Five takeaways from Indiana’s loss to Maryland

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CHICAGO – Indiana kept things interesting for Selection Sunday with a 75-69 loss to Maryland on Friday night in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten tournament at the United Center.

The loss dropped the Hoosiers to 20-13 overall and kept them firmly on the NCAA tournament bubble. Here’s a look at five takeaways from the loss to the Terrapins:

· Maryland won the game at the free throw line: In our preview on Friday morning, we mentioned Maryland’s ability to get to the foul line as a major key to the Terrapins’ success offensively. That ability was on full display in this game as Maryland got to the line 33 times for a free throw rate (FTA/FGA) of 67.3 percent.

This wasn’t just the usual suspects for Maryland, it was a team effort. Dez Wells and Melo Trimble combined for 16 attempts, but Evan Smotrycz and Jake Layman each got there six times and Jared Nickens and Damonte Dodd found their way to the stripe as well.

The end result was Maryland taking 11 more free throw than Indiana and outscoring the Hoosiers by seven from the line. In a game that was tight and well contested throughout most of the second half, it was the difference.

· Indiana’s shooting goes cold in second half: Through 20 minutes, it appeared this game was destined to end in the 80’s as Maryland went for 1.23 points per possession in the first half and Indiana wasn’t far behind at 1.17 points per trip.

But neither team shot it well after intermission. Maryland hit just 8-of-21 shots in the second half and Indiana was even worse at 7-of-31. The Hoosiers were particularly cold from behind the 3-point line as evidenced by a 3-of-16 performance from deep after halftime.

So was this just an instance of Indiana not getting good looks or shots just not falling?

“(It was) shots not going in,” Troy Williams said. “Even in the last two or three minutes, Yogi (Ferrell) and Rob (Johnson) had a nice 3 that they usually make, but they just didn’t fall.”

· Emmitt Holt continues his strong play: Freshman forward Emmitt Holt was moved into a bigger role due to the absence of Hanner Mosquera-Perea and he looked much like the player who dazzled early in the season against Pittsburgh in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge.

Holt finished with a team-high 12 rebounds, six of which came on the offensive end, and also had six points in a career-high 25 minutes. He also had three blocked shots. Depending on the availability of Mosquera-Perea moving forward, Holt could be in line for significant minutes in IU’s next game, whether it be in the NCAA tournament or the N.I.T.

“I just did what I do every game,” Holt said postgame. “Crash the class, go hard, set screens. Just everything that we need to do.”

· Troy Williams was IU’s best player: When Troy Williams is engaged, it typically leads to Indiana either winning or being competitive and against the Terps, he was Indiana’s best player.

Williams was efficient offensively as he knocked down five of his nine field goals and he also went 6-of-6 from the foul line and added nine rebounds in 29 minutes. Foul trouble limited his minutes a bit in the first half, but in a span of 3:11 in the first half, he scored 10 of Indiana’s 13 points.

“The bottom line is that he just keeps improving on both ends of the court,” Tom Crean said. “And it really is just really about that, that when he really locks into getting better, and he locks into being where he needs to be – and really it’s about taking the next step defensively for him because look what he’s done with the rebounding, look what he’s done with his efficiency, look at his shot making today. That’s basically what it is.”

· Indiana couldn’t match the physicality of Dez Wells: While Williams was a difference maker for the Hoosiers, it was Dez Wells who was the best player on the floor on this night.

Wells, who is a difficult cover for IU’s guards because of his physicality, did a little bit of everything in finishing with 22 points. When he wasn’t finishing tough shots around the rim, he was making his way to the foul line, where he hit eight of his nine attempts. With Yogi Ferrell spending much of his time guarding Melo Trimble, Indiana struggled to keep Wells in check for much of the evening.

“He’s a really tough matchup just from the aspect that he’s a bigger guard,” Robert Johnson, who spent significant time on Wells, said. “He’s kind of unconventional in the fact that in today’s game, he likes to post up. He makes the simple play.”

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  • cooper

    I guess I’m an anti fan too because 20-13 is a joke when the big10 is not very good this year. Losing to Eastern Wash at home, NW, Purdue twice and the last three reg season games and I’d agree they don’t deserve to go. If they make it, great but they will hardly be robbed if they don’t

  • enickman

    They’ll be tested in the NIT! Welcome to the Crean era at IU. I feel bad for the kids!

  • enickman

    Fingers crossed!

  • enickman

    Agree about EH and certainly hope we get Bryant but unfortunately the coach may still be the coach!

  • Mike Maynard

    Face it, Wisconsin has taken what has belonged to IU all these years. And we’re never going to take it back from them when we have Crean and they have Bo. Just being realistic here.

  • KiddingRight

    Feel the same. Would love to see this team get s chance but all the so-called experts are downgrading IU after Saturday. Lunardi has them out. CBS knocked them down from solid 11 to last four in. Looks like nit our destiny. At least we would be a new mover 1 there.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    looks like the NIT for IU, sad but true, 4-9 in our last 13 games, we could never get over the hump this season. no size, no D spelled disaster

  • enickman

    Agreed, it was the wrist not pUKe.

  • Actually I can accept dissention, it’s when it gets personal against players and coaches that I have a problem. Anyone who thinks IU doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be in the dance, is flat out wrong. Those guys busted their butts for the fans.. There were afew ties during games they may have let down a bit.. but what team doesn’t? Did you see how ‘flat’ Duke came out yesterday? It happens.. This is NO excuse but they’re young and younger players sometimes can get down, without even knowing it.. It happens to all team. We’ve had a pretty good season, with some quality wins… The team absolutely deserves to be in.. Comments like his.. Let him go root for some other team. AND, if you can’t accept my opinion.. that’s your problem.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    SCHoosier…what about yogi’s utter inability to play defense? Its always on full display. Troy is improving. Yogi is not.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    I’m still hoping for a different lineup. I always wanted to see minutes for April and Holt together. Never happened.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Well, we did have April sitting on the bench. He did look good during the cupcake season. He should have seen a few minutes/opportunities. Remember we were all calling for Holt to have a few minutes also…finally he did.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    April would have been way overmacthed in the BIG. in my opinion he and Priller were wasted schollys

  • beer30

    I’m guessing that it’s because they enjoy watching their teams beat us.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    and EH should have been playing 20 minutes a game all year long


    Right there with you, as it seems you now have a lot of the same memories that I have. Now all the great memories you have will become treasures. I came to that realization myself when my father passed away also, that realization was driven home even harder when my sister passed away just 2 months later, and even though I was sure it couldn’t be reinforced any more than it already was, I found out just how wrong I was when my mother passed away not too long after my sister. Everyone’s pain in something like this is different and we all deal with it a little bit differently than anyone else does, but for what it’s worth I know and understand your sadness and pain as much as someone that isn’t you can. Sincerest condolences and thinking of you, your dad and the rest of your family.

  • Mike Maynard

    Okay Ken, have it your way. They deserve to be in, sure, but there’s more than 68 other teams more deserving of it.

    What we want are banners. Nothing less. Now, can we get a benner this season? Not a chance in Hell. Do we have a coach who can get us a banner? No, Crean is clearly not a chamnpionship-caliber coach. Even my Hunt Terrier knows that.

    Let’s hope we get only an NIT bid, and host a game in the AH because it’ll be empty and that way we make a statement.

  • No let’s just be thankful that the tournament selection committee has a great deal more wisdom that you do.. In fact you statement about what we want is a banner.. yes, you are right.. But you don’t wait until you have a collection of talent like Kentucky before you go ahead and try. Gosh that is a myopic (oh you probably do not understand that word… shortsighted or not clearly seen.. may be better for you…) viewpoint and one which is thankfully not shared by most true Hoosier fans..

  • You’re right.. and can ya believe it a 10 seed.

  • Mike Maynard

    Wow, Hoosier Ken, you get personal like that and insult me diectly like that? You’re no Hoosier at all. A real Hoosier doesn’t belittle other Hoosiers for having a different plan in mind, like a long-term one that is sustainable and gets us banners.

    You’re clearly a jerk and a disgrace to Cream and Crimson.

  • At least I didn’t call you a jerk… JERK. I have been a Hoosier fan twice as long as you have.. and I have probably contributed more to our great University, in time and $$ than you will ever dream of.. So go peddle your name calling elsewhere… And what fan would root against the team they say they are a fan of.. for personal reasons?? You’re one of the worst… ‘Jerk’.

  • Those are not ‘bad’ losses. A bad loss is losing to a team that you should’ve beaten easily. Actually in the Louisville game we were competitive a good share of the game.

  • Mike Maynard

    Ken, YOU got personal first. You may not have called me a jerk, but you initiated that very hostility by insinuating I’m not an intelligent person by saying I wouldn’t know the word “myopic” which is actually a word I use quite a bit in my profession with visually impaired children. It was YOU who started the belittling. I just returned fire to you (JERK!) and then you went whining like a three year old daughter of a billionaire who didn’t get her way.

    If you have donated money to IU, wonderful! But you’re still a jerk by how you treat people who doesn’t agree with you.

    You wouldn’t know the first things about me. So don’t go comparing me (which you know nothing about) or my contributions (again, you’d know nothing about) to you or your contributions be they fantastical or not. I don’t go around assuming things about people like you evidently do, so that being said I have more decorum and manners than you do. Please, for the sake of Cream and Crimson, just go away.

    And lastly, you’re a Crean apologist. As far as I’m concerned you may as well become a Purdouche fan.

  • I’m not a Crean apologist.. and I did not call you ‘not unintelligent’ I used the word ‘wisdom’ and lack thereof. However, correct English certainly is not your forte. ” treat people who doesn’t agree with you.” the correct verb form is ‘do not’, or ‘don’t’… NOT ‘doesn’t’…lol…
    Furthermore I have posted on a couple of occasions I agree, it’s probably Crean’s time to go. But I am not rooting against IU, for some personal vendetta… as a few bad fans are doing. If it happens it happens. To lay all of this at Crean’s feet is also wrong. So your general demeanor and terminology would really put you in the Purdue fan category.. Just think then you could root against them, to try to get rid of Painter. You’d be right at home, where you belong. So, good luck being a ‘Boiler’..

  • Snookafly

    20 point blowouts ARE bad losses.

  • Then NBA teams have bad losses all of the time. Ok then, you seem to be siding with the guys who say we don’t deserve to be in the NCAA… IF, you were to meet any member of this year’s team at a restaurant in B’ton.. and you walked up and said, “You guys don’t deserve to be in the NCAA this year”.. Do you think he’d want to identify with you as a fan? You can twist your argument any way you want to.. According to than then almost every team in the NCAA has had bad losses.. The only one that hasn’t is Kentucky, so go ahead.. Me, I prefer to root for the Indiana Hoosiers. I do it in football as well. I love my school.. and I love the student athletes we have on this team. I do not have some personal agenda, which believe me, is not going to happen. Not right away anyway.

  • Snookafly

    “Twist my argument?” Your putting all sort of crazy words in my mouth. If we’re being honest those games WERE bad losses– we were never competitive, we lost by 20 points, and both teams could’ve put us away by 30 if they had kept their foot on the gas. I thought I was splitting the difference by not mentioning the Wisky or Purdue road games in which we got manhandled.

    Regardless, comparing college to the NBA is apples and oranges, and you have no idea what I think this team deserves in regard to the tourney. We’re in and hopefully winning.

  • Then why in the He** are you bad mouthing them all of the time?