Film Session: Georgetown

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Here’s another Mosquera-Perea ball screen for Williams, but this time around he fakes right:


And splits the middle of the zone into the lane:


He stops and twists around:


With the zone collapsed, Williams makes the no-look pass to a wide-open James Blackmon Jr.:


Blackmon Jr. rises and scores for three points:



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  • inLinE6

    I knew this change seemed to work, but how did it work? Just so that we have one more shooter (Ferrell) freed up on the wing? Or is it because of Williams’ length that made the first line of penetration easier?

  • Lance76

    In the last example, maybe better to have Colin Hartman receive pass in middle of zone. Being taller may be of some advantage and he was very effective in that position with bounce pass to HMP base line in the Butler(?) game.I liked the adjustment with Williams handling ball–what a nightmare match up!

  • N71

    I’m resistant to say it worked whole handedly due to the untimely turnovers that removed our ability to win in regulation. Its somewhat counterintuitive that come crunch time when the opposing defense locks in we don’t have the ball in our best ball handler’s hands, one of the best ball handlers in the country. I do agree though its exciting to watch Troy come down and make something happen but more times then not I find myself saying, “Noooo…ok…phew, I’ll take it but holy crap don’t try that again” (e.g. running one handed floater bank shot over long armed, high level D1 defender).

  • Hoosier Hall

    Yes, it was a successful offensive experiment but the main thing I noticed in each clip? It was the score. We scored on 3 of these possessions but failed to stop GTown from scoring even once. Until we can score and then lock down on the other end for 3 or 4 possessions in a row, we will not win in close games.

  • IUDan

    I think as Troy gets better this is a huge weapon for us – given his size and ability he can create all kinds of problems for teams in a way that Yogi just can’t due to his limited size.

    Watching and reading made it finally click who Troy reminds me of – Evan Turner from OSU. Troy is a better athlete but not as good a shooter (yet), but they are very similar otherwise. OSU used Turner at the point a lot in a very similar way (though for them it was due to a lack of effective PG)

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Yes, Colin would have been better because Yogi, as is almost always the case, is out of position. He is too close to the two GT defenders on TW. He doesn’t even look around to get himself in position and space the floor. And look how casual he is with his movements (no cuts, just floating). His efforts put pressure on his teammates, here pressure to make a perfect pass. Even if he had caught it he would have needed extra time to figure out what to do with it while two defenders guarding TW recover. CTC has primarily used yogi as a weak side outlet and shooter with most of the team play excluding him. That is a much better position for him. He can shoot or go one on one as an outlet which seems to be his strength. He isn’t much of a team player most of the time, sorry to say.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Thanks ITH guys for this film session. Much appreciated…although my fellow fans may not want to read my opinions! So here it goes anyway…

    N71, if you are referring to Yogi, to me it is obvious that he is NOT one of the better ball handlers in the country. His history is TO’s and poor decisions, including a number of poor decisions towards the end of the GT game. He had only 1 assist against 4 TO’s against GT including several at the end of the game. If IU is going to play so that the sum is greater than the parts then Yogi needs to either embrace fundamentals, including taking responsibility for getting everyone involved and moving on offense…or get out of the way. Currently CTC has moved Yogi out of the way…

    ….Consider: JBJ and RJ are freshmen, still learning to run this team. They are way above expectations, but still inexperienced. If Yogi is such a great point guard why are these freshmen even touching the ball except through Yogi’s passing??? One really needs to consider why Yogi has consistently been put on the weak side of the floor and used primarily as a shooter/ driver/outlet when nothing else works. That’s his strength (e.g. the two 3 point bombs at the end of regulation) but his team leadership weaknesses seem to grind the team to a halt on offense (my observation). So in this game CTC put TW at point to relieve the frosh, not Yogi. Honestly, for better or worse, Yogi has been demoted until he elevates his team play. And as I’ve consistently said, Yogi plays on his raw talent, not basketball skill. IF he embraced skill (fundamentals) the sky’s the limit. But he hasn’t done that, yet. I’m after him on these threads simply because I really want to see it and am frustrated that I don’t. He’s played twice this year in MSG but been outplayed by guards from UL and now GT. Not good for his pro prospects.

    AND there’s another issue too: WATCH VIDEO 2 and NOTE TWO THINGS ABOUT YOGI’S PLAY: FIRST, how detached Yogi is on the play (its 4 on 5…he doesn’t follow for an outlet or long rebound, nor get back on defense) and SECOND, NOTE HOW OBVIOUSLY HE THROWS HIS ARMS DOWN IN DISGUST BECAUSE JBJ DIDN’T PASS HIM THE BALL. THAT’S NOT TEAM LEADERSHIP…STILL SOME GROWING UP TO DO.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Troy didn’t get enough mentions for being named the Oscar Robertson NATIONAL player of the week a couple weeks ago. He’s a joy to watch.