Film Session: Minnesota

  • 02/17/2015 9:48 am in

Troy Williams grabs the board:


And takes it all the way down the court to dish to Johnson near the right corner for another lightning quick shot attempt (pardon the Comcast message):


Johnson misses, but Hanner Mosquera-Perea grabs the rebound:


As he falls out of bounds, he finds Ferrell up top and throws the pass:


Ferrell simply steps right into another 3-point attempt with just three seconds off the reset shot clock:


A long rebound comes to Ferrell on his shot. A fresh 35 starts ticking again as Johnson is open and starts heading to the right wing:


Ferrell threads the pass:


And Johnson launches and hits early in the shot clock on Indiana’s third quick 3-point attempt in this sequence:



Indiana also rebounded nearly half of its misses (47.6 percent)¬†against Minnesota. And this sequence — where it grabbed two of its boards while attempting three 3-pointers — was pretty much the encapsulation of the Hoosiers’ night on offense.

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  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Excellent film session today.
    I was hoping you guys would feature the behind the back pass by Yogi to Troy for the open 3 pointer.
    That was excellent.

  • NCHoosier82

    Great film session. Their press was basically a nonfactor. Love the way our shooters took a quick moment to get their feet under them. I believe they are coached that way.

  • inLinE6

    And I liked the fact that our shooters had no hesitation shooting quick 3’s in this game. There must be huge support from coaching staff, as they were just off of a game with poor shooting performance. Some credit has to give to coach.

  • inLinE6

    As long as we crash the board and cut down some turnovers, I like our chance in the tourney. It’s all about timing. Get hot at the right time. You can’t get hot without sharp shooters. I don’t care about our seeding, but no top ranked team want to play us in the second round. And if we can pass the second round, we overtake that path and may end up in Indy.

  • Btown88

    Yogi looks like he could break any press single handed. Add JBJ, TW, RJ, Collin, Nick, Stan- why would anyone bother?

  • PDXHoosier

    Hopefully Troy knocking down some outside shots will force Purdont to guard him on Thursday. They blatantly sagged off him in the 1st game and he wouldn’t take the shot.

  • Lance76

    Several games with rebounding numbers up may be a product of long rebounds from 3’s. There again, if you hit the 3 there is nothing to rebound. Loved the play by HMP to save the offensive possession under the basket.

  • InTheMtns

    That sequence was one of my favorites for the game. EXCELLENT passing and awareness by Troy, Hanner and Yogi. And excellent movement and spacing by everyone, all capped with the picture perfect 3-point shot by RJ.

  • Ms hoosier

    These players bought into CTC system from game one and even though there were games that I could barely stand to watch and at times hated that style of play I think it the best system for this team because this team is so much fun to watch. They really believe in the system and themselves teams like that are hard to beat.LUV THESE HOOSIERS!!

  • InTheMtns

    When they played like they did on Sunday, they are extremely fun to watch. Even when things don’t go as smoothly, they still bring the heart and effort. I think our team is still improving and we’re going to see more “fun to watch basketball.” I love this team, too.

  • Blair McKee

    A sign of the maturity this team has reached that the Minny press was completely ineffective. Earlier in the season it would have caused turnovers and slowed the pace.
    Who DIDN’T have the green light to shoot? This night’s offensive performance was legendary. Can they hide the floorboards from the Hall in the stripey-pants for when they go on the road? Brings Dagwood’s subs on the plane?

  • b_side

    In fairness, Richard’s dad’s press worked wonders (the UL game in December). Granted it was much earlier in the season. I do think we’d handle it better now, but they wreaked a lot of havoc on us.