• it’s hardly a major crime, and doesn’t hurt you or society in the least. grow up.

  • That 6th banner was far out of reach before any of this happened. Our program isn’t ever going to be what it was before until it gets a coach that is comparable to the greats. I’m not saying Crean is at fault here but I am saying that I don’t expect this program to be anything other than mediocre until we have a home run hire.

  • Bill Teague

    Look. These are not major offenses for college students, but one in the hospital puts t all in perspective. Next offense for any of these guys , have to let em go.

    If this wakes em all up. Great.

    If not, we could use some free scollys anyway.

  • more troubling is the fact that these tests were not exactly something new, not something they hadn’t been through before, and should have expected them. if they were aware drug tests are going to be happening, then their judgment is seriously questionable. that’s what is truly disappointing.

  • Sadly, since I’ve known basketball, this is all I’ve come to expect from IU basketball. In my 28 years I’ve witnessed 2 very good seasons and 1 great season. That’s not elite. Be glad that you’ve witnessed our boys hang a banner, or 2, or 3. I will probably never witness such a thing. It’s a goddamn shame.

  • bailey22

    haha grow up?? As a former college baskeball player/coach and current coach if they want to do that fine… just not when the schools ie tax dollars are paying for them to be there. If they want to do that after who cares… Just like I was told as a player and as I tell my players…. it is not a right to play basketball let alone be on scholarship so they should expect to be help to a higher standard and if the don’t like it leave… You sir need to grow up and understand responsibility. Its illegal whether you or they like it or not… so abide by the rules and “grow up” or leave…

  • tax dollars are not at issue in any way, especially as Indiana continues to cut education spending. tuition and donors pay for the sports.

    and again, it’s the stupid laws. only idiots say: “pot is bad ’cause it’s illegal.” and “pot is illegal ’cause it’s bad.”

    people make laws, and they can change them. there is no logical reason to keep them as they are, other than out-dated puritanism, which the vast majority of people reject. without the arbitrary “illegality” of it, you have nothing to say here. I didn’t say it was right to break laws, I’m saying these are idiotic laws. If you don’t know the difference, you might be better off in Saudi Arabia, you’ll love their prohibition!

  • Gdaddy

    Crean has to go. Anyone else thinking Calbert Cheaney would make a good replacement? High character guy who knows what it means to be a Hoosier.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Don’t get roped into arguing with current students or recent grads bailey. It’s clinically proven their brains aren’t fully developed until around age 25. Add that to all the malt-n-hops and bong resin and they’re not really commenting from a grown up, adult point of view.

    Simply put, most young people today simply can’t and won’t understand that it’s not always about how bad it is for you, it’s about obeying the law. If they want to make laws, obey them now, gain an education, live a life above reproach, and then run for office!

    Until then do what the rest of the adult world does . . . STOP BREAKING THE LAW A-HOLES!!!

  • Denise Buchman Einecker

    I am a very sad and disappointed IU fan! It saddens me that these kids do not see the opportunity they have been granted. I believe that they should NOT be allowed to sit on the bench with the IU team but instead have to sit in the nose bleed section and look down on their teammates be cheered on and what could be MAYBE THEN they will realize what a wonderful opportunity they have and change their ways!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    If you think the laws are stupid then grow up and run for office and do something about it other than whine like a 3rd grader! You want bailey to head to Saudi Arabia? It seems to me that he’s the one saying we should obey the laws of the land. If you don’t want to, then move somewhere that suits you better. This country is already filled with enough wanna-be-intellectuals who are destroying everything this country was founded on and tearing it apart at the seems.

    If these KIDS understood there is a higher level of accountability that comes with playing college sports, as there is with many other privileges in this country, they would’ve made smarter choices and not hurt their teammates and program. If you want to take those chances as a regular student or member of society go right ahead. When you are given the responsibility of being accountable to your teammates you can’t behave like a regular person. With each relationship in life comes greater responsibility. With each relationship in life comes another person you have to consider, another person you have to put before yourself. As a former college athlete and coach I understand that I put my teammate’s interests before my own just like I do with my wife, kids, friends, etc.

    What this country needs is more people who think first about others and less about themselves. If you don’t understand that I pity you and anyone who ever trusts in you!

  • “pot is bad ’cause it’s illegal and it’s illegal ’cause it’s bad.” -you

    save it, coach self-righteous. cutting education healthcare to fund idiotic wars should help repair the country falling apart at the seems, eh?

  • cooper

    Uh I’m way past college champ, have a graduate degree and am very successful. Archaic laws always get overturned. We would have plenty of crappy laws if people didn’t change them and grow (not that I’m saying their smoking weed or whatever drug was a form of protest or anything other than ya know…getting high)

    You sound out of touch buddy. Come down from your pedestal some day and join the real world. It’s not a bad place, progress is a beautiful thing.

  • Michael Rizzo

    Seriously???? DUI, fake IDs, underage drinking and accidents. Just another example of poor judgment and leadership. I mean kids trying to use a fake ID during little 5 and there is probably a poster of you in the bar. I am not going to judge these kids, but as an ROTC cadet at IU if you had a hot urinalysis or an arrest record, your scholarship was yanked and booted from the program. I still managed to get the full college experience without either. Why? Not cause I am a saint, but I knew there would be consequences and they would be painful and absolute. It tended to guide my behavior.

  • cooper

    Exactly. I had friends in school at IU on non revenue sports and football (which was/is close to non revenue) and they all knew when tests were coming up. I doubt that’s changed and I doubt they didn’t have a clue when the tests were coming. Maybe not the exact day but within a couple of weeks at least.

  • cooper

    Dakich, a guy who said nothing while coaching with Sampson then came out after to Monday-morning quarterback in an attempt to get the job full time. Now he is doing it again. Remember how much the players hated him?

  • ForeverIU

    Is this what happens after 25? We become cynical, arrogant and patronizing? Give the man credit. I’d rather have a brain that’s still growing than one that has turned into a fossil (I’m 47 and trying to de-fossilize, to no avail, lol). I might not agree with his argument, but at least he’s thinking and arguing based on the premise that laws should work for us and not us for them.

  • Would love to see these two shown the door. It’s not really the pot that bothers me, but the inability to understand the opportunity given to them and the inability to hold it together long enough to actually pass the tests. Not very bright.

  • ForeverIU

    I think the last time I commented on your post I wasn’t so nice. I’m starting to like you, lol!

  • IUBizmark

    I’ve never laughed and then felt so immediately sad afterward…

  • Tim Anderson

    Tom Crean doesn’t know how to beat a zone…unacceptable. He only had real post season coaching success when he had arguably one of the best players in the last 20 years of pro-ball in Wade. But on the bright side, Devin Davis won’t be afraid to take a charge in the lane after getting hit by a car. Time for a team meeting and a serious talk with the players about the honor of playing for Indiana. Good luck Hoosiers…my favorite sport, favorite team..Class of 81.

  • Michael Rizzo

    It’s a matter of give and take and simple incentive/disincentive. IF you are offered a scholarship (worth quite a bit of money) but as a part of that you are subject to drug tests and conduct requirements is has NOTHING to do with laws. It has EVERYTHING to do with the deal you signed up for-no one forced them-and I’m pretty sure if they go pro there are still gonna be drug tests— I don’t see them pending criminal charges for these “puritanical” laws for testing hot. There are lots of Jobs (about all of the good ones) that require a drug test-and a criminal background check— If you wanna smoke pot have at it-I won’t even think you are a bad person. But if you want to have an athletic (or ROTC) scholarship or a good job-there are gonna be consequences.

  • Michael Rizzo

    it’s an NCAA rule and has nothing to do with Indiana-if they played hoops for the University of Colorado they would still be suspended.

  • SilentBob

    Would you be saying that (at least about Troy) if these other offenses hadn’t happened previously?

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    I’m guessing Stan got the idea to change shooting hands while stoned out of his mind one night. Troy always struck me as a chronic.

  • I’m saying this because apparently we are looking at multiple failed tests. If that’s the case, they don’t deserve to play. Especially Stan after his other scrape with the law. I’m not sure what offenses you are talking abouth though.

    You can have fun and party, sure. But you have to be smart. These kids are getting an incredible opportunity, but not taking it seriously.

  • that’s a good point. however, these proscriptions are still fundamentally tied to US prohibition laws. it’s also not like they were shooting up heroin or whatever, which is the sort of impression that “drug” testing injects into peoples’ minds. It is all about out-dated and yes, puritanical laws, which is what informs the NCAA policy.

    Let’s look at this in a different light: besides a person’s judgments on these laws, I think basically everyone can agree that smoking and drinking is probably not the best thing an athlete should be doing, if seeking top performance. Right? So if that’s the case, then why isn’t the NCAA banning cigarette smoking in its student-athletes? We know why. Because their policies are informed by US laws, which permits the highly addictive cigarette, but punishes other things. If they were smoking meth or some other crazy stuff, then yes, I’d be very concerned.

    I also don’t think they should be smoking ANYTHING, even over the summer (which is when this happened), while trying to improve themselves physically and mentally, probably taking classes and conditioning, working on changing one’s shooting hand from left to right, (maybe smoking something might help in that last one…on the other hand. bada-bing!) etc. Why doesn’t the NCAA ban smoking cigarettes, too? It’s on the same spectrum as the others, totally unhealthy and unhelpful, and yet….

  • AgentaAllstar7

    They don’t ned to be shown the door but we need a guy like ,IDK Calbert Cheaney to show these guys where the income and any professional aspirations will be Derailed.NBA Scouts aren’t High on Ballers that toke it up.Pun Intended.Scouts like Work ethic in young players with talent.Thats why Victor skyrocketed up the boards.

  • ATG08

    It will be out of reach as well with a coaching change. I don’t see us getting a “home run” hire. We will be starting from square one. Again.

  • SilentBob

    I’m saying if Yogi and Hanner never did what they did would you feel the same way about Troy? These are separate cases and deserved to be treated as such. I’m a big fan of having harsher punishments than four games, but complete removal seems over the top. Also they removed multiple from the article for whatever reason. Not sure how that would affect your opinion if at all.

  • Banner6

    Tolerate mediocrity and that’s what you get. So tired of the posts on here that say “Crean can’t be with them 24/7…” Blah…blah…blah..that’s a cop-out! In the real world your employer can’t be with you 24/7 either which is why they set rules and regulations that often results in termination. A novel idea for this basketball program and staff. This program is looking more and more like Baylor from several years ago. It hasn’t gotten to the point, but it’s moving in that direction. What’s more disturbing is the posts I’ve read over the last few days accepting and justifying this behavior as… “well they’re just kids,” “we all drank in college” or “you’re just old and behind the times.” I’ll tell you who’s behind the times IT’S INDIANA! We haven’t won a National Championship in almost 30 YEARS! I wish some of you people would open your eyes and quit making excuses for players and coaches. For those of you that don’t know…THIS IS INDIANA! Not New York! Not New Jersey! Not California! THIS IS INDIANA! The INDIANA that movies are made about! The INDIANA of Everett Dean, Branch McCracken and Bob Knight! It’s sad that many of you weren’t even born the last time IU won a National Championship! Did you ever see those teams play? Do you know what went into those teams to make them great? It sure as hell wasn’t what we’ve seen out of this group in last 2 years. Sadly, most of you under the age of 30 that grew up outside of the state have never seen the REAL INDIANA! You hang your hats on 2 Sweet 16 appearances in 12 years! Big deal…we’re not Tennessee! The last 16 years has been filled with inconsistent teams, inconsistent coaches and 5 AD’s. What a sad state of our program! WHERE HAS THE REAL IU GONE? Searching….searching….searching. Oh, there it is…a fanbase that tolerates drug use, dui’s, and underage drinking ALL DURING THE BASKETBALL SEASON I MIGHT ADD. This team is all about the party, and from what I read here, there are a lot of you that are okay with that. I’m tired of other fans calling us the INDIANA LOSERS. I HATE THAT! Is this what we’ve become? If we’re going to be the LOSERS then give me that 6-25 2009 team that worked their @&&es off! I’ve heard Crean say he didn’t have much to work with in that first year. Well Tom, I’d say you had a hell of a lot more in that year to build a program than you do this year and that might be why you saw some success in 2012. #charactermatters

  • trailrunner

    I can understand the legalization argument. But as a former athlete, while representing your university and state you lose that right. Even if it were legal.

  • Michael Rizzo

    I agree that the laws are archaic, but even The Olympic committee also test for THC-even in athletes from countries where pot and other drugs are legal-and no one would say they are performance enhancing good example on the cigs, but campus is still non smoking right? So it is still regulated by the University—but as people that are given opportunities in exchange for curbing their wants you can either comply and play by the rules or go the Ricky Williams route and decide pot was worth more to him than his pro career. When at IU my scholarship was worth more to me than a bong hit. It’s what’s worth more to you your word that you signed a contract and you follow through regardless of what you want to do. If they were just a regular student paying tuition we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • INUnivHoosier

    That’s a rather large brush you are painting with.

  • I generally agree. I guess I’m just not down with this sort of “hoosier hysteria” turning all of this into a big deal, as seen with far too many comments here. deal out the punishments, and move on. I’m not defending so much the players, who made stupid mistakes, especially considering their situations which you highlight, importantly…but I do think people need to settle down a little and not get so caught up in the herd-mentality of panic, hyperbole, and calling for extreme measures against the players and coach.

    Has anyone considered that maybe Holt did the right thing, had one beer instead of many, took responsibility to drive others home, and had bad luck? Instead of this possibility, he is attacked as “driving drunk.” No excuses on the failed drug tests, however. And there should be repercussions, but this hardly serves as a sign of the collapse of western civilization, as some people here want to “believe.”

    This is a perfect situation illustrating how people place far too much importance on sports. It’s just a game and these are only young men finding their ways in the world. It’s wrong for grown adults to project so much onto them, as if their entire year depended on the activities of a few 19 year-olds. Kinda weird, actually, and sad. Basically, if this is your life, you need to get a life. (not you personally, but to the “hysterical” hoosiers here and elsewhere) And this is from someone who has missed only a handful of games over the last many years. Let’s hope lessons are learned and they get stronger and WISER as a result. Better now than January. (trying hard to see the silver lining here)

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    You guys are missing the whole point of what I’m saying: My point is not that it’s a great law, it’s that its a law and when you’re reaponsible to others you’re obligation to follow even seemingly silly laws is multiplied exponentially!

    If you want the law changed then go through the appropriate channels to do so. I was defending bailey’s statement about a culture that turns their heads and only cares when someone gets caught! It’s a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE epidemic in this country. Everyone, especially younger people, want to break laws and claim they’re stupid or trivial (and some are) instead of trying to change the laws and make a difference the correct way!

    That was my point. Quit bitching about it and change it if you feel so passionately about it! The only claim a person can make in this situation is ignorance on their behalf, not the other way around. I personally would be pleased with the legalization of marijuana but for now it’s a law so if you have something to lose and choose to do it and get caught, get over it and stop blaming everyone but yourself!

  • INUnivHoosier

    You are missing my point. I don’t care about the law. The law is the law. They have to deal with that. I was referring to your portrayal of all college students and recent graduates.

    In the words of Detective John Kimbel, “Stop whining!”

  • INUnivHoosier

    But can he win as a coach?

  • Bud Jenkins

    Problem is that patients are running the asylum. You don’t think they know that Crean is on the hot seat? The fact he has no job security is a contributing factor…. Hell yeah I am going to use a fake ID on little 5 weekend ! , what is coach going to do? bench me ? right he’ll be out of a job ! I don’t think Knight had to deal with this bc of his job security. There was a time when coach could punch out police officers and still have a job !

  • I don’t feel that Yogi and Hanner’s issues have any bearing at all. If they did only fail one test, then yes that would change my opinion. However, with Stan this is really strike two. I’d like to see him Reid’s the pine for a long time!

  • millzy32

    They were great the last two years but our coach left for bigger and better.

  • GoBigRed4Life

    I’ve lived & grown up in IN all my life and I LOVE Indiana Basketball more than anything!!..but gosh damn we have the whiniest damn bunch of old fans I’ve ever seen or heard other than pUKe….love the articles on Inside the Hall…can’t stand reading the comments!!