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Thoughts on a 70-65 win over the Cornhuskers:

The pendulum took big swings in this one, as two Hoosiers double-digits leads (16 in first half, 13 in second) slipped away and Indiana came face-to-face with its past outings in Lincoln. Tim Miles and Tom Crean got into it on the sidelines, were brought to halfcourt by the officials where Miles blew up, screaming back at Crean while IU’s head coach stood stonefaced, staring right back at him, letting him do his dance.

By the time the dust finally settled, the Hoosiers walked out of Lincoln with a five-point victory. Welcome to the wild, unpredictable Big Ten where the fireworks may only burn brighter from here.

Yogi Ferrell scored just five points (2-of-7) tonight. But as he mentioned postgame, he knew he’d have to play the role of facilitator in this one. Nebraska hedged on screens, sending their big men at him. This set up a couple of lobs for Hanner Mosquera-Perea in the second half and he made the Cornhuskers pay for not showing him as much attention. Ferrell found other teammates as well on his way to eight assists and just one turnover in 35 minutes of action. He also made an incredible play late to help Indiana seal it, knocking a Terran Petteway rebound out of his hands and off his knee for the Hoosiers to retain possession off a missed one-and-one opportunity by James Blackmon Jr. It allowed the Hoosiers to retain possession. Collin Hartman would get fouled on the ensuing inbounds and made one of two free throws to put Indiana up by the final tally of 70-65.

Mosquera-Perea was saddled with early foul trouble in the first half. Emmitt Holt came in with great energy, blocking shots on one end, getting offensive boards on the other and running the floor for a bucket as well. It looked like this might be a night where the Hoosiers would see the Pittsburgh version of Holt, the night he scored 15 points. But Mosquera-Perea made his presence felt in a big way in the second half. Nebraska’s defense dictated that Mosquera-Perea would get touches and he made the most of his opportunities.

Besides the aforementioned alley-oops, the junior at one point hit a one-hander in the lane as the shot block expired. Later, he made one of his moves off the corner where you can’t believe he gets to the basket with just a stride or two to score which put the Hoosiers up 13.  Mosquera-Perea also grabbed a key defensive rebound late, soaring high for the board above all others. He finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds, just about the mark Indiana fans are hoping he can provide this Big Ten season.

It wasn’t a good shooting night from 3-point range for the Hoosiers. They hit just 7-of-24 (29.2 percent) and took too many from several feet behind the line. Though Robert Johnson (3-of-6 from 3-point range) shot it well on his way to a team-high 14 points. But the Hoosiers outrebounded the Cornhuskers (33.3  vs. 17.9 OR%), did good enough with the ball despite a few bad turnovers (16.3 TO%) and scored at a better clip (1.04 points per possession) than they gave up (.96 points per possession). Troy Williams again used his length and athleticism to make moves to the hole for scores and followed right behind Johnson with 13.

It was all just enough to squeak out the victory in Lincoln. This game was there for Indiana against a reeling Nebraska squad and IU took it. It’s just a start to the Big Ten season, but the win is one the Hoosiers and their fans should be happy with as they ring in the New Year.

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  • hagster

    Spot on David. Hope ya have a great New Year.

  • hagster

    I understand you comment. Switching to Football, They play so fast they give the other team too many chances on offense and our defense isn’t very good. I love the way we play when were moving the ball around. And as Hanner and troy improve they will have to guard the middle and that will open things up on the outside.

  • hagster

    The officials in no way determined the outcome of that game. Officials are not perfect. You have to keep playing and not worrying about them

  • hagster

    Maybe they have BTN PLUS.

  • hagster

    Teams still get fired up when the cream and crimsom come to town. Not so much as when the general was here.

  • PBzeer

    Not sure why you need to demonize those who disagree with you, but I don’t participate in that.


    Exactly what I was saying towards the end of the game…and other games.




    Taking the bus….now that’s taking one for the team !


    Remember watching him play Indiana high school ball and an especially memorable game against Oscar Robertson.


    Was wondering what the dust up was about. If Crean was working the refs in that way and not talking to Miles and then Miles decided that he should tell Crean to zip it or something along that line, childish was the last thing I would call his behavior and I’m glad that Crean stood up for his team and himself and done it in a passionate way. I’ve said over and over that I wanted to see exactly that kind of fire and aggressiveness out of him more often. Honestly I was glad to see Crean not just walk away without saying anything. Was glad they showed the after game handshake. Just judging from Miles’ body language, and lack of any talking, I think he knew he was the one that stepped over the line.


    I’ve seen them look at a whole lot of other plays that weren’t even close to being as hard and as aggressive as that one was.


    Standing up for how aggressively and physically his players were being fouled is in no way acting childish in my book. If he was pointing out that fact to the ref Miles had no business mouthing off about it directly to Crean and I, for one, am glad he did what he did and would like to see more of that openly aggressive expressions when it comes to working the refs / taking up for his team.


    Been begging for it right along with you. My latest request to see it was the, what to expect thread for Nebraska, and how it has been there fairly often this season and not been tried. This game is a perfect example of what this team is capable of when we get something along the lines of what we got in this game when it comes to our bigs. Hopefully having taken advantage of it, Yogi, and others, will continue to try and utilize it and HMP will have the confidence to capitalize on it after being successful with it.


    Hell he hit two 3’s with the shot clock about to run out.

  • Hardwood83

    Thanks for the platitude, but why are you telling me that? I never said the terrible officiating ‘determined the outcome’. My point was (unfortunately) another typically poorly called B1G game.

  • HullsForMayor

    Miles did look foolish yelling at Crean. He was definitely trying to get a rise out of his players/crowd all night. The students not being there really hurt them.

    As for your hunch, I agree. I feel for their fans, because this season looks like it could be a tough one unless they get some consistent scoring from more of their team. All this after a great year last year and high expectations going into this year.


    Yep, will take 3 outa 5 and no TO’s from Stan in a heartbeat right now, especially when you factor in that one of his attempts was when they baited him in to taking that one behind the arc. There is a reason that you were so wide open Stan. lol

  • HullsForMayor

    You could definitely be correct. With that being said, I think Crean should be given a lot of credit for his team’s effort. The Hoosiers fought really hard all game, and were aggressive for most of the game on both ends. They showed real purpose and took the punches pretty well.


    Hell yea, I thought Crean taking him out before the first half was over was one of the few coaching mistakes he made.


    Nothing new for him.


    The bell signaling the end of the round had already sounded and NZ didn’t want to waste time so he started his corner work even before Crean sat down on the corner stool.

    IMHO, Crean done nothing wrong and was not out of line in the least bit through out the dust up. In fact, this is the kind of thing that I have been calling for more of from him.

  • HullsForMayor

    Crean has seemed to always show great loyalty to his players. And to be fair, I don’t think standing up for your team is childish either. He should fight for every inch if that’s how the game is being played. At the time, I was just not aware of him going to the officials first to try and gain some ground. If he did, great, he was doing his job. If he made comments to Miles about his players first before going to the refs, that seems a bit pointless, as Miles was only going to escalate things.

    Obviously, I am a huge benefactor of hindsight here. And in the grand scheme of things, the whole situation is just a tiny part of a good win.

    I can tell I’m in the minority (maybe alone) in this argument, so I’ll humbly bow out haha.

  • ForeverIU

    Glad I made you laugh, lol, but sorry about your spleen!

  • ForeverIU

    I think CTC probably tells him to take one three per game. The first time he makes a three, he attempts two threes the next game, and so on and so on. I’m okay with that. If he is going to come in as a guard, he needs to start making the three if nothing but to at least get some respect from opposing defenses and contribute to our spacing (and his own spacing so he can drive).

  • ForeverIU

    Especially as the hosting coach, not very honorable. You don’t pounce on a person in your own house.

  • Michael Werner

    Suspect we will win at MSU, end up around 4th in the conference, and make it to the Sweet 16. We are just so loaded with quality shooters like I’ve never seen in MY nearly 60 years of IU FANDOM. I love this team. As easy it is for us to see weaknesses, other than just a couple of teams in the country, I wouldn’t want to have to game plan against us. Plus, we are truly getting better as the season progresses. Oh…and one ore thing: I sense that these players really enjoy playing with each other.

  • Lance76

    MSU will still be a challenge. I agree that good possibility of win in East Lansing. I think they miss Payne and Harris and I am not totally sold on Dawson, even though I wish he were on our team. Vegas odds will be interesting—maybe slight favor to MSU @ Breslin Center?

  • chris

    every-time he shot against Pettaway-he got rejected

  • I think Holt took off awkwardly, did something before he landed. This was why he didn’t dunk the ball, but only laid it in. Either that, or he has a 10-inch vertical leap. I rewatched the game and came to that conclusion. I don’t think it was a serious injury, but he might have hurt himself a little on that play.

  • Luke Fischer and Vonleh? (sorry, jokingly couldn’t help myself with that one)

  • that was part of his welcome to the Big Ten. He’ll like playing at MSU, too.

  • I think there was more to it, something Crean said that set him off, not caught on camera. I think I read somewhere that he might have told Miles to “shut up,” or something along those lines. Either way, Miles looked the belligerent fool on this one and Crean was right to play it cool.

    Honest/dumb question: was Miles’ outburst something worthy of a technical foul? I’ve never seen anything like that before, that I can remember, so I’m genuinely curious.

  • VAHoosier

    My opinion? Out of context, I say it was definitely worthy of a Tech. Who knows what brought it to a head, so maybe the refs were right in showing restraint. But from the outside looking in, if getting in the face of an opposing coach like that is not worthy of a T, I don’t know what is.

    And I heard the bit about Crean saying “shut up.” I don’t read lips, but he does appear to say something that looked an awful lot like “shut up,” but he vehemently denied that after the game.

    I think those two had some sort of issue from earlier in the game, or maybe from before the game. If you watch the replay at the end of the first half, Miles seems to be staring down Crean or some other IU staff as they were walking off the court for the break…