Open Thread: Who are your top 10 players in IU history?

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Earlier this week, The Sporting News released its list of top 10 players in IU basketball history. (Inside the Hall once published a similar list in 2008.)

The full Sporting News list is available here, but it reads as follows: 1. Isiah Thomas; 2. Steve Alford; 3. Scott May; 4. Calbert Cheaney; 5. Don Schlundt; 6. Kent Benson; 7. Walt Bellamy; 8. Alan Henderson; 9. Branch McCracken; 10. Mike Woodson

As we like to do from time-to-time with an open thread, we’re curious to know your list of top 10 players in IU basketball history down in the comments.

Is Isiah a deserving No. 1? Is Calbert Cheaney too low at No. 4? And what about George McGinnis and Quinn Buckner? Do they belong inside or outside the top 10?

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  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Why isn’t Steve Downey on anyone’s list?

  • Steve Shoda

    Isiah, May, McGinnis, Alford, Bellamy, Benson, Cheaney, Schlundt, Zeller, Edwards, Wilkerson, Woodson, Wittman, Oladipo, Buckner, Jeffries, Bailey, Tolbert, Graham, Darryl Thomas


    I have. But I didn’t really pay much attention when I was 6 and younger.

  • curtis south

    J,J choked HARD! I really dont even want to think about our loss to the Terps!

  • Jeremy

    Isaiah great player / Poor coach

  • Hoosier_PD

    My favorites since watching IU in the 83-84 season.

    Steve Alford, Calbert Cheaney, Damon Bailey, Alan Henderson, Andrae Patterson, AJ Moye,AJ Guyton, DJ White, Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo.


    No he won’t.

  • Guyton25

    I’d say they’re both in the top 20 for sure.

  • Guyton25

    While I don’t disagree, you have to put emphasis on playing all 4 years I think. I would put Yogi over Zeller for that reason, but they’re close.

  • marcusgresham

    Yeah, it was 5 for me. The first college game I can specifically remember watching was the 76 championship game, which would have been in late March. I turned 6 a couple of weeks later.

  • marcusgresham

    Worse executive.

  • IUPatrick

    Alford, May, Cheaney, Thomas, Benson, Buckner, Woodson, Henderson, Downey, Ferrell. I give more props for players who played 3 or more years. Isaiah made such an impact in his two years that it was hard to leave him off.

  • Hoosier Hall

    If Yogi leads us to a Final Four or National Championship then that would vault him into the top ten.

  • curtis south

    Wow I looked at a lot of those list’s and there are a few players with very few mentions that I thought was some of the greatest since I have been watching IU basketball. 1982 or close to that. Michale Lewis! Jeff Newton! Kirk Hastings! Dane Fife! There are so many outstanding ball players that have come through my beloved IU is hard to nail down just a few!

  • Hoosierkamp

    I think people forget olidipo was runner up for national player of the year. Ice’d the big ten title, and hit the nail in the coffin 3 against temple to avoid disaster….. I think Dipo is ahead of zeller and is a top 10 player. He was also defensive player of the year.

  • iwogisdead

    I put Quinn ahead of Thomas based on longevity, defense, and leadership. Quinn was 108-12, .900 winning percentage. Thomas was 47-17, .730. No question, though, that Thomas had superior offensive skills.

  • Yankeeman

    How do you leave off Jimmy Rayl from that list? Not disagreeing with any of the other names mentioned. Also the VanArsdale twins should get at least a mention. Jimmy Rayl might have been the most prolific scorer at IU especially had the 3pt line been around then. Just a couple other guys to consider.

  • Mr. Mitchell

    It’s my prayer. It’s my wish my hope. Fingers crossed. I’m about to double down on Banner 6. He is the best Indiana kid on the roster and a senior. I personally feel this is our best shot in a while. Yes better than Cody/Vic years. Maryland can get all the hype. We know they can’t handle us. Those near misses at Maryland last year is the motivation along with the hype Maryland is getting.