Devin Davis acclimating to life back in Bloomington

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Sophomore Devin Davis is adjusting to life back in Bloomington.

After being absent from the Indiana men’s basketball team for more than two months while rehabilitating from a car accident on Nov. 1 that left him with a traumatic brain injury, Davis returned to campus on Jan. 6. He has been back for less than two weeks. And he slowly is returning to normal activities.

Saturday evening, Davis will be leaving Bloomington again — but this time it will be with his teammates. After doctors’ approval, Davis will be traveling with the Hoosiers to their Sunday afternoon game at Illinois. It will be his first trip with the team this season.

“His attitude is great,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said. “He feels he’s doing really well. He feels he’s recovered at a really high rate. But we have to keep trusting the plan and trusting the doctors constantly on what that means. And I like the fact that he’s hungry but you also have to remain patient knowing that we’re all dealing with something that most of us — especially him — … have never dealt with this before.”

While Davis was gone, every day during practices the Hoosiers would leave his jersey and shorts on a chair as a reminder of their missing teammate.

Now that he’s back, Davis been to every practice. He wears his practice uniform like each of his teammates. He even is participating some — in Saturday’s practice, for example, Crean noticed him passing and shooting in certain drills.

Even outside of practices, Davis has tried to challenge his teammates.

“He’s already trying to play 1-and-1 and everything like that,” freshman James Blackmon Jr. said.

But just having him around, sophomore Troy Williams said, “is like a blessing and a relief at the same time.”

During their freshman year, Williams, Davis and teammate Stanford Robinson spent much of their time off the court together. With Davis now in Bloomington, “it feels like the Three Musketeers is back,” Williams said.

Crean reiterated that there still is no timetable on Davis’s return to game action.

He said that team doctors Larry Rink and Tim Garl are still communicating with Davis’s post-injury doctors on the steps toward the 6-foot-7 Indianapolis native’s recovery.

Moving forward, Crean said, the Hoosiers will assess Davis on a weekly basis and will add to his practice regimen accordingly.

But for now, Davis is readjusting to life back at school.

“The most important thing is him getting back acclimated to the way he’s been to being away from home,” Crean said. “To continue to have the responsibilities that he has as a student and as a member of the team but also knowing he’s doing a lot of other things to get himself healthy that the average basketball player or student athlete or student is not doing. So we have to keep our focus heavily on that, too.”

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  • Bballpop

    Canada trip: 8 points, 7.6 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 21.4 min. I know it’s only Canada but I sure miss his presence. Can’t wait until he’s back. Good to see the progress.

  • Guyton25

    Devin is a beast on and off the court. We’ve definitely missed his presence in the post on defense; can’t wait to see him back in action! I just hope that’s accomplished in slow, steady steps from now to then.

  • dssnyder1

    DD’s health is priority #1. Here’s hoping he becomes well enough to join his teammates sooner than later and contribute once again to the Hoosier.

  • inLinE6

    Davis is being missed. We’ll be in a lot better shape with both Hanner and Devin healthy. His recovery is much faster than I’d project. But if he’s going to miss the season (still very likely), when can he apply for the medical redshirt? With two more years eligibility, I’m sure he’ll become a very very solid player in big 10.

  • Let’s hope he makes a full recovery, however long it takes. I really liked him last year and he is very much missed on the floor this year. Good to see he’s making progress.

  • pbhuff

    No need to apply for a medical redshirt since he had never took a redshirt year to begin with. Everyone has 5 years to play 4 with no need of any additional paperwork/approval by the NCAA. He’d only need to seek approval from the NCAA if god forbid he has another injury in the next few years.

  • dwdkc

    The lack of a redshirt thus far just means they still have hope that he can play. This team would be significantly improved if he is able to come back with the energy he played with last year down low, so if he can I think they would play him the last third of the year rather than redshirt him.

  • VanPastorMan

    If he can play this yr, then we need him bc of Hanner. So I agree with you.

  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    Get well, Devin! We’ll force ourselves to be patient!