Tony Carr on IU offer: “It means everything”

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Throughout the 2014-2015 season, 2016 guard Tony Carr watched Indiana basketball on TV.

The Hoosiers had just started recruiting the 6-foot-4 guard, ranked No. 91 in the junior class by the 247Composite, and the Hoosiers had already extended a scholarship offer to his close friend, 6-foot-6 junior Lamar Stevens.

So on Saturday, when the Hoosiers finally extended an offer to Carr, the rising senior got exactly what he wanted.

“It means everything, man,” Carr told Inside the Hall on Monday. “I’ve been watching Indiana all season on TV, and I just know it’s a great school and they have great history, great tradition there. And once I heard I got the offer, I was just super excited.”

But for Carr, Indiana’s offer has extra significance.

Stevens has held an Indiana offer since last summer. And the two love to play on the court together. They are part of Team Final (Pa.), which just went 3-1 in the opening EYBL session in Hampton, Va., last weekend and Carr averaged 14.8 points and five assists in the event. Stevens will be transferring to Carr’s high school, Roman Catholic (Pa.), this fall. And for college, Carr said the two would like to play together, as well.

At Indiana, the duo could do just that.

“We just always know where each other’s at,” Carr said. “Me being a point guard, I tend to know where he likes the ball and when he runs the floor where he’s going to end up being so I can throw him an alley-oop or give it to him a little early so he can create looks for himself.

“But I just think about going to college with him because it would make the transition more comfortable and then also we would be able to do what we love, which is playing basketball on the same court.”

And when Carr told Stevens — who visited Bloomington in November — about the Indiana offer, he said his teammate was just as excited for him, too.

“He’s definitely excited for me,” Carr said. “Every time we get mutual offers we get super excited for each other. That’s another opportunity for us to go to the same school.”

Indiana is not the only school to have offered both Carr and Stevens. The two also share offers from Iowa, Penn State, Maryland, La Salle, Rhode Island, Saint Joseph’s, Temple and Xavier.

But when it comes to the individual school, Carr said Indiana is right in the thick of it.

“I definitely like their coaching style,” he said. “They let their players play. They pretty much let Yogi (Ferrell) control the game and they have a great style of offense — great pass and cut. They just let their players play.

“They’ve just said they’re going to make me a better player and help me off the court.”

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  • JWaltFTW

    I wouldn’t count him out just yet. He can still improve, and he already has a good shot.

  • ronb

    That is right they beat the #1, #2 and #5 team that year. Coach has beat more ranked team than anyone in the big.
    Even when we had are poor team after 4 the the 5 starters left our team still beat 2 ranked teams that year. Last year we beat #23 Butler, # 22 Ohio St. and Maryland # 13 with our offense. It was not the defense that got us in the dance or our size it was our offense.

  • Jeremy

    I read a couple comments of people comparing our current offense to what RMK ran. I must respectfully disagree in a very big way. I see nothing similiar to what RMK ran. Back then it was more half court sets and very few run up the floor look for a quick shot. Also, in RMK day is did not matter how good your offense was if you did not play defense you did not get off the pine.

  • sam


  • Michael

    Considering the lack of size and the amount of freshman minutes? Yeah, they lost some close games and they lost to good teams.

    Remember missed dunks by troy at Maryland? Yogis missed ft against Michigan state? I love those players but don’t ignore the fact that they were in a position to win.

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Kelin, r u blocking my comments again? Lol

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    To repeat my comment, why do you think JBJ is good enuff to go pro, his defense is lackadaisical and he is moody when his shot is not falling? He needs much time to develop first.

  • BC Hoosier

    I think its ‘obvious’ that they need backcourt help in 16′. They will have at least 3-5 scholarships open after next year. There’s plenty of room to sign a big.
    They potentially could lose every guard we have except RJ next year. Stan transferred. They’re beyond thin in the backcourt for 16′. CTC has Holt, Morgan, Davis, Priller, and April on the books for 16’…Bryant as well if he’s not one and done. They even have Colin and OG that fit that “big” wing CTC likes to pair with other bigs.
    Side note…PGs and wings are typically the ‘shooters’ on the team.


    He has to learn to use his left hand a whole lot better and be willing to utilize it when driving to the rim. The odd thing about that is when, on the rare occasion he did go to the left this year, he was successful on the vast majority of them.

  • MDHoosier

    I think they were 144 & 145, but it’s the same difference, good players can be developed from that range.

  • b_side

    How does the output against Wichita State factor in to your POV?

  • CreamandCrimson

    You are 100% correct. There are no valid excuses for IU to be in a situation where they don’t have more than one or two serviceable outside shooters or to be in a situation where we don’t have one accomplished post player. I think your concerns about this coaching staff’s ability to put together consistently balanced rosters are very valid…I don’t think it’s time to criticize or question anything about the 2016 class but if this coaching staff stays around for awhile in Bloomington (definitely something that is TBD), the roster balancing/construction will probably need to improve.

  • Ole Man

    Are you talking about this year, Michael?
    The numbers, both the won/loss and the scoring would say otherwise.

  • SCHoosier

    Knights offense required players to shoot a mid-ranged jumper ..often coming off multiple screens …that’s a lost HS, college and the NBA for the most part.

  • marcusgresham

    Oh, I think we did—-I just don’t think that conversation lasted too long because they didn’t want to play for Mike Davis.

  • Drew

    How many recruits have committed on the spot to Indiana immediately after being offered a scholarship? It just doesn’t happen. By all means don’t get your hopes up. Chances are he doesn’t pick IU. Statistically, it is unlikely that any recruit we offer commits to us.

  • Outoftheloop

    Your question is too simplistic to believe! “Yea Coach all I think about is defense…rebounding …hustle…team play…strength and conditioning… 24/7 in the gym…etc. Did I miss anything”?

  • Outoftheloop

    Rivals 141 (Will) 144 (Vic)

  • Outoftheloop

    Duke: Jones and Oakafor = NCAA Banner!

  • Outoftheloop

    If they are good enough, then do what the kids want!

  • Outoftheloop

    The NBA loves shooters and kids that can score the basketball!

  • Outoftheloop

    Add Thomas Bryant and then I agree!

  • Outoftheloop

    Only if you slept through the MD game at The Hall!

  • Realityvill-an

    nice to get good recruits as we have for the last few years…now if we just had a coach things would be looking good

  • eville87

    Who cares? Other teams have freshman and lack of guards or lack of size. They still find a way to compete. Just admit that crean teams don’t do well down the stretch. The last 3 years they have underperformed and the excuses are on coach since he puts the teams together.

  • Ole Man

    And after that loop?

  • Drew

    How many of those made high level impact though? I loved Roth. Great role player who was an assassin from deep. Emmitt has potential. I really like his game. Abell could’ve been something more but he transferred before we found out. Players with a ranking like Carr just don’t usually commit right away and that is okay.

  • SCHoosier

    I was referring to REPORTERS who talk with these guys..just to get their reaction. Some kids take pride on playing D..some don’t. Certainly the coaches scout this part of their game altho you couldn’t tell it with the Hoosiers effort last year. Simplistic question..maybe. Then again anything that would shed some light on IU’s type athletes not being any better than 240th in the country on defense..probably isn’t simple. I’m shocked by the fact my knowledge there is not a reporter who when interviewing Crean didn’t ask him directly WHY the Hoosiers weren’t better and what his plan was to make them better. Did I miss anything?

  • IURob1997

    Agreed. Look at guys like Korver and Reddick. Not atheletes but great shooters and have both had long successful careers.