Thon Maker will remain in the class of 2016

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Orangeville Prep (Canada) big man Thon Maker, one of the top prospects nationally, will not join a program for the second semester of the 2015-2016 college basketball season.

Speaking to reporters at the NBPA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Virginia, Maker said that he will be a class of 2016 recruit and graduate next June.

“I’ll make it official here that I’m definitely going to stay (in high school) and just play it out, take my visits in November, and play another year with my brother (Matur),” Maker said. “So I’m definitely going to stay in 2016. I’m staying with my class.”

Last month, Maker’s guardian Edward Smith said that Maker would graduate in December of 2015 and enroll for the second semester of next season.

When asked if he will play college basketball, Maker told reporters “of course.” The 7-footer added that the pressure of reclassifying became too much.

“I just had to slow down, especially with the books and the traveling and just getting better,” he said. “It all just clogs up your mind and you get stressed out, so I had to cut back a few things. And I also wanted to play with my brother and finally finish out the credits that I need and leave when I’m done.”

Although Maker declined to give a school list when meeting with reporters,’s Jeff Borzello reported that Indiana and Arizona State are still the schools in most consistent contact with him, according to his guardian.

Maker took an unofficial visit to Indiana in March for the regular season finale against Michigan State.

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    Gosh !! I JUST can’t believe that you and marcus don’t believe, ” the one at the helm of Satan’s team “, when he says something. What has that poor man EVER done to either one of you that justifies these comments. The two of you are being completely unfair to a man with such a high standard when it comes to doing things ethically. He should sue the two of you for slander, the jury would find you guys guilty in a pUKe second.

    How’s that for sarcasm ?


    Couldn’t agree more.


    Like Hoosier Hall, I’m thinking that his handler, also rather amusingly known as his ” guardian “, and Calislimy are pretty much two of the same, and as hard as it it to believe (dws), I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Anthony Davis type deal cut for Thon’s services.


    With you on the Rawle thing, he looks like he will be a stud from the word go. Probably be a better overall player as a freshman than what JBJ was, and possibly be close to where JBJ will be as a sophomore, but being able to predict what a true freshman will provide is about as easy as predicting the weather in the Ohio River Valley. lol


    I think the only thing that keeps JBJ in Btown is a noticeable step back in his development or an early season ending injury. I think he is so intent on getting to the next level that even a, on par with last year season, doesn’t keep him in college.

  • marcusgresham

    “If winning is what matters to him,…..”
    Uh, he’s considering Arizona State. That’s not exactly a 60’s-era UCLA tradition.

  • marcusgresham

    I’d say what’s keeping Blackmon in Bloomington is about 4 inches. He’s got little shot of being a successful 2-guard in the NBA at his height.

  • marcusgresham

    I still think “Oubre” sounds like pig Latin.

  • TomJameson

    A most excellent example … no purple font here! LOL

  • SilentBob

    Idk about that. The off ball guard is one of the weakest positions in the NBA right now and the NBA in general has got a lot smaller over the last decade. 6’3 to 6’4 shooting guards are thriving in the NBA like Harden, Wade, Oladipo, Gordon, Reddick, Beal and 6’2 Avery Bradley. Gone are the do it all scorers like Kobe and in is the era of the three and d. If he improves his defense, gets a bit stronger, and shows he can handle to rock then there will be a spot for him.

  • Bill Graham

    Not that my input matters at all… but these would be good names to pursue with that last scholly… kyle washington, pascal chukwu, deji adekunle or somebody like that.

  • MK


  • hoosier93

    He was still pretty good. He can’t help what the media says.