Film Session: Purdue

  • 02/22/2015 7:58 am in

Ferrell streaks down the floor and passes to Blackmon Jr. for a possible early 3-point shot attempt:


He’s unable to get one up, so the Hoosiers eventually re-set up top. Johnson has a ball screen to use from Mosquera-Perea:


Johnson ends up getting an additional ball screen from Robinson and heads right. He’s stopped from making a hard drive to the rim:


The ball eventually makes it’s way to Blackmon Jr. and he streaks into the lane and finds Johnson on the left wing with the shot clock ticking down:


Johnson is able to get a step on the defense and has some daylight to the rim. But there’s Hammons:


Johnson instead opts to pull up and not even head further towards the rim. His long 2 misses:



It’s rare Johnson — or any Hoosier for that matter — takes a long 2 in the flow of the offense, but chalk it up to the Hammons effect.

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