Introducing the #iubb banners hat

  • 08/10/2015 10:41 am in

With summer still hanging on, we’re proud to announce the #iubb banners hat, designed by yours truly.

The white New Era adjustable cap features Indiana’s iconic five banners embroidered on the front with #iubb over the back opening.

It’s available for pre-order starting today via our partner Underground Printing for $24.99. Click on the “OS” size to activate the Add to Cart button.

The hats begin shipping on August 19th.

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  • inLinE6

    Last banner was almost 30 years ago… I’d rather wait until we get another one. LOL.

  • marcusgresham

    I wonder if there’s a Kentucky hat like this that lists all their probations.

  • Rosco73

    Not to be too negative, but am I the only one who thinks these hats don’t look good? They are just too plain for me. The banners in line like that looks odd, especially for the front of a hat.

  • JerryYeagley23

    The banners don’t even say NCAA Champions. Pass.

  • Arch Puddington

    My thoughts exactly. I understand the need to include IU’s great historical achievements in our marketing, but this comes across as forced and frankly kind of desperate. The banners are great, but they are nonetheless relics of a very different era. Gotta find something less out of touch to put on hats (not to mention something better looking, as Rosco73 points out below).

  • inLinE6

    Agree. I’d rather embroider them inside of the hat.

  • b_side

    Seriously. I think we’d all prefer that these hates go out of style within the next 3-5 years.


  • sdpolley

    I could see my grandpa wearing this hat. maybe?

  • Hoosier Hall

    Everyone’s a critic Ryan. Don’t take it too hard bro. I think it looks great, the only improvement would be another banner on there!

  • yimyames

    Let me know when the clearance presale starts, along with the free shipping promo.

  • Hoosier78

    It’s a good looking hat. Don’t know why everyone is such a hater.

  • N71

    Sales may be lower than you’re wanting because it would appear people don’t find them appealing. Instead, develop a hat people want. Look to trends in apparel in particular and develop 3 or 4 concepts. Put renderings on this site for people to weigh in with preferences and suggestions for improvements. This way you’ll have a product the group here has helped developed, should in theory like, and will be more likely to purchase. Start with a good hat, for example, if you look at apparel (ball caps) early adopters/trend setters (precursor to mass appeal) lean towards a worn country mess look or highly tailored performance materials. Therefore a worn, faded, mesh, country looking IU hat would probably be on point. Also in line would be a wicking running type hat with smart looking piping. The next step would be graphics, the banners just don’t seem to translate due to the small amount of space you’re working with.

  • This is good constructive criticism. Thank you.

    The first thing I realized today based on initial feedback was that crowdsourcing out ideas would have been smarter. But often in life, you have to fail to learn. We’ll see what happens next time out if we decide to try another product.

    That said, UGP doesn’t offer running hats nor “worn, faded, mesh, country” hats (unless people want to dirty these up themselves). So there were constraints on what we could offer.

    And there are plenty of people that would have preferred the fitted New Eras over the adjustables we went with. Like Jamie —

    Also: When I get the sample hat of this, I certainly realized it’s not best practice to do a long horizontal design on the front of the hat. But we let it into the wild despite that.

    Anyway, yeah: Thanks again for the feedback.

  • Bdub-hoops

    I would consider adding the banners as designed on this hat as an accent (along the side or on the back) to a hat with a classic IU logo or something similar on the front. I would buy that hat. Good stuff, keep it up

  • I like this idea.

    I actually stayed away from an IU logo because I thought we would avoid royalties.

    Turns out IU is taking royalties on this guy regardless.

  • IULore

    I gotta say…. ew… But I understand the constraints.

  • AssemblyBall

    Nice….maybe you can follow this up with a Cleveland Browns hat that celebrates their NFL Championships of 1950 1954 1955 1964 or a Cubs hat that has 1907 1908 on it.