• SilentBob

    I’m not one to put too much thought into rumors but Tom does seem much more relaxed in this interview than he has been in weeks. Idk if he is just happy with his teams effort down the line or if the rumors are true…. Or maybe he is about to land a big time commitment from the of recruits in attendance? More than likely I’m just looking too much into it

  • MarylandHoosier1986

    Blah blah blah blah. How can this guy be one of the top 10 paid coaches in the NCAA?


    He can’t honestly believe everything he said in this presser, cause if he really can’t see that certain things are not at all like the way he says they are and if he actually believes certain things are really the way the says he thinks they are, if that’s the case then he justified the argument of those that want him replaced.

  • IUBizmark


    Tom, it’s “we”, not “they.”

  • Show-Me-State HOOSIER

    I agree. Very relaxed compared to last several loses. Either he took a stronger dose of mess or he knows something we don’t.