Indiana lands at No. 14 in updated ESPN preseason top 25

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Indiana athletic director Fred Glass told Podcast on the Brink recently he embraces high expectations for the men’s basketball program.

It appears the Hoosiers will have plenty to live up to entering the 2015-2016 season. college basketball writer Eamonn Brennan released his “No-Longer-Way-Too-Early Top 25 for 2015-16” on Wednesday morning and Indiana is one of four Big Ten teams ranked.

Maryland is Brennan’s No. 1 team in the country and he ranks Indiana at No. 14, Michigan State at No. 19 and Wisconsin at No. 24.

Behind Maryland in the top five are North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and Kansas, a potential opponent for the Hoosiers in November’s Maui Invitational.

Duke, who IU will face in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge at Cameron Indoor Stadium, checks in at No. 6. Notre Dame, this year’s opponent for IU in the Crossroads Classic, is No. 16. Vanderbilt, IU’s potential second round opponent in Maui, comes in at No. 18.

His justification for the top 15 nod for the Hoosiers? An elite offense and the addition of McDonald’s All-American Thomas Bryant.

Maryland is the Big Ten’s runaway favorite, but the competition will be slightly more fierce than what Wisconsin experienced a season ago. (The vast majority of the Big Ten season was played before March, which is why Michigan State didn’t go 18-0.) Indiana is atop that second tier. The Hoosiers are bringing almost all of their considerable offensive firepower back, from guards Yogi Ferrell, James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson, to rim-running four Troy Williams, to the coterie of floor-spacing sharpshooters (Nick Zeisloft, Collin Hartman) that often made Indiana one of the nation’s most watchable teams. Adding No. 6-ranked freshman center Thomas Bryant should mean better interior defense and rebounding, which isn’t saying much, given how bad IU was on that end of the floor last season. But, man, can they put the ball in the bucket.’s Joe Lunardi also released an updated Bracketology which slotted IU as a No. 3 seed.

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  • millzy32

    All good Bob thanks for the chat and have a great weekend.

  • SilentBob

    Yes I understand your point of view and agree with it. You have a good weekend as well

  • SilentBob

    It should be interesting to see how this impacts recruiting for both schools as we are going after a lot of the same players. Does it help, hurt, or do nothing for Arizonas case at Davis? And would it do help, hurt, or do nothing for us if we land one of them in respects to landing the other? Would love to have both in the candy stripes

  • SilentBob

    But just to clarify what I’m saying. I understand the importance and want of a final four and championship. But we gotta have a good season first and continue to do that to maximize are chances of that happening. If we have a good year and exceed expectations and end up being a victim of a buzzer beater in the sweet 16 then I’m not going to call the whole season a bust. However if we go out and get dropped early in the same fashion we did to Syracuse then my back will probably break on my Tom Crean support. It’s already incrediblely stiff and achey lol

  • millzy32

    I’d like to see a four seed or higher in one of the brackets and then at least a sweet sixteen run or better and not losing the game by double digits so I think we’re on the same page. It’s one thing to get knocked out because of an off shooting night but it’s quite another to get knocked out due to poor game planning and poor execution. I don’t see a final four in the cards but stranger things have happened.


    Indiana has won at Michigan State like twice in 20 years. So you kinda have to take in a win over Izzo in the Breslin as a miracle. Just cherish it.

  • Ole Man

    What is your point? It’s impossible to follow.
    Also, quite honestly, your overt bias for CTC gets a little tiresome at times. It makes it impossible to have a real, logical basketball discussion with you. You refuse to see or admit any warts or blemishes that may exist. Frankly, B….it’s getting to the point where it’s almost not worth getting involved with in a discussion with you because you’re so predictable.

  • b_side

    My point is that great teams don’t necessarily overcome one bad game. I offered a concrete example.

    Instead of refuting it or agreeing, you resort to politicizing and generalizing where I currently stand on the Crean spectrum.

    No one twisted your arm to respond. So if you’re not interested it having a discussion, that’s ok too.

  • Jeremy

    Thomas Bryant ranked no# 6 ? Michigan state 18-0?? HMMMM

  • Joe Shawler

    Well the thing is that Hoosier fans have been waiting for another national title for what now 28 years the last shot
    Indiana had at one was in 2002 against Maryland. It’s time
    For Crean to start producing or the way I see it is, they are going to have to get someone in there that can do the job .
    The fans just want to see the program returned to greatness
    as it was in the past. Indiana fans love their team and want to see them do well . And as to your opinion on the fans I think
    You should understand that the fans have been overly patient
    28 years is a very long time so don’t get down on the fans
    For being a little bitter and frustrated.The fans don’t believe
    The problem is the kids or a lack of talent they believe it’s the coach . I live in the heart of Hoosier country and this is what you will hear if you ask just about anyone in southern Indiana.

  • curtis south

    Crean needs to understand how to use a big man before IU can really move to the elite teams! The man absolutely cant work a big man into this run and gun offence!