Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/23/2015 1:00 pm in

Later in the second half with Indiana’s foot still on the pedal, Johnson passes to Williams on the right wing. Hartman starts moving out to the left wing:


Williams takes it to the baseline as Hartman sets up shop beyond the arc:


It’s a jump pass from Williams to a wide open Hartman:


But as Wells rushes to close out, Hartman has him leaning forward with momentum so he simply decides to drive past him:


He’s got plenty of space to the cup as all Wells can do is try and poke the ball out from behind:


He’s fouled by Jon Graham at the rim and makes the bucket and the free throw:


Heady moves by a heady player to not settle for the 3-point attempts after Maryland starting playing him tougher out beyond the arc in the second half.


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