Video: Tom Crean talks to reporters in Fort Wayne

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Tom Crean spoke in Fort Wayne on Sunday, August 9 at a dinner event for “Youth for Christ of Northern Indiana” and spoke to reporters about a variety of topics, including the status of James Blackmon Jr., the addition of Max Bielfeldt and more.

Watch the availability below:

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  • sarge

    The close up of CTC in this video reminds us all of another one of his very underrated and unheralded talents as our coach, he is always clean shaven. The attention to detail on that shave is representative of the attention and emphasis he places on all aspects of our game. Does he have it professionally done? Loved that ITH could help me point that out:-)

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    if there’s one thing i can’t stand, it’s unclean-shaven basketball coaches. you don’t see coach k with a trace of facial hair! though i think that’s mostly because the ‘just for men’ he uses to paint his head doesn’t work on five day shadows. he’d end up looking like hollywood hogan sans muscles

  • SCHoosier

    Appreciated the candor about what Thomas Bryant has and needs to improve on as a player. The Kid was a MacD All-American..but “has and needs to improve his improve strength & vertical .” I suppose that’s true of all freshmen..but Bryant’s need for development needs to temper our expectations of him this freshman year.


    I’m not really worried about him shaving. He could look like he belongs in Duck Dynasty or ZZ Top. It’d be nice to see him learn for from his mistakes. I say he doesn’t shave til he goes an entire season without getting boo’d.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    i think he’ll still be a huge contributor, and it’s nice that we won’t need him to have a high ppg to do so. where the strengthconditioning and vertical might hurt him (coupled with his high energy) is getting into foul trouble.

  • banarish

    “My-raid”?? ohhh, oh no. smh :’-(

  • TomJameson

    Really ??? Is that what you got from that interview, that he mis-pronounced a word ??

  • banarish

    I hope I wasn’t the only one.

  • Bill Graham

    I too like the honesty about TB. I don’t think its fair to expect TB to come in and avg a double double every game. I’d be happier with him in double digits in rbds than in pts. In my opinion TB is to IU (this year) as Kennedy Meeks was to North Carolina (last year). Just lock down the paint on D and on the rare chance that Yogi misses a three maybe rebound it and slam it home for an and one and maybe miss the free throw and get the rebound and slam it for another and one and simply repeat the process the whole game. Nothing too crazy you know.

  • Bill Graham

    From Tom Crean’s Dictionary:

    My-raid… as in My raid of a UK T-shirt store for extra toilet paper.
    My raid… as in My raid of Coach K’s recruits.
    My raid… as in My raid of Mackey Arena and all of their self-esteem.

  • TomJameson

    LOL … No, I noticed that. And things like that, along with misspellings and miss-usages of the English language (your/you’re) LEAP off the page at me … but the thing is that I don’t take that away as the main takeaway in an interview. Well, unless it butchers the whole interview. lol

    No harm in having a little fun though, I guess.

  • banarish

    it wasn’t the ONLY thing I took from the interview, perhaps just the most emotional thing. LOL. I want to think he’s a pretty smart guy, but that kinda stuff makes it a lot harder. But I should cut him some slack. We’ve all mispronounced words. As long as he gets this team to win more than 2 games in the tournament, he can say My Raid all day long…