Open Thread: Who are your top 10 players in IU history?

  • 08/07/2015 9:28 am in

Earlier this week, The Sporting News released its list of top 10 players in IU basketball history. (Inside the Hall once published a similar list in 2008.)

The full Sporting News list is available here, but it reads as follows: 1. Isiah Thomas; 2. Steve Alford; 3. Scott May; 4. Calbert Cheaney; 5. Don Schlundt; 6. Kent Benson; 7. Walt Bellamy; 8. Alan Henderson; 9. Branch McCracken; 10. Mike Woodson

As we like to do from time-to-time with an open thread, we’re curious to know your list of top 10 players in IU basketball history down in the comments.

Is Isiah a deserving No. 1? Is Calbert Cheaney too low at No. 4? And what about George McGinnis and Quinn Buckner? Do they belong inside or outside the top 10?

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