Film Session: 3-point variety

  • 11/17/2014 9:25 am in

III. From the Corner 

Blackmon Jr. inbounds the ball to Max Hoetzel, and he passes it up top to Ferrell:


Ferrell gets a step on his man and takes it into the paint, as Hoetzel comes from the left wing to the right corner, signaling for Johnson to clear out to the right wing:


With the defense collapsed on Ferrell and Johnson cleared to the right wing, Hoeztel gets the pass in the right corner:


And hits:



With Indiana having capable penetrators in Ferrell and Johnson, the corner 3-pointer — an essential shot in today’s NBA game — is going to be a nice option for the Hoosiers this season if the defense chooses to stop the ball and leave the corner open.

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