A.J. Guyton shares letter from IU forward Max Bielfeldt

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Former Indiana guard A.J. Guyton is active and opinionated on Twitter, but earlier today, the Peoria (Ill.) native offered Hoosier fans a glance at a letter he recently received from Max Bielfeldt.

Bielfeldt, who transferred to Indiana this offseason for his fifth and final season of eligibility, is also from Peoria and recently wrote the following letter to Guyton, who played in Bloomington from 1996 through 2000.

Mr. Guyton,

My name is Max Bielfeldt. I grew up in Peoria my entire life and played in your basketball camps over the summers. I’m not sure if you heard, but I decided to transfer for my 5th year from Michigan to play at IU for my final year of eligibility.

I wanted to apologize for everything you have had to deal with as an alumni of this university, and I wanted to personally tell you that I will do everything in my power to lead this team from within to make you proud to cheer for the Hoosiers without any distraction. I understand that this basketball program is special, and it is an honor to be apart of this storied tradition, even if it is only for 9-10 months.

If you have any advice on what this program needs, or even just want to grab lunch when I’m home in Peoria, don’t hesitate to call or text. Go Hoosiers.

Max Bielfeldt

Although it’s not clear what issues specifically Bielfeldt is referring to, one would assume he’s talking about the off court troubles that IU has been dealing with over the past couple of years.

The 6-foot-8 Bielfeldt averaged 5.1 points and 3.6 rebounds in 14.5 minutes per game last season at Michigan.

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  • CreamandCrimson

    What does it say about the program? Shouldn’t that message have already gotten across loud and clear by now? The leadership on the team (apparently from top to bottom) has been, potentially still is, very poor or even nonexistent. The actions over the past 18 months have made that abundantly clear.

    I don’t think this letter says anything additionally about the leadership in the program that hasn’t already been shown through actions and results (and said publicly by many players and the coach himself). If reaching out to someone outside the program (since we already knew those in positions of authority inside the program aren’t being listened to) can help improve the leadership or help build back even a shred of pride between now and the end of the season, I’m all for it.

  • ForeverIU

    calbert you need to slow down too. By the time you wrote the last line, you had already put out your verdict. Okay, I should have said “as a man of honor”, and then proceeded to say what I want to say about CTC. But for an English guy, wouldn’t that have also sounded condescending and sarcastic? There are days, yes, when I can’t stand CTC, but there are also times when I laud and adore him, no? It’s just how it is when you’re a celebrity figure.

    When Hanner got his DUI, you were holier than holier-than-thou. The smear campaign against him at the time was incredible. I supported CTC in his dismissal of Hanner, but that’s only because I felt that that was the natural conclusion of a troubled relationship, and CTC I think was just as culpable for having lost control of his team.

    Maybe CTC would have given Max permission to write that letter. If I were coach, I would have said to Max: “You have barely put on the stripes, and your are ‘apologizing’ for the shortcomings of our program? Etc. etc.”.

    I’m also happy to know that it is hard for you (and perhaps others) how to take me. Consistency and clean resolutions are for Hollywood and debate teams. IU basketball is a mystery, and to the extent that I reflect the mystery, then you will not find me consistent on anything. I share my honest sentiments and thoughts of the moment. Can you make a good case for why a fan should be consistent? We go on what we see, and what we see does not have an inherent logic, so why impose one? I’ll leave logic and diplomacy to the writers and pundits who have reputations to protect and narratives and agendas to push. Not me; I’m just a fickle fan. LOL!



  • ForeverIU

    I’d like to meet your mentor please, LOL!

  • ForeverIU

    What you have suggested is the next best option after boycott, LOL!

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    Classy, no one else wants to step up and be a leader. props Max and GO HOOSIERS!!

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Given yogi’s on court and off court issues in the past why wouldn’t you think he’s part of the problem? For those unaware, there were more than a handful of times last year where yogi stood around on the court and threw his arms up and down in disgust at his teammates. Maybe it is reading tea leaves, but I never had a sense last year that JBJ or RJ or even some others really looked up to yogi, at least on the court. That’s just a sense or impression. Do you agree that Crean’s recent comments are a direct in your face call out of yogi’s lack of leadership? I just think at this point that leadership needs to come from the non-yogi’s and yogi needs to accept that.

    I know my opinions aren’t popular on these threads, but hey, its a discussion thread. For me, I think that this coming season depends on how yogi behaves as a PG. If he makes it his mission to help his teammates excel, then IU will overachieve. But yogi is a senior, wants to play in the nba, and may decide that he should get his points, be the first option, etc. If IU is a yogi-centric team this year, with him pounding the rock for his benefit, I think they will be mediocre.

  • JT Thomas

    I completely agree, for as good as Yogi plays he hasn’t been a leader on or off the court. As for Crean’s comments, at this point I think he said it so someone, ANYONE, will respond with a little urgency. This team does have crazy potential but, like you said, if we play Yogi ball we only improve by about 3-4 games.

  • bobbymc

    First off, AJ is not “outside the program”–he is a very involved alumni that was just voted into the hall of fame. Second, I GUARANTEE similar letters were sent to former players from all members of the mens basketball team which I am sure CTC constructed this project. I think you are reading between the lines a little much here.

  • calbert40

    I believe that HMP should have been dismissed when he was arrested for his DUI. I stand by that assertion, and I was really hard on Crean for being too lenient. I don’t believe saying a player should be dismissed from the team for committing a crime is smearing him, or exhibiting a “holier than holier than thou” attitude. I didn’t call him names or besmirch his character. In fact, I called guys on the carpet for doing exactly that. He made a mistake (a big one), and I believed he should have paid more for it than he did. Crean saw it differently than I did, I expressed my displeasure on the handling of the situation, and I moved on from it.

    So far as consistency goes, I have never heard of someone lauding the benefits of inconsistency as you just did. I can’t think of a single situation where inconsistency is a positive characteristic. Your suggestion that logic, consistency and “clean resolutions” are not to be applied to IU basketball is one I disagree with completely. All of those things can be applied to all situations. People, such as us, may disagree on the issues, but when we apply logic and consistency to the issues, we will find that we can be more diplomatic and less emotional in our approaches to the issues.

    And one more thing: just because I am an “English guy,” doesn’t mean that I can understand the message you are trying to convey, especially in print. Had we been sitting across a table from one another, I imagine that we would have understood one another perfectly fine. I had not given a “verdict” regarding your post and your thoughts. Had I already had one, I would have called you out on it, and I believe my posting history on this site would back up that contention. When I read that post, I was surprised, and that is why I wondered aloud if I was mistaken. I was giving you an opportunity to clear it up for me. You have done that, but not in the way I expected.

  • Robert Golden

    It’s a flash in the pan gimmick. Crean has zero recruiting momentum!

  • Pete4192

    Well, since Max wrote Coach Knight as well, and other players received letters (Jadlow, Benson to name the ones I am personally aware of) I think you are not understanding that this was a project, most likely, of CTC’s doing. And it’s not a bad thing. Have you ever made an offer for a car at a car dealer and they have you sign your name on the offer paper? It creates a subconscious acceptance of what is on the paper-in this case a subconscious acceptance of not doing things to screw up again. If you get the added push of a relationship between the current players and former players/coaches and creating synergy within the program, it’s just an added plus.

  • iubase

    A Glue guy but he is not the leader of the team. Yogi is. Players will also respond to Nick Troy and Colin. But the best player – the all american – in his last yr is the one who has to step up.
    I think he will step up. Max and the others I mentioned including Bryant will push each other and the others hard. The team will then develop the chemistry it needs to do the dirty work that will lead to good D and success.

  • That’s more than 10 rebounds per 40 minutes. I’ll take that.

  • Bill Graham

    I have two problems with most of the posts on this article.

    1: People complain about IU lacking leadership and then bash a guy who tries to lead.

    2: People are referring to AJ Guyton as someone who is “outside the program.” Newsflash AJ Guyton bleeds Cream and Crimson. Even if he isn’t on the coaching staff there is no reason he can’t be consulted. All people want to do is twist things around on CTC. “Well what if CTC put him up to it?”….GOOD! AJ considered it respectful! So good move!

    Get a grip man… I don’t care if he wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth! Leadership is leadership and we need a leader.

  • ForeverIU

    Okay, I assume you are addressing me, among others, LOL. When I say he is outside the program, I mean it in relative terms, as in relative to our coach. I also said I want Max to be a leader, but I want CTC to be the better leader. So get you facts straight, buddy! LOL. And Go Hoosiers!

  • ForeverIU

    Yeah, I explained to Bill Graham above that “outside the program” is relative, relative to our coach that is. Of course I love AJ and consider him part of IU tradition.

    How can you be sure CTC “constructed this project”? If he did, I would be surprised.

  • ForeverIU

    Wait a minute. How do we know Max wrote to all of these people? I want to see his letter to Knight, and, better still, Knight’s response. Also, I get your point about writing as a kind of affirmation, but affirmations to me are about a happy optimistic outlook. Max’s letter begins with a tone of shame regarding IU basketball.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    …improve 3-4 games…that sounds about right. I have been flummoxed by yogi because I think he has worlds of talent but he seems somewhat disinterested in really pushing himself to be a very elite player. He’s good, but just seems to make too many mistakes to be elite. Bryce Cotton was in a similar situation and really upped his game his senior year…now has a solid nba career under way.

  • Casey

    I think what you meant to say is Yogi is SUPPOSED to be the leader of this team. He has been anything but.