will eventually develop and play out on the perimeter and he can do that at times now but he can also really post up and be strong inside. He’s big and physical so he may have to guard those types of matchups.”

Blackmon Jr., who underwent offseason knee surgery looked good running the floor, showing no signs of his injury. He played point guard for a large chunk of the scrimmage to get more comfortable running the offense.

“I think he’s getting there, I think he shot it pretty well today if I’m not mistaken,” Buckley said. “I think when the fatigue set in that’s when he missed but he’s fighting through that, and I think he’s done a terrific job both mentally and physically bouncing back from his injury.”

Ferrell and Bryant led the white team with 15 points each.

Buckley said that the Hoosiers could have some bigger lineups on the court this year, especially with Bielfeldt’s improvement.

“I think Max played pretty well, he has really expanded his game since the time he got here,” Buckley said. “He’s handled the ball more than he had before so I think now understanding when to shoot it and when to kick it, how to set up other guys. He’s a really good passer out of the post and I think he’s got really good poise in the post.”

He sees this team as one that is very versatile and can matchup with any team.

“Basketball is becoming more of a matchup game than a position game,” Buckley said. “I think you are who you can guard.”

Bryant was another player that has impressed the coaching staff and figures to be a main cog in the offense. He received high praise after the scrimmage.

“I don’t think Thomas (Bryant) has had too much trouble with crowds,” Buckley said. “I think he’s a guy that really changes things for you offensively because he reminds me of Cody (Zeller) in that you can run offenses through him.”

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  • cooper

    Interesting comment about running offense through Bryant. Don’t see it this year with how much guards like to touch the ball but maybe next year if he stays

  • HoosierMitch

    Really enjoyed the scrimmage. OG was better than I thought. Bryant as advertised. It’s gonna be a fun year.

  • marcusgresham

    Charges may eventually be brought up against Crean because he may have just stolen OG!

  • BrianS

    If you saw any of Hysteria Bryant’s team in the scrimmage looked for him nearly every time down the court! I suspect they’ll do what Crean says or have a seat!

  • Rantool

    I told my buddy yesterday that when we attended Hoosier Hysteria O.G.really impressed me as a guy with a nose for the ball! I said I thought he would end up being the sleeper get of this freshman class! We also told him I thought Blackman looked very comfortable with the ball in his hands and made some great decisions. I told him I think Blackman needs to be playing some point guard! I also told him I was very impressed with Max Beilfeldt and his shooting and over-all court presence! I also concluded that Thomas Bryant was a starter from day 1 and runs the floor in Zeller like fashion! And I concluded that I thoght all the freshmen would be contributers! The improvemnt of William’s outside shooing will be big as well! We have a lot of weapons on this team, and it appears defense has been a point of emphasis as well! Go Hoosiers!

  • TomJameson

    The offense will mainly go through TB if Coach Crean says it will. LOL

    That will be okay because, if reports can be believed, Bryant can pass out of the post pretty well, and that is perfect for what CTC is wanting. Ball goes in to TB, defense starts to collapse, TB passes the ball out to the perimeter or to a cutter, or he hits his own shot.

  • Your report on your conversation with friends suggests you are very excited about this year’s team. You went 9 for 10 in using exclamation marks at the end of sentences, with only one non-exclamatory statement, suggesting you are relatively less excited about JBJ’s ball-handling.

    I also basically agree with everything you reportedly told your friend. And I share your enthusiasm!

    Let’s beat Duke.

  • Lance76

    If Bryant plays and passes out of the post closer to CZ than NV then the offense is going to be amazing. Top 50 defense will have them challenging for Big Ten title. Defense remains to be seen, but I can’t help but think players are smart and instructed by coaches (and NBA) about need for defense.

  • straight no chaser

    And I hate when they spell it Blackman!!!!!

  • Bill Graham

    Earth to Juwan? Anybody there?

  • Okay, so, yeah, I’m starting to get that tingle. No, not THAT tingle, the one that says basketball season is starting up. It’s been a touch delayed what with restarting my career and watching the Colts stink up the joint, but it’s starting to ramp up. Can’t wait until I can see the Hoosiers play without forking over $10 to BTN (which I might do for a month anyways, just to see the exhibition games).

  • Lance76

    FYI—-I have direct Tv and the BTN lists the two Indiana exhibition games a day or two later on BTN. Don’t know about third game yet.

  • marcusgresham

    Surely to god he’s a better passer than Vonleh. I feel extremely confident that Bryant will exceed Noah’s 18 assists from his freshman year–likely by Christmas.

  • marcusgresham

    He’ll be OK. The good thing is OG’s emergence may allow him to come along at his own pace instead of being thrown to the wolves before he’s really ready.

  • Hmmm, thanks! Where exactly are you seeing the games listed? I certainly don’t need to watch those games live.

  • Lance76

    Ottawa listed BTN 11:00am Wed 11/01/15
    Bellarmine listed BTN 8:30 pm Tues 11/10/15 both are on the listing on the TV screen guide

  • Bill Graham

    Ya. He’s probably doing a lot of the small things right. I’d just like to see him get some buckets.

  • Ms hoosier

    I payed the $10. Just couldn’t wait to see the Hoosiers play. I’m excited about the season just hope the team can meet expectations. Go Hoosiers!!

  • SilentBob

    Not sure if someone has beat me to this comparison or not, but from the little of I know of OG, he reminds me a lot of another guy of Nigerian descent. No, not Victor Oladipo, but Al-Farouq Aminu. Their bodies and athleticism are extremely similar, and I think OG could develop into a bit of a swizz army knife like Aminu is at the next level. I could see OG having a similarish role that Aminu did with the Mavs last year, and as his career goes on taking on a bigger role like Aminu is this year with the Blazzers. I see him possibly developing into the third or fourth best scorer on the team and just being a super reliable 10 points, six rebounds kind of guy. With those long arms he can be an extremely versatile defender, and looks like he can step out to hit an occasional three for us on the offensive side.

  • Okay, yep, found them and they’re set to record. Thanks again!

  • Is that really necessary? Here you have a Freshman, whi is making a very big jump in his basketball career, trying to adjust to a wole host of changes.. and some wise punk gets on here and posts a ‘put down’ like that? Hmmmm… Makes you wonder where your heart really lies. Certainly not a very compassionate post to say the least.

  • vanpastorman

    And our shooters will feast. When Jeffries was at IU he made Fife,Hornsby,and Coverdale great shooters because they were so open. I have to think that Blackmon,Ferrell,and the rest of our shooters are happy to have TB on campus.

  • marcusgresham

    At least for this season, I don’t think scoring is going to a major part of his game.

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t think he meant it to be insulting. At least I hope not.

  • marcusgresham

    You mean 11/4 for the Ottawa game, correct? 11/1 is today and they haven’t played yet.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    I agree. But I think Bryant will have a better supporting cast to receive his passes.


    Plus he has been matched up against TB quite a bit of the time as well. I haven’t been to either one of the public scrimmages, but that is my understanding.

  • Yep, typo.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Interesting thing I noticed about all the news and commentary on Anunoby: It’s delighted yet restrained in tone. Can someone who watched the scrimmage tell me if he looks talented but just happens to be raw?

    Now, it wouldn’t bother me if that were the case. Players like that never fail to remind me of Oladipo in his first year. I just want to know how to evaluate what I’m reading, that’s all.

  • How could it not be insulting? Earth to Marcus.. anybody there?.. Now did that feel insulting to you? It just sounded too much like a…. The lights are on, but no one’s home kind of a put down. I do not think anything Juwann has done out there, puts him in a category for that kind of criticism… It wasn’t that long ago that guys on here were saying he could well turn out to get some meaningful minutes this year. Go figure.

  • marcusgresham

    I wasn’t there Saturday but I know he was guarding Thomas at HH.

  • marcusgresham

    OK, when you put it that way maybe so. Ouch. You hurt my feelings. lol
    I was taking it as a more subtle, “hey, Dude, look what these other guys are doing,” but I totally see your point.

  • marcusgresham

    That is an excellent point I hadn’t considered. Noah was pretty much the second best from outside on that team. It was pretty much “The Land that Jumpers Forgot.”

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Hang in there Mark. I have to put up with the Chicago Bears season. Colts better off and amen to IU’s basketball season to start.

  • I don’t know, man. At least the Bears weren’t hyped up as Super Bowl favorites, only to completely and utterly suck. 🙂 But, yeah, onward with basketball! I mean, nothing else really matters, does it?

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    That is correct! Right on!